Planet of the Apes is a documentary … apparently!!

While waiting to catch a flight this morning, I surfed through a few Facebook groups to see what was cooking. There is one I’m in that can be quite entertaining at times. Now, if you think that there is nobody on the planet loonier than the batshit crazy Christian fundamentalists, well you would be wrong, because the Islamic folks can offer up even crazier stuff. (Its almost akin to watching a car crash at times).

One chap  arguing against evolution proposed that it was crazy to even consider the possibility that we had evolved from apes, and offered as evidence the suggestion that folks should go watch “Planet of the Apes”. …<thud> … Yes, indeed, that sound you just heard consisted of many jaws hitting the floor. There is so much in that thought that is so out of whack with reality that what he was saying was not just ‘wrong’. Normally you can perhaps suggest that we did not evolve from apes, but rather that we and the apes share a common ancestor … but for fracks sake, where can you even begin when faced with somebody who thinks “Planet of the Apes” is akin to a documentary.

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