Wingnut Weekly – 26 July 2020

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above this past week to point out …
Trump is threatening to send secret military-style police to put down protests in Democrat-run cities like Portland. We are officially a banana republic.

Actions have consequences, or to be a tad more precise, support by the wingnut legions for the inept and incompetent is having consequences that continue to unfold. Dan Rather expresses it all far better than I ever could …

What new absurdity has been promoted this past week?

Let’s take a look.

Wingnut proclamations from the last 7 days

It is all very much everything you might expect and a lot more. Here are some of the highlights …

The Cult Of Trump

  • Shane Idleman insists that Christians are not being used by President Donald Trump because God is using Trump to save the United States: … “We are supporting a movement back to God. God will use unlikely candidates to accomplish His purposes.
    • The best argument, the one that is motivating many to abandon evangelicalism, is evangelical worship of the idiot-in-chief
  • John Wesley Reid offers Christians five reasons why they … “should feel comfortable voting for Trump in 2020.
    • His list isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about Trump, but it will provide even more evidence for why no decent person should be aligning with his faith. If religion is supposed to at least offer ethical guidance, it’s clear it hasn’t worked on white evangelicals who have failed moral question after moral question over the past four years.
  • Janet Porter Says The Election Between Trump and Biden Is a Choice Between ‘Life or Death’ …”If Joe Biden is elected, he will dismember children with your tax dollars up until birth
    • It turns out that 2016 was literally a choice between Life and Death. So far the body count of preventable deaths is 145,000 and rising.

Paranoia is apparently a jolly good idea

  • Scott Lively and Richard May think that America needs more people who are willing to “embrace the spirit” of Joseph McCarthy and take a stand against left-wing activists and protesters.
    • A hush descends. The chairman points his finger at the accused and says, “Are you, or have you ever been a member of the Democratic party?” a shudder of horror ripples through the room at the mention of the D word. Embracing the very idea that people should vote means the accused is not a true American and does not worship the one true Trump Messiah.


  • Carl Gallups Warns Satan Has Convinced the World Christians Can’t Say ‘All Lives Matter’
    • No supernatural Satan needed, it is wholly and completely of their own making.
  • David Lane says that “Black Lives Matter founders and leadership [have shown] themselves to be the actual racists and bigots.”
    • The psychological projection is strong in this one.
  • Dave Daubenmire fumes that Black Lives Matter, immigration, the removal of Confederate monuments, and “the invasion of Muslims” are all part of “the war on white America,” specifically “the white Christian male.”
    • … invasion … war … he clearly feels that his privilege is being threatened.
  • Cliff Kincaid warns that “until Trump and his aides are ready to tell the complete truth about those posing as crusaders for ‘social justice,’ we will not fully understand how black Americans are being deceived and manipulated into being shock troops for the communist revolution now underway in America.”
    • The words “Truth” and “Trump” have never been introduced to each other.
  • Bevelyn Beatty, the right-wing Christian activist recently arrested for defacing Black Lives Matter murals in New York City, declares that homosexuality is “an abomination” and that children raised by same-sex parents will be “a little off in the head.”
    • “a little off in the head.” is indeed the turn of phrase that comes to mind when you encounter folks who seriously believe stuff like that.
  • John Zmirak argues that Black Lives Matter is the QAnon of the left.
    • As a rather stark contrast to QAnon, BLM has a robust moral foundation and a great deal of credibility.

Demons & Satan

  • Scott Lively explains … “why Portland is the center of the demonic realm’s attacks.”
    • Demons don’t actually exist.

The John Lewis fan club

Truly Bizarre

  • Fresh from doing time in prison for stalking, Omar Navarro has announced that he’s running for governor in California.
  • Ann Vandersteel Says Liz Crokin Deserves Medal of Freedom for Having ‘Saved Millions of Children’ From Satanic Pedophiles
    • Number of children she actually saved = exactly zero
    • Liz also  predicts that two-thirds of the government will be wiped out after being exposed as pedophiles.
    • Liz also says that COVID-19 was a deep state plot “to distract from the pedophile takedowns.”
    • And Liz Crokin also asserts that when President Donald Trump wished Ghislaine Maxwell well, he was “trolling the Deep State” because “Trump plays 5D chess & is always 1,000 steps ahead.”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson thinks that Rep. Liz Cheney “should be removed [from office] along with every other woman in politics.”
    • Clearly this guy is a signed up member of the “Keep them women in the kitchen and under control” club.
  • Dave Daubenmire claims that being required to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is religious discrimination.
    • Hey, I can play that game as well. It is my sincerely held religious belief that Mr Daubenmire must wear a mask. Any objection to that is religious discrimination.
  • DeAnna Lorraine claims that when someone like Bill Gates says that COVID-19 conspiracy theories are nonsense, “that’s how we know it’s probably true.”

What else came out of the Wingnut fantasy land last week?

Lots of other stuff. 

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is good, some sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

  • Donald Trump: If Joe Biden Wins the Election, “Religion Will Be Gone”
    • As if I needed another reason to vote for Joe Biden…
  • Preacher Sean Feucht Calls California’s Sensible COVID Restrictions “Tyrannical”
    • It’s not Christian persecution when everyone has to follow the same rules.
  • Vandals Deface “Black Lives Matter” Mural While Yelling “Jesus Has To Matter”
    • Like a bad Christian movie, this attempt at conversion is bound to backfire.
  • In West Virginia, 75 New COVID Cases Trace Back to Seven Churches
    • Why are these people still meeting in person?!
  • Angry Christian Mom Lashes Out at “Do It Every Night” Dishwasher Detergent Ad
    • If dishwasher detergent gets you this angry, you need a new hobby.
  • Predator Cardinal, Defrocked, Provides a Moving Case Study in the Abuse of Power
    • Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is a monster, even among other Catholic predators.
  • A New York Church Was Struck by Lightning After Resuming In-Person Gatherings
    • Maybe it’s a sign.
  • GOP Rep. Who Called AOC a “F**king Bitch”: I Won’t Apologize for “Loving My God”
    • Catholic Rep. Ted Yoho apparently honors God by demeaning women.
  • AR State Sen. Jason Rapert Preached at a Mask-Free Church; Now He Has COVID
    • The Christian Nationalist also opposed his state’s mask mandate earlier this week.
  • 22 People Caught COVID at Preacher Andrew Wommack’s Bible Conference
    • He claimed that those that believe will not catch COVID-19

Will next week be different and result is no bizarre claims from the wingnuts?


Bonus Item 1 – Aliens Need Jesus

The most bizarre tweet of the week just has to be this one from Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland …

Bonus Item 2 – More details on his Cognitive test

Sara Cooper – How to person woman man camera tv

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