Oregon City couple plead not guilty in faith-healing death of their infant son

You would think that people would learn, but they don’t …

OREGON CITY – Two members of a church that preaches faith-healing pleaded not guilty Monday to manslaughter charges for failing to provide medical care to their infant son, who died shortly after his premature birth.

OK, so what happened?

Attorneys for Dale R. Hickman and Shannon M. Hickman entered the pleas. The Hickmans did not speak during the brief arraignment before Clackamas County Circuit Judge Jeffrey S. Jones.

Jones set a Nov. 19 trial date for the Hickmans, who are each charged with second-degree manslaughter. It is likely that the trial will be rescheduled for sometime next year.

The Hickmans, who attend the Followers of Christ church in Oregon City, posted 10 percent of their $500,000 bail and are out of custody. They requested that the bail amount be reduced. A separate hearing will be held on the request.

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Its all happened before …

The Hickmans are the third couple identified as members of the Followers of Christ Church to face criminal charges in the death of a child during the past two years. The church shuns professional medical help in favor of prayer and anointing the sick with oil.

The state medical examiner’s office has estimated that in the past 30 years, more than 20 children of church members have died of preventable or curable conditions.

In 1999, after debate, the Legislature ended a spiritual healing defense, allowing parents to be prosecuted. Since then, Clackamas County officials have investigated a few deaths of newborns.

When oh when will people learn that magical superstitious incantations that don’t work, and in fact have been proven not to work … ever. … are a really really bad idea. Its an idea that tragically has a very large body count.

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