US Rep Gary Palmer: “Sea Ice is expanding”, is this true? #climate

US Rep Gary Palmer, a Republican who was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2014 and represents Alabama’s 6th congressional district, recently held a town hall meeting in which he got into a back and forth argument about climate change … He made the statement during a testy back and forth with one attendee about climate change, after … Read moreUS Rep Gary Palmer: “Sea Ice is expanding”, is this true? #climate

Unprecedented #Arctic weather has scientists on edge

Bryan Thomas, who works as station chief at NOAA’s Point Barrow, Alaska, observatory is deeply troubled. As he sits within his office there in Alaska, he can look North out over the Arctic ocean in the middle of February. It should all be sea ice, but it is not … “I could see what’s known as water-skyoffsite link — … Read moreUnprecedented #Arctic weather has scientists on edge

The NSIDC #Arctic January update

Each month the National Snow & Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) issues an updated #Arctic Sea Ice update, and this week the January 2017 update has been published. 2016 has been and gone, and with it the impact of the cyclic El Niño warm phase has also passed. You might perhaps speculate that some will latch on … Read moreThe NSIDC #Arctic January update

#Arctic sea ice update

Thinking about how you say something is rather important  if you need to effectively tell a story. Presenting an array of numbers such as the following will simply not cut it because it does not effectively convey the saga of what is actually going on, even if the numbers are meaningful and accurate. 2013 64.570 322.000 0.16 0.18 … Read more#Arctic sea ice update

Is #arctic sea ice extent recovering?

Some have been claiming that the #Arctic melt was simply a short term blip due to a bit of extraordinary weather, and that the normal patterns are now reasserting themselves. Sadly twitter is full of misinformation. Let’s take a quick peek at the data and see if this is correct. You can check the measured … Read moreIs #arctic sea ice extent recovering?