Pew Poll Results: Why do the nones reject religious belief?

The rise of a new demography across the US human landscape is perhaps well-known. Various pew-research polls have established that as many as almost 1 in 4 (to be more precise 23%) have opted out, no longer retain a belief,  and do not identify themselves as religious. As reported by pew in May 2015 … Religious … Read more

Is “No Religion” the rising inevitable trend in the UK?

Quite clearly we in the UK are undergoing a huge shift in our cultural thinking. A recent YouGov poll carried out by Lancaster University has revealed that “No Religion” is very much the rising demographic … Of the adult population as a whole, 46% now identify as having no religion (nones) and 44% with Christianity.  The … Read more

Daft Claim: Atheism will decline (prepare to be amused)

So an article on News24 caught my eye that claims that it is inevitable that Atheism will decline. Now when faced with such articles I do wonder if the author is serious, or if he is simply trolling for a reaction – in this instance, I truly do think that he is serious. So let’s take a look … Read more

Interesting article all about the Rise of the Nones in Scientific American

Michael Shermer, a monthly columnist for Scientific American and also the founding publisher of Skeptic magazine writes a rather interesting article in the December issue of Scientific American all about the decline of religion and the rise of the Nones. The point he build up to is this … A 2012 Pew Research Center survey, … Read more