Islamic claims of drone attack atrocities : faked using old news photos

The following claim was made a few days ago (here on Facebook) … And the text that comes with it reads … “This Picture is taken in North Waziristan after a Drone attack Last Night. Why isn’t their story told? Are these children not as important as Malala Yousufzai?“ It sounds and also looks truly horrendous, but … Read more

Evangelical church founder charged with massive $23 Million fraud – faces 20 years in jail

Kong Hee, pictured here, is the founder of City Harvest church in Singapore, now one of their largest evangelical mega churches with over 23,000 members. The news is that he has been charged with financial fraud … specifically, funneling millions of dollars to fund his wife’s singing career. The UK’s Guardian reports … City Harvest … Read more

Bill Nye Says Nay To Anti-Evolution

The following article comes from The National Center for Science Education. In it Bill Nye, The Science Guy, has a few words to say about Creationism, here it is … Prompted by Michael B. Berkman and Eric Plutzer’s recent column in Science deploring “a pervasive reluctance of teachers to forthrightly explain evolutionary biology,” Popular Mechanics … Read more

Fraudulent claim about MMR and Autism – the data was faked

The news is out, Andrew Wakefield’s study that claimed to prove a link between the MMR vaccine and Autism was not just shoddy, he actually faked the data, so it was outright fraud. Why would he have done this, where was his integrity? It turns out that he was being paid by a law firm … Read more