The UK’s Royal Society had a games jam – you can now check out the results

On the 24 May, for a 12-hour period, the UK’s Royal Society held a games jam in which teams of scientists and developers worked together to produce games that aligned with their soon to be summer exebition .. yes its a publicity stunt, buy hey so what, its not only fun but also a good cause – the promotion of science.

Are the games any good? Well you be the judge, you can find them here

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You not only get to play, but you also get to vote … so far it looks like Seaglider is winning.

Now for the practical bit … if you are running Linux then forget it, you need to install the Unity web player and so will need Windows (shudders), or MAC OS X (Yea) … [sorry, did my OS bias spill out there].

So what is this really all about again?

It is all for the Royal Society Summer Exhibition, which is open from the 2nd-7th of July – yes, next week. The games came about as a means to publicise it all and so they drafted some Scientists from selected exhibits who then worked with techie developers to quickly cobble up games that aligned with the exhibition. Did it work, did you previously know nothing about this but are now thinking of going?

You really should check it out because they have some really interesting stuff. The exhibition has been put together and staffed by researchers at the cutting edge of science, so this is your opportunity to come along and meet them, not only to have a bit of fun with the games and demonstrations, but to also learn something new, and before you ask, yes I plan to bring my 13 year old.

This is not a dusty Science Museum, but rather is about science right now; there will be some really interesting exhibits across a very broad range of currently active research areas

Now the really important bit: Its Free, you can just turn up at the halls of the Royal Society on Carlton House Terrace (just off the Mall) in London. So f you are in the area why not drop in.

Will it really be worth going to see? You be the judge … the details are here.

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