Turkey Unblocks twitter

Turkey is back on the map once again. Officials there have now announced that the country has lifted the ban on Twitter on Thursday – see news reports – and yes, their Government  does confirm that they have lifted the ban a day after the country’s highest court ruled that the Twitter ban was illegal, ordering the government to unblock … Read more

Where do you draw the line between Freedom of expression and valid censorship?

Sometimes attempts to censor go very wrong, and something it is spot on, so lets look at two examples that illustrate where the line is when it comes to freedom of expression. First case – Getting it wrong over at the London School of Economics Carrying on from my Saturday posting about the students at … Read more

Egypt court bans YouTube over Innocence of Muslims trailer

An Egyptian court has decreed that YouTube has been rather naughty and needs to go sit on the naughty step for a time out. Yes OK, that is kindergarten speak, but then what else can we think when faced with their attempt at gagging free speech. Yes the “Innocence of Muslims” movie was offensive, and was also … Read more

Atheism Debunked by Bangladeshi Muslims – I got booted out

Yep, it finally happened, they booted me out.

Knowing how “tolerant” Islam can be at the very best of times, I guess in many ways I expected it would come at some point, but in the end the crime I was booted out of the public Facebook forum was for “talking” about it in another Facebook group. Yes indeed, I can hear you gasp in awe at the truly hideous nature of my crime. OK, so what the story here?

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Keeping us in Ignorance? – “No”

Nick Cohen sums it all up very nicely when he writes in Sunday’s Guardian … When censors try to restrict debate, democratic peoples must learn to reply with two words: that’s tough. “You want to use violence to stop criticism of religions that claim supernatural dominion over men’s minds and women’s bodies – that’s tough. … Read more