Is cancer fundraising fuelling quackery?

fake cancer cure

There is a new article that has been published within the BMJ using the above question. Spoiler alert, the answer is “yes”. The article is not really asking the question, but instead is laying out the empirical evidence that confirms that this is exactly what is going on. The pattern is perhaps familiar. Somebody, perhaps … Read more

What are the implications of the NOAA funding cuts?

You are perhaps aware the Mr T is proposing to deploy a rather hefty axe to the funding for NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and radically slash its budget. If you did not know that then your starting point can be an article within The Washington Post (3rd March) entitled “White House proposes steep budget cut to … Read more

Millions used from UK Foreign Aid budget to pay for Pope’s visit

The BHA (British Humanist Association) has issued a Press Release today regarding the way the UK government has been well and truly stitched up by the catholic church (side note, spelling that in lower case got me tossed off a discussion board the other day for the crime of “disrespect”). As you might (or might … Read more