$1 Million is yours … if you can prove that Homeopathy works

To win $1 Million all you need to do is to prove to the James Randi Educational Foundation that Homeopathy actually works. That sounds like easy money, because obviously it works … surely it must, it can’t be a con. Think about it now, almost all pharmacies sell Homeopath remedies, in fact the UK has four government funded Homeopathy hospitals stuffed full of Homeopathic doctors. They can’t all be wrong, so this must be easy money.

Ah sorry, but there is a slight catch here. The money is real, it truly is on offer, and the JREF are indeed legally obliged to hand it over if you provide proof, but the problem is that Homeopathy simply does not work, there is not one active ingredient in it, so all you are getting is a sugary placebo effect.

How confident am I that this is correct? I am 100% sure, I have checked the evidence and can assure you that I am willing to bet my life on this being correct. In fact thats exactly what I did this past weekend.

350 people attempt mass suicide — and fail (as expected)

I, along with 350+ others, took a Homeopathy overdose. It was a full phial of 31C Belladonna. If curious, you can click this link to see a video diary of the entire event made by Token Skeptic. Absolutely nothing happened, no effects, no side effects, nothing at all, we are all still breathing — living proof of the utter ineffectiveness of content free Homeopathy remedies.

The Million Dollar Challenge

And so, here is James Randi himself offering you the $1Dollars …

“Consumers have the right to know what they’re buying,” Randi said. “No one should walk out of a drugstore with a homeopathic product without knowing these basic facts: there is no credible evidence that the product does what it says; there is not one bit—not a single atom—of the claimed “active ingredient” in the package; and no U.S. health agency has tested or approved the product. It should be a crime for retail corporations to profit by denying the public this critical information about the products on their shelves.”

Want to find out more? Then click here to see more videos from the 10:23 website.

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