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This is what weaponising Justice for political reasons actually looks like …

It really is not a legit use of his powers.

For context, Musk went after them directly in a lawsuit, filed in Texas last Monday (Nov 20). Within his lawsuit Elon alleges that Media Matters for America “manipulated” data in an attempt to “destroy” the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Firms including Apple, Disney, IBM, and Comcast paused adverts on X since Media Matters released analysis that revealed that their ads had appeared on X alongside posts supporting Nazism, such as Hitler quotes and Holocaust denial.

Media Matters president Angelo Carusone responded …

“Far from the free speech advocate he claims to be, Musk is a bully who threatens meritless lawsuits in an attempt to silence reporting that he even confirmed is accurate,”

It really is bad when the richest man in the world sues journalists for things even he admits are true because he is trying to intimidate them with lawfare.

Within the above tweet I think Steven actually means “rapid unscheduled disassembly“…

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary.

It is perhaps wholly appropriate to perhaps give thanks that you are not is stupid and deluded as some of those I highlight.

With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s once again dive into this very murky pool of absurdity and stupidity.

Christian Nationalism

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders paraphrase: Hey, let’s find the stupidest, most bigoted homophobic book banning Christian Nationalistic fanatic, in other words somebody who agrees with my “values”, and put him in charge of all state libraries” …

Next week Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be appointing Jesse James to look after bank security in her state

Christian “Love”

Phillip Fisher Jr, a Pastor who did “Christian outreach” for Mom’s for Liberty has this past week been revealed to be a registered Sex Offender. It was an aggravated sexual abuse of a 14-year-old boy when he was 25 – Story here in HuffPost.

  • Moms for Liberty was so deeply concerned about groomers that they interpreted that to mean, “Well we better employ them for our outreach
  • Reminder: This latest reveal does not set any precedent. This same group have already been vigorously supporting Mr grab-them-by-the-pussy for President for quite some time now.

Homophobia on Steroids

Michael Voris, founder of far-right Catholic site resigns over breach of its morality clause. “There are things I have to go away and address and work on, horrible, ugly things,”


Below is the word “infiltrate”, as it is apparently defined by a Conservative “news” website. It comes via Post Millennial, a site that is well-known for publishing misleading information. Permit me to use the word exactly as they have – tomorrow I plan on “infiltrating” my local grocery store. I’ll mosey in through the front entrance, in broad daylight, wearing perfectly normal clothing. Then I’ll pay for my chosen products with the locally accepted currency. They’ll never suspect a thing!!

Deeply Weird

Nikki Haley says she thinks teens will understand why TikTok is being banned when it’s explained to them

  • When teens understand how dumb they are, they’ll accept it… is not exactly your standard sales pitch, but hey, this is today’s GOP
  • Given the observation that almost every major corporation is now on TikTok, I’d lean more into the thought that Nikki Haley will end up being banned long before TikTok is.
  • Teens Everywhere when faced with an authority figure: “Well gosh, I’ll just obey that directive, because there is no way I will go behind this persons back and do what I’m being told to not do.” … because that’s how teens work, it says so in the instruction manual that they came with.

The False Profit$

Self-described Christian “prophet” Robin Bullock claims there are “churches that have temple prostitutes in it that offer them to the speakers when they come to visit their churches.”

  • The great thing about being a prophet these days is that you don’t get stoned to death when the BS you publicly spew turns out to be false
  • Then again … both MTG and Bobo are “Christian” women, so …

Pastor Julie Green, a self-proclaimed “prophet” and supporter of Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, recently claimed that President Joe Biden’s administration is covering up killings in the White House.

  • Her “prophecies” keep on being wrong, perhaps she needs to unplug her God for 10 seconds and then plug it back in again. That might fix things.
  • But wait … what she says just must be true because it is all written in the Book of Delusions, chapter 6 verse 11.

Buying Members of the House

The above is AIPAC. The guy highlighted by the above but not named is Linden Nelson. He is tied to AIPAC and is running with an AIPAC agenda …

Now that really is the kind of politician we need.

Jenna Ellis is finally Catching up to stuff the rest of us already knew for years

This is not exactly breaking news for you, but for her, perhaps it is …

  • Do you think she perhaps grasps that it also applies to most of her old tweets yet?
  • Probably not. If you check her other tweets, what becomes immediately clear is that she has jumped on the DeSantis bandwagon.

As for what tipped her off, I mean honestly, none of this is new, Mr Grab-Them-By-The-Pussy was always like this from day zero …

Actions really do have consequences – example No.12,345,678,234

Those who can get up and go will literally do that. I can’t help but speculate that having highly educated young people leaving a state is a feature and not a bug for those that create a climate of intolerance.

The link within the tweet to the article which was published Nov 22 is long, very long, but if time permits, well worth a read. Written by Timothy Noah, it is an excellent piece that anticipates all the, “ah but what about …“, questions that might arise and then promptly nails them. He not only brings receipts (see example below), but also tells you real stories and gives you an insight into the tipping points that motivated individuals to up sticks and go …

Taking a tour of the Morrison Eighteen, we find Texas teachers quitting at a rate that’s 25 percent above the national average. In Tennessee, the vacancy rate for all public schools is 5.5 percent, compared to a national average of 4 percent. South Carolina has teacher shortages in 17 subject areas this school year, more than any other state.

But Governor Ron DeSantis’s Florida is the undisputed champ. A 2022 study led by Tuan D. Nguyen of Kansas State University found that Florida had the most teacher vacancies in the country, followed by Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama (all Morrison Eighteen states). Florida also logged the highest number of underqualified teachers.

TV Alert: “Let Us Prey” – A Series worth checking out

You can find more details here about the series that exposes the abuse and corruption that is endemic within the Independent Baptist Churches.

Society might think that churches are safe spaces, but time and time again many are exposed as factories of exploitation and abuse. This latest exposure documentary airs on Investigation Discovery, a “true crime” network. Their usual type of show consists of brutal murder and acts of revenge. It’s rather telling that they have turned to conservative Christian churches for content…

Every Single Vote really does count

I’d bet there will be a demand for a recount. It might become so contentious that they would need to call in the sheriff to keep order … oh wait …

Meanwhile …

Sulls**t …

Apparently Mike Lindell is really JFK Jnr …

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  1. I enjoyed all the factoids and the way they were laid out, with the “sulshit” at the end. At first I thought it was going to loop back on the need for education, but then realized I was looking at something rare: a bashful MAGA supporter! Nice work!


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