Coffee – lowers your risk of death

Now here is some great news (for me), older adults who drank coffee — caffeinated or decaffeinated — had a lower risk of death overall than others who did not drink coffee. This all comes from a study by researchers from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and that it turn is part of the National Institutes of … Read more


I’ve been up since 4am .. (don’t ask, no really don’t ask), and so like many in similar circumstances, I’ve had a cup of coffee which was then followed by breakfast that more or less consisted of another cup of coffee.  Then later another and again another. Right now I’m about to have extra-strong brew. So, while I might indeed be tired, I’m also buzzing, and will no doubt crash later.

What is news, for me anyway, is that apparently, if I look out the window, I just might catch a glimpse of a few pink unicorns or a pig flying past. Why? well according to the news out from a study in Australia, coffee is apparently a hallucinogen and so when taking a coffee break, I am also setting myself up to take a break from reality … or at least so screams some headlines today. For example, the UK’s Daily Mail claims, “Drinking Coffee can make you hear voices“. Since its the Daily Mail, then it just must be true, right? … er perhaps not, so lets take a closer look, brush away the hype and see what this is actually all about.

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Coffee decisions

The organization that I am currently working at has always been kind enough to provide free coffee to all employees. Just wander up to the nearest vending machine, select your hearts desire and 20 seconds later a hot steaming cup of <insert your favorite here> is yours. However, all this took a left hand turn … Read more