(BBC) Antimatter Tevatron mystery gains ground

US particle physicists are inching closer to determining why the Universe exists in its current form, made overwhelmingly of matter.

Physics suggests equal amounts of matter and antimatter should have been made in the Big Bang.

In 2010, researchers at the Tevatron accelerator claimed preliminary results showing a small excess of matter over antimatter as particles decayed.

The team has submitted a paper showing those results are on a firmer footing.

Each of the fundamental particles known has an antimatter cousin, with identical properties but opposite electric charge.

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Antimatter at CERN

With some echos of Dan Brown’s fictious novel, CERN have successfully managed to create and then trap antihydrogen atoms. Not quite sure what they are? OK, its like this … these antiparticles are simply the oppositely charged twins of normal particles. Generating antihydrogen has of course been done before, that’s not new. What is different … Read more