UK Solar Eclipse alert – Tomorrow Fri 20th March

eclipse_-_Google_SearchHopefully you have picked up on what is about to happen and are aware that an eclipse is about to take place on Friday here in the UK. It is exciting (for those of us into such events) because we have not seen an eclipse like this since 1999, and while not total, it will be impressive (cloud cover permitting).

Exactly when?

In the UK it will …

  • begin at 8.45am
  • peak at 9.31am
  • finish at 10.41am.

So pull you your phone and set a reminder (and fingers crossed for a lack of cloud cover)

How Impressive will it be?

  • 95% coverage in Scotland … while not complete, that is darn close to being fully blacked out
  • 84% coverage in London

… so don’t miss it, because the next big one in the UK will not be until 2026.

If I want to see a total eclipse, where should I be and when?

For this one on Friday you would need to be in the Faroe Islands or the Norwegian island of Svalbard (thousands will be making the trip to the Faroes … Svalbard is a tad tricker to get to, it is well inside the arctic circle and a lot further north than Iceland).

Then again, if you would like to see a total eclipse, you  might like to consider the idea of being in the US on 21st August 2017, and that is not too far away, so you can start planning now.


Finally do remember … be safe

Looking directly at the sun will potentially damage your eyes, so don’t do that, use an appropriate filter.

Experts have warned of the real danger of permanent damage to vision if people fail to take the necessary precautions.



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