Cosmos … a few numbers


A few Numbers for you …

Here also are a couple of reviews that I liked …

The Best Moment

The best moment in the “Cosmos” premiere occurred at the end, where host Neil deGrasse Tyson touched on Sagan’s legacy in astronomy and science communication. Tyson showed a day calendar from 1975 – Sagan’s own daily planner – with a meeting with Tyson penned in on a Saturday. Sagan had invited the then 17-year-old Tyson to Ithaca, N.Y., where Sagan taught at Cornell University, for a visit. It was snowing when the young Tyson went to catch the bus back home to the Bronx. Sagan gave Tyson his home phone number, and invited the student to call him if the bus didn’t show and spend the weekend with his family. “”I already knew I wanted to become a scientist, but that afternoon I learned what kind of person I wanted to be,” Tyson said in the premiere.

The best critic

The best review has just got to be the one done by two and half year old Deliliah …


Was it just me, or did Pluto really give Tyson a bit of a dirty look as he flew past in his ship of the imagination?


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