Interview with James Randi : “Homeopathy: trickery or treatment?” Yesterday 22nd Feb

In the context of the question Homeopathy: trickery or treatment? – you know the right answer, or at least I do hope that you do, and so what is of more interest to us here is that Jonathan McCrea speaks to the world’s most famous skeptic, James Randi who is now 85, on his Irish NewsTalk radio … Read more

Interview with Christopher Hitchens – 23rd Jan

Brian Lamb, the C-SPAN founder, recorded an interview with Christopher Hitchens on 23rd January … you will want to watch, but make sure you have enough time, its 54 Mins long. In fact this is his 20th Interview with him. Its a very frank, open and honest interview in which they talk about his cancer … Read more

Hitchens – A true hero for 2010 and beyond

I have  a couple of items for you here now … I think you will find that they are two perfect gems, and they both fit snuggly together. First up is the interview last weekend that Jeremy Paxman did with Christopher Hitchens. I could of course craft my own description, but I really prefer the … Read more