Building your very own Universe

A new computational model that can accurately follow the birth and evolution of thousands of galaxies over billions of years has been developed by a collaboration between the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) and the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies(HITS). We have now reaching a point where there is enough computing power available to build a model of an entire universe … Read more

The future of computing – graphene, carbon-nanotube and racetrack memory

You might begin to wonder how long we can keep increasing our computing capacity, because for more than 50 years, computer processors have increased in power and shrunk in size at a tremendous rate. We do know that today’s chip designers are hitting physical limitations, and so this is halting the pace of product innovation from … Read more

IBM – Supercomputer the size of a suger cube

Today almost 2% of the worlds energy consumption is dedicated to the construction and running of computer hardware. To get us to this position, the speed of technical development has been quite astonishing. Go back 50 years and one transistor would cost approx 1 dollar, today the cost of 1 transistor is about 100th of … Read more