Weird Religious News – The Wall & The Cult

Cartoonist Rob Rogers beautifully sums it all up

This weekly column of religious weirdness has quite naturally evolved into a spotlight focused upon that caravan or lunacy; the right-wing evangelicals. The scope of the utter insanity is of course not just them. The utterly useless wall proposal has more or less demonstrated on an epic scale just how religiously cult-like and weird the entire GOP has become. No matter how ridiculous the statement or how often it changes, his base happily falls in line and unquestionably follows along.

AWOL is any ability to think critically or deploy reason. We are here now because one demographic continues to happily bow down and worship this new messiah. So what have they been popping up to pronounce during the last week?

What happened during the last 7 days?

The Topic of Walls arose for some strange reason …

  • Religious Right: Jesus Would Totally Build that Wall …”You know the Bible teaches that the primary responsibility of government is to maintain order and to keep its citizens safe. And there’s nothing wrong with using a wall to do that. 
  • White Evangelicals are Why Trump is Still Pushing for a Useless Border Wall…”The Christians who claim to preach love want to block out the very people who need our country’s help.

(Yep, just like it says in the bible … “Blessed are they who build walls and tells the stranger seeking help to F**k Off“)

Fake Offense …

E.W. Jackson: Ilhan Omar ‘Wasn’t Really Elected by Americans’“Folks, as I looked into her background, I’ll tell you, I’m just disgusted by the fact that she got elected to Congress,”

[Background: she is the one who announced that she was going to go to Congress and “impeach that motherf**er,”]

(It’s weird how when Trump says things like “Grab them by the Pussy” as a description of what he actually did, or mocks disabled people, Mr Jackson has no problem with that at all. His utterly fake “moral” outrage has no credibility)

Prayer Supposedly wins elections …

(So how exactly does prayer for elections work, does God fiddle the ballot, or does he override human free will and force people to vote a specific way?)

The One True faith is the GOP, all others are evil …

U.S. Constitution ‘Requires a Christian People,’ Says Dominionist, and Liberals Can’t be Christian“Christians Must Be Conservative, And Conservatives Must Be Christian”

(This guy appears to be more or less reading directly from an ISIS guidebook for nation building)

The “Predictions” that never happened …

(The only place any of his predictions happen are in his head, and never in reality. The guy is quite literally living a fantasy)

Hating Gay people …

(Winning a gold for being “obnoxious and intolerant” within this belief demographic is hard; there is so much competition )

Ignore the Ten Commandments …

Pastor Urges Christians to Stop Getting Worked Up Over the Ten Commandments…”Megachurch Pastor Andy Stanley claimed in a recent article that the Ten Commandments don’t apply to Christians

(His logic is the very reason Leviticus shouldn’t be cited as a reason for why being gay is wrong. Yet he still believes being gay is a sin)

Not very Smart …

OK, here is one item to prove that the US does not have a complete monopoly on religiously inspired lunacy …

Russian Orthodox Leader Says Smartphones Could Bring About Arrival of Antichrist…

(He is basically maintaining his track record with getting to grips with technology. This is the same guy who sprayed holy water on government computers to keep them safe from a software virus)

Highlight – The GOP is a Cult

I’m not isolated in thinking that the GOP is akin to a religious cult. Below is an elected representative making this observation.

Newly elected Rep. Jamie Raskin gave the following talk at a reception hosted by the Congressional Freethought Caucus. I’ve highlighted a few lines …

… Thanks for being with us. Thanks for standing with us. I wanted to call it the Freethinkers Caucus because I thought that was more provocative, but [Rep.] Jared [Huffman] wanted to tone it down a little bit.

But everything that’s going on in the United States of America today is a testament to the power of irrationality and unreason, and the destruction of science and critical thinking. And the shutdown of the government, which affects 88,000 federal workers in my district, and tens of thousands more private contractors and small business people, is a tribute to an administration which doesn’t care about science or data or even basic logic.

And the shocking thing is that you have an entire political party now operating like a religious cult. Whatever the leader says, they will go with it. It could be black one day, white the next day, makes no difference to them…

Anyway, so this is important what we’re doing here. And we’re gonna have a very strong legislative agenda. And I’m going to be pushing real hard for the resolution I worked with the American Humanist [Association] on — for anti-blasphemy and anti-apostasy and heresy and witchcraft and sorcery resolution… because there’s hundreds of people around the world who are rotting in prison tonight because they’ve been convicted of imaginary medieval offenses that we were able to get rid of, mostly, 100-150 years ago. So we’ll be doing that.

We need a secular movement that is big and strong and aggressive. And we’d like to consider ourselves the parliamentary arm of it.

There are indeed some reasonable people entering into the arena of clowns, and so there rests some hope.

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