1. mysticskye

    I’ll bet if you do your own birth chart, you would be surprised. Astrology is not something to believe in, as believe indicates a weakness of mind, it is something to be tested. I’ll bet as a ‘debunker’, you have major Saturn aspects and earth signs going on in your chart. The only way to disprove astrology is to visit an astrologer, have them look at your chart, and then go from there. But beware to have your skeptical boots knocked off!

  2. Dave Gamble

    Mystic Sky … Astrology has been tested many many many times and every time, its fails. I’ve no need to prove what has already been proven, there is not one jot of evidence that anything is going on.

    As just one example, psychologist Bernard Silverman of Michigan State University looked at the birth dates of 2,978 couples who were getting married and 478 who were getting divorced in the state of Michigan. Most astrologers claim they can at least predict which astrological signs will be compatible or incompatible when it comes to personal relationships. Silverman compared such predictions to the actual records and found no correlations. For example “incompatibly signed” men and women got married as frequently as “compatibly signed” ones.

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