“there is a problem ‘within Islam'” … says Tony Blair

These days it is politically correct in some quarters to not criticise beliefs, perhaps because doing so it too close to racist xenophobia. It is of course true that extreme right wing groups such as the EDL (English Defence League in the UK) tap into the fear instilled within the minds of many by events such as … Read more

The Blair Hitch Project – Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens has written an article within the February issue of Vanity Fair regarding his thoughts and impressions of Tony Blair. Having debated him during a recent face-to-face debate in Toronto, what impression did Tony leave? … remember now, this is the chap who led the UK into an invasion of Iraq on a very … Read more

Christopher Hitchens – “I propose a pact with the faithful”

Here is a nice quote that I’ve lifted directly from the transcript of his debate with Tony Blair … “The way I phrase it in my book, available at fine bookstores everywhere, is that I propose a pact with the faith, the faithful, I’ll take it again, quoting from the great Thomas Jefferson, I don’t … Read more

Live Webcast: Christopher Hitchens vs Tony Blair

Yes indeed, the big day is fast approaching … Blair really has agreed to debate Hitchens in Toronto on 26 November (the event will be streamed live online, link for that live streaming is below at the end) on the motion: “Is religion a force for peace or conflict in the modern world?”. It should … Read more

Concerns that Tony Blair’s first Catholic confession ‘could be a biggie’

Satire at its best … enjoy … Concerns that Blair’s first Catholic confession ‘could be a biggie’ The Vatican today expressed worries that the conversion of Tony Blair to Roman Catholicism could create unreasonable demands on the Priest who takes the retiring Prime Minister’s first confession. ‘Obviously like any human being we expect Mr Blair … Read more