Bizarre Claim: Faith healing will make hospitals obsolete

faith healing

During a recent interview, bonkers QAnon Cultist and Christian fanatic, Dave Hayes, has asserted that a God-orientated health care system should completely replace all doctors and hospitals. Apparently he would very much like to see this happen. He claims that God has told him that this is what God wants to do. Via Hemant Mehta, … Read more

Child Victims of a Faith healing Cult

Belief in faith healing is fairly common, but for most mainstream believers, prayer is generally an addition to proper medical care, not an alternative. Sadly there are some to do indeed view faith healing as the only viable approach to illness and decline all medical care. One such example is a group who call themselves the “Followers of Christ” and are based in Oregon City.

A basic human right is freedom of thought. In essence, folks can believe whatever they wish, so best of luck to them in all such endeavors. Well OK, perhaps we can ourselves exercise another freedom, that of speech, and mock such silly beliefs, however beyond all this is a far deeper concern here – what about their kids?

They don’t get to choose, but instead have this nonsense inflicted upon them, sometimes with dire consequences.

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Oregon City couple plead not guilty in faith-healing death of their infant son

You would think that people would learn, but they don’t … OREGON CITY – Two members of a church that preaches faith-healing pleaded not guilty Monday to manslaughter charges for failing to provide medical care to their infant son, who died shortly after his premature birth. OK, so what happened? Attorneys for Dale R. Hickman … Read more