How do Christians cope with abhorrent bible verses?

It is perhaps popular these days to point out not only some of the contradictions, but also some of the quite frankly obnoxious bible verses. I am just as guilty of that as many others, I plea no innocence here. So what happens when you confront a deeply committed Christian with such verses? Nothing changes, … Read more

Christian Love in action: “Send people to jail for being gay”

Christianity claims to hold the high moral ground, and those inside the belief truly believe this idea. I should know, I once lived inside an assortment of belief bubbles and well remember thinking how morally safe and snug it was far away from all those outside who were lost and destined to attend god’s supposed little human … Read more

Islamic Cleric – “When I want a sex slave, I just go to the market and choose the woman I like and purchase her.”

Not too long ago I blogged about a crazy Egyptian Islamic Cleric, Shaykh Abi-Ishaq al-Huwayni, who suggested that Muslims who were short of cash should go on a raid and sell any prisoners taken in the market.

As you might imagine, it caused a bit of a stir (his comments made it into the Egyptian press), so he was interviewed over the phone by a TV station and asked to explain himself. At first he appeared to back off a bit and suggested that his words had been taken out of context, but then he proceeds to put it into a 7th Century setting. What is astonishing is that his explanation is even more outrageous and utterly offensive to any normal sane human.

Here we do indeed have an individual, who is not just out of time from another century, but has had his sense of morality so utterly fucked up by religion, that he appears to be from another millennium.

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Islamic schools a cover for child slavery

There is a report on the BBC about child slavery in Senegal. As many as 50,000 boys in the west African state of Senegal are living in slave-like conditions and being forced to beg, according to human rights workers. Human Rights Watch says teachers at many of the country’s private Islamic schools, or Daraas, are … Read more