How do you persuade an Evangelical that Climate Change is real?

persuasion evangelicals climate change

One startling observation is that the vast majority of Evangelicals within the US reject the idea that climate change is real. However, there is some hope. A new study reveals that an evangelical mind can be changed if clear factual information is presented by somebody who is an insider. They simply get presented with what … Read more

How do your persuade people who are immune to facts?

If you have ever spent more than  2 minutes on social media then you will have discovered that there are people out there who are not simply wrong, but also demonstrate a complete immunity to little things like facts. Absurd notions prevail that range from medical quackery being promoted as the best, and science (the … Read more

How to win an on-line argument

If I should happen to get in your face and explain in great detail that you are dumb / ignorant / bigoted / stupid / (you can think of lots more), then you would of course immediately embrace and cherish the experience … right? What if I was actually right and you did in a … Read more