Ground Zero Mosque debate – one more thought

There has been, and continues to be, lots of debate about the Ground-Zero mosque. I’ve already joined in earlier to make the observation that its not a Mosque and its not at ground zero (but then odd little facts like that don’t appear to matter to a lot of folks. Dam the facts, lets stir up a mob and get the pitchforks out). However, putting all that aside, I have one additional observation …

If we start with the thought that because of the atrocity committed, ground zero is a sacred site (whatever that means), then add to that the suggestion that we should not permit a mosque because its too soon, we set a rather interesting standard. OK then, lets apply this standard in a different context and see where it takes us.

We should strive to be even handed here with such logic and at the same time propose a ban for all Catholic Churches that are within two blocks of a playground.

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