Red-Hot Planet: heat records set all over world during past week

heatThe heat is cranking up everywhere. Jason Samenow writes in the Washington Post about the heat records that are being shattered all around the planet. He starts off by correctly pointing out that a new record in just one place is not Climate, but instead is weather. We will hit extremes, that is normal, it happens. What is truly different is that it is not just a story about a record high temperature in one location, but instead it is happening all around the planet.

Key Point: You can’t attribute a heat wave in one location to Climate Change. When you face heat records being shattered everywhere, then you can.

What Exactly has been happening?

Via Jason’s article that lists the events …

North America …

Europe …

  • Scotland provisionally set its hottest temperature on record. The U.K. Met Office reported Motherwell, about 12 miles southeast of Glasgow, hit 91.8 degrees (33.2 Celsius) on June 28, passing the previous record of (32.9 Celsius) set in August 2003 at Greycrook. Additionally, Glasgowhad its hottest day on record, hitting 89.4 degrees (31.9 Celsius).
  • In Ireland, on June 28, Shannon hit 89.6 degrees (32 Celsius), its record.
  • In Northern Ireland,
    • Belfast hit 85.1 degrees (29.5 Celsius) on June 28, its record.
    • Castlederg hit 86.2 degrees (30.1 Celsius) on June 29, its record

Eurasia …

Middle east …

  • Quriyat, Oman, posted the world’s hottest low temperature ever recorded on June 28: 109 degrees (42.6 Celsius).

All of the above is just from the past week.

This however is not an isolated week. Over the past 15 months there has been an on-going trend of heat records being shattered.

Why is this happening?

I really don’t need to explain it. As we continue to pump out more and more CO2, a greenhouse gas, we will continue to see an ongoing warming trend continue ever upwards.

Perhaps the real question to ponder over is to wonder just when we will make decisive meaningful change and start to truly address the issue.

Right now, despite our various agreements and initiatives, the amount of CO2 within our atmosphere continues its relentless climb upwards way beyond naturally occurring levels. Looking back over the past 800,000 years (via measurements in Ice Core data), it is never been this high.

Who should I believe?

On the one hand, you have an almost countless number of climate scientists using actual measurements and also climate models advising that we have a huge problem and that we need to take decisive meaningful action.

Then as a contrast, we have the incompetent buffoon in the White House advising that it is all a Chinese hoax.

Gosh, who should I believe?

This is such a hard call to make.

2 thoughts on “Red-Hot Planet: heat records set all over world during past week”

  1. The majority of US states had their high temperatures in the 1930s.
    Very few after 1998.

    All the real time surface temperature “measurements”
    were made DURING a warming trend that started in about 1850.

    New records are to be expected, and are not news,
    until the warming trend reverses to a cooling trend,
    and then the “records” will stop.

    I wrote “measurements” in parentheses
    because most of our planet has no temperature data
    — the numbers are wild guessed by government bureaucrats
    who may call it “infilling” but it is still guessing that
    can never be verified or falsified, unlike real science.

    The minor warming since 1880 has not been harmful to anyone —
    it has been beneficial — greening the planet.

    When it comes to scaremongering, you do well.
    When it comes to knowledge of climate science,
    you are not far ahead of the “buffoon in the White House!

    My climate change blog,
    with over 18,000 page views:

    • Gosh, according to your blog CO2 is jolly good stuff and not a problem at all. Where have we come across that argument before? Via the fossil fuel funded Heartland folks of course.

      Meanwhile your argument here is not with myself or others who might raise real concerns, but rather is with the laws of physics. Good luck winning that one.


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