US Spring 2017 has been very weird #Climate #USANPN #statusofspring

Back last March I had a posting about spring 2017 being very very early in the US. It is now May and so it is appropriate to check back in with the USA-NPN (USA National Phenology Network) and see how things have been blossoming since then. Side Note: “Phenology” is tracking the dates of biological events in their annual cycle. For example … Read more

Spring in the US is early … very very early. – #climate

The USA-NPN (USA National Phenology Network) has been tracking and mapping the start of the spring season across the country using models called the Spring Leaf and Bloom Indices. Wait .. push pause and hold on there a second … who? OK, let’s step back a bit. The USA National Phenology Network (USA-NPN) monitors the influence … Read more