Wingnut Weekly – 16 Feb 2020

GOP is wingnut central
Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above this past week to advise us all that …”I knew it would be a rare moment to see a GOP Senator put country and principle over party, I just didn’t know how rare.

How should one respond to wingnut proclamations?

What is perhaps best is humour. To achieve that I really don’t need to add anything or manipulate it. Simply quoting it in context is sufficient. I don’t need to distort or promote any of it into the realm of satire by massaging it; the raw unadulterated text is satire of itself.

This is perhaps a great disappointment to the satire professionals because it leaves them more or less redundant.

It this really true?

Judge for yourself, because below is this week’s selection.

Wingnut proclamations from the last 7 days

Here for your enjoyment is this week’s selection of wingnut gems. It has all been mined from a stream of befuddled right-wing extremism blended with religious literalism …

The Cult of Trump ..

State of the DisUnion ..

  • Josh Bernstein says that liberals in Hollywood are punching their tickets to Hell, “where you all belong.”
  • Lloyd Marcus won’t be celebrating Black History Month because it is “nothing more than a political weapon for Democrats/progressives to spread racial hate and further their lie that America is the greatest source of evil on the planet.

Super Bowl …

There are still few ripples from the half-time show ..

  • Charles LiMandri says the Super Bowl halftime show was “a hyper-sexual display resembling a frenzied pagan ritual” and a sign of the End Times.
    • … and yet he watched it all, and perhaps recorded it just to be sure he did not miss anything.
  • Did the Super Bowl Halftime Show Open a Portal and Infect Dave Daubenmire With a Demonic Virus? … ““What if there is a [demonic] spirit that accompanies the visual of the pornography?” Daubenmire asked. “What if that opens up, what do they call it? A portal? A threshold? … What if sitting there, watching that soft pornography dance across our TVs, what if there’s a spiritual component to that? What if there is something that comes out of my screen?
    • Serious point: If this guy actually seriously believes this stuff then he needs professional medical help.

Homophobia ..

  • Mike Heath announces that he probably won’t do his planned “Faggots Are Maggots” national tour: “You think it doesn’t take money and institutional support to do a fifty state tour before the Presidential election?! You know it does. I knew that when I wrote the COLUMN. I didn’t care when I wrote it whether I could fulfill the promise. I felt a nudge of the Holy Spirit telling me that I should write and publish it anyway.
    • Translation: “I felt a nudge of the Holy Spirit” = “I’m secretly gay and need to say this stuff because I’m at war with myself
  • Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh mocks Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s sexuality, comparing him to “Mr. Man Donald Trump,” a week after receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • Bert Farias declares that “those who practice [homosexuality] are ‘deserving of death’” and fumes that “when millions of Americans applaud Pete Buttigieg and his ‘husband,’ it is the death rattle of a nation.”


  • Dave Daubenmire defends his “right to be a bigot.”
  • Self-proclaimed “prophet” Jeremiah Johnson claims that Jerry Falwell, who died in 2007, “was one of the main figures in getting Trump elected in 2016.”
  • WorldNetDaily declares that “the Democratic Party has become essentially a gargantuan web of lies and liars” because they are “at war with God.”
    • I wonder which specific god he has in mind here … Mars the god of war perhaps?
  • Kanye West, William Barr, and the Kansas City Chiefs Will Help Bring Revival and Reformation, Says Lance Wallnau
  • David Kupelian claims that science has found that … “those on the political left are significantly more likely to have been diagnosed with mental illness than those on the right.
    • I don’t need to tell you this, but for completeness, the evidence for this claim is exactly zero.

Conspiracy claims …

  • Mark Taylor argues that people can trust that QAnon is legitimate because the media is trying to discredit it: “Anytime the mainstream media tells you something is a conspiracy theory, you can take it to the bank that it’s in fact real.”
    • Apply that “logic” and you will end up believing rather a lot of weird stuff
  • Scott Lively is a Seth Rich conspiracy theorist: … “I believe Bernie-backing Democrat operative Seth Rich was murdered because he betrayed Obama and the Clintons.

What else came out of the Wingnut fantasy land?

Lots of other stuff. 

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

  • Todd Starnes: Trump Shouldn’t Forgive His Enemies for “Literally Beating” Him Up
  • Former Republican Rep. Joe Walsh: The Trump-Obsessed GOP “Has Become a Cult”
    • Ironically, Joe Walsh is part of the reason the GOP became a cult.
  • Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore Is Bringing Back His Ten Commandments Monument
  • Invocation Speaker in Virginia House Delivers Sermon Warning of God’s “Wrath”
  • Major Evangelical Church-Planting Network Removes CEO Over “Abusive Leadership”
    • Acts 29 is a hotbed of abuse
  • Mormon Church Fears Drop in Donations If Members Know of $100 Billion Stash
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham: God Will Never Care That I Voted to Acquit Trump
    • God may never judge Graham’s decision, but the history books will.
  • Christian Publisher Claims, Falsely, That Bernie Sanders is “Really an Atheist”
  • Catholic Priest Attempts to Walk Back “Pedophilia Doesn’t Kill Anyone” Comment
  • Iowa GOP Lawmaker Pushes Bill to Stick “Endowed By Their Creator” in All Schools
  • A Journalist Caught Christians Scamming People With Fake Biblical Oil
  • Televangelist Frank Amedia: Trump’s Impeachment Was a “Political Abortion”
  • Southern Baptists Are Flipping Out Over a Female Speaker at a Conference
  • Catholic Bishop Issues Trans Pastoral Guide That’s As Awful As You’d Expect
  • Proposed Alabama Bill Would Mandate Vasectomies as Men Reach Age 50
    • People are furious at the idea of lawmakers controlling men’s bodies… which is exactly the point.

Fraud of the week – Jim Bakker

Jim Bakker is selling a silver solution that he suggests can kill the coronavirus within 12 hours. There is more; not only does he claim that his silver solution will kill the coronavirus, he also claims that it kills HIV.

Jim interviews somebody with the prefix “Dr”, a Dr. Sherrill Sellman …

BAKKER: This influenza, that is now circling the globe, you’re saying that Silver Solution would be effective?

SELLMAN: Well, let’s say it hasn’t been testing on this strain of the coronavirus, but it’s been testing on other strains of the coronavirus and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours. Totally eliminates it. Kills it. Deactivates it. And then it boosts your immune system, so then you can support the recovery, ’cause when you kill the virus then your immune system comes into action to clear it out. So you want a vibrant immune system as well as an ability to deactivate these viruses.

It will come as no surprise to learn that Sellman is not a real medical Doctor. The use of that prefix is fraudulent.

Does the supposed cure work?

Nope, of course not, it is a scam. Unlike Jim, I can cite credible evidence for that position …

What does puzzle me is how somebody such as Jim Bakker can make utterly fraudulent medical claims and get away with it. I guess he should know. He has been in jail for fraud so perhaps knows what does and does not cross the legal line.

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