Christian Love in action: “Send people to jail for being gay”

Christianity claims to hold the high moral ground, and those inside the belief truly believe this idea. I should know, I once lived inside an assortment of belief bubbles and well remember thinking how morally safe and snug it was far away from all those outside who were lost and destined to attend god’s supposed little human … Read more

Gay men ‘told they would burn in hell by preacher’ – Preacher now in court.

The BBC reports on the trial of Michael Overd, 47, from Creech St Michael. (That’s him pictured here) He stands accused of verbally abusing Craig Manning and Craig Nichol last July in the town’s high street. This however is not about Craig and Craig taking offense because they just happened to overhear some anti-gay rant … Read more

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi – Clueless Gobshite

Todays Telegraph carries a story by Simon Caldwell about the latest idiotic rant from the Italian Cardinal Giacomo Biffi. In his memoirs that are published today he claims … “Freedom of thought and expression is under threat from the gay rights movement … And the result is that those people who disagreed with the homosexual … Read more