I don’t like the Manhattan mosque, but they’ve got the right — as long as I’ve got the right to point and laugh : Pharyngula

Some snippets from a great article by PZ on the Mosque and freedom … …, we have not made thinking ugly thoughts about creating a theocracy illegal — if we did, we ought to simply arrest the Imam for promoting undemocratic ideals. We don’t and we won’t, I hope, because then we’re voluntarily setting ourselves … Read more

Ground Zero Mosque debate – one more thought

There has been, and continues to be, lots of debate about the Ground-Zero mosque. I’ve already joined in earlier to make the observation that its not a Mosque and its not at ground zero (but then odd little facts like that don’t appear to matter to a lot of folks. Dam the facts, lets stir … Read more

The Mosque at Ground Zero

There has been a lot of media attention on this, so it may be appropriate to make a couple of observations. First, lets start with a few facts and dispel the popular emotive myths Its not a mosque, its actually an Islamic community center that just happens to have a prayer room. So you need … Read more