Power band Scam

Was just in a sports shop about 10 minutes ago … and guess what? There sitting next to the till, was a rack full of Power bands. Yes indeed, a piece of plastic with a hologram on it can be yours for just £30 This will apparently make your sports performance magically improve. Well, OK, … Read more

Who gets phished and why?

First, just to ensure we are all on the same page here, the word “phishing” is where some scam artist sends you an email that claims to be from a trustworthy entity such as your bank or a well recognized entity such as Amazon or eBay and manages to trick you into giving them your password or even your credit card number. For example, it might be an email that perhaps claims your account has expired and you need to enter a new password, so you clink on a link that takes you to a site that looks exactly like you bank’s … but it not … and so you are tricked into entering your password, thus giving them full access.

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They did it down under

News Flash from the JREF …. —————————————————— There’s interesting news about something that just happened in Australia, and needs to happen all over the globe…  The makers of the ridiculous plastic “Power Balance” bracelet, which is selling by the millions everywhere, have been forced to publish a comprehensive statement from which we extract: In our … Read more


Lets start with the famous L Ron Hubbard quote … “Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way to do it would be start his own religion.” ~ L Ron Hubbard. I bet you can guess where this post is going … … Read more

eBay – Body Enhancement Spell Cast by Magical Witch

Rebecca Watson, (of Skepchick fame) is running an eBay auction for a magical spell. The description reads … Are you tired of improving your physical self through diet, exercise, or careful grooming? Have you considered trying MAGIC? Yes, you have considered it. Otherwise why would you be here on eBay looking for a magical spell? … Read more