Killing off ‘libel tourism’ in the UK

Yesterdays UK Independent had some fantastic news in it …

Major changes to Britain’s antiquated defamation laws will be outlined by ministers today with the publication of a bill to provide greater protection for free speech and an end to “libel tourism”.

The draft Defamation Bill will propose a new defence of “honest opinion”, which will protect academics from being sued by companies and special-interest groups for damaging their reputations. There is now a defence of “fair comment”, but it has to be based on stated and true facts and rarely succeeds.

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‘Laughing stock’ libel laws to be reformed, says Nick Clegg

Now this is good news .. really really good news. The article in todays Guardian says it all … Nick Clegg pledged to turn ‘English libel laws from a laughing stock to an international blueprint.’ Photograph: Wpa /Getty Images Nick Clegg will tomorrow set out the most ambitious plans yet to relax Britain’s libel laws, … Read more

UK Libel laws … are dangerous

Fantastic article in today”s Guardian by the Bad Science author, Dr Ben Goldacre. OK, I’ve been banging this drum before, but its important … I mean really important, not for somebody else, but for you and your future health, so pay attention … Ben starts out like this … Recently we have seen a large … Read more