Ben Goldacre on the placebo effect

I’ve noticed this doing the rounds within the skeptic echo-chamber … and well … its my turn, so here is Ben Goldacre (author of the Bad Science blog and also, least you wonder, for his day job he works full time as a doctor, so he knowns what he is talking about) … enjoy. If … Read more

Ben Goldacre at his very best – Video

This you have got to watch … its Ben Goldacre at his very best. He is the author of the Guardian’s weekly ”Bad Science” column and Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks, here he dismantles the questionable science behind an assortment of drug trials, court cases, and events of our time. Ben Goldacre … Read more

UK Libel laws … are dangerous

Fantastic article in today”s Guardian by the Bad Science author, Dr Ben Goldacre. OK, I’ve been banging this drum before, but its important … I mean really important, not for somebody else, but for you and your future health, so pay attention … Ben starts out like this … Recently we have seen a large … Read more