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Rob Rogers‏ @Rob_Rogers  Feb 6 does a brilliant cartoon inspired by the report that someone in the White House leaked the daily schedules of “God’s Anointed one”.

The majority of humans have inherited a cultural religious tradition and will in general accept various aspects with varying degrees of confidence, for example thinking that story X has some truth to it, but creation myth Y is just a metaphor designed to illustrate a point. For most that is reasonable, but there are however also literalists who embrace everything as the ultimate and wholly reliable truth. When that extremism mixes with right-wing politics then what you end up with are swathes of people quite willing to not only promote the most absurd and bizarre stuff as “truth”, but they will also attempt to impose it upon everybody else by force.

What we now observe is a tad scary, but also quite entertaining.

Here is this weeks collection of such items that have popped up in the news cycle during the last week.

What happened during the last 7 days?

The cult of Trump is as popular as ever …

  • Paula White declares that President Trump was “was chosen by God to protect religious values.”…(Would that be biblical marriage values – one man and has many many wives and concubines)
  • Also Paula White declares that President Trump’s State of the Union Address was divinely anointed: “I personally know that there are literally millions of people who have been activated in the United States of America and around the world who yesterday were praying, fasting and holding our president up, that he would be the mouthpiece God would breathe through.” … (SOTU – She is right, it was very much religious, most of what he said was neither factual nor true, but lots of his fans believed it anyway)
  • Bill Mitchell says that Trump is actually even “smarter than he thinks he is” because he has a subconscious supercomputer in his brain. … (Its a ZX81)

(So God needed a representative and the best he could do was an incompetent dishonest pussy-grabbing idiot?)

The Sayings of Prophet Trump …

Trump Praises Religious Leaders for Achieving the “Abolition of Civil Rights”

(It was supposedly him misspeaking … but it turns out what when you consider the basic human rights of gay people and also gender equality, he was actually spot on).

Claims regarding Witches and Wizards …

Mark Taylor: Guantanamo Bay Medical Emergency was a ‘High-Level Witchcraft Attack’“This is a very high-level attack coming against this judge. We’ve seen other attacks with other people, where they have had literal physical damage done to their bodies because of a high-level witchcraft attack, and that’s what this is.”

(If temped to think, “he does not really believe this”, then hold that thought, because he really is confirming that he is that batshit crazy).

Demons …

Dave Daubenmire says that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are “demonically influence” and “demonically protected.”…

(Mr Daubenmire has sufficiently influenced me to conclude that he is a nut)

Claims regarding mass arrests of elite satanic pedophiles …

(She has apparently redefined the word “know” to mean believing absurd BS that has exactly zero evidence).

Claims regarding an Islamic Jihad in Congress …

Trump’s Prayer Warriors Slam Muslim Members of Congress, ‘Sharia-Supremacist Spiritual Warfare’…”they fully share the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology and ambitions to achieve the triumph of Sharia in our country too”

(…says the spokesperson for the right-wing evangelical Taliban)


Rick Wiles Predicted That Democrats Would Disrupt The SOTU and Trump Would Declare Martial Law

(At least this guy managed to maintain his consistent 100% failure rate for predicting anything)

Voting for Satan …

Jesse Lee Peterson: Anyone Who Votes Democratic ‘Hates God’ and ‘Loves Satan’…”The Democratic Party is the party of death. They’re the party of death, not of life. They want to kill God, they want to kill men, they want to kill women who are of God, they want to kill unborn children, and they want to kill children who are living already, that’s why they corrupt their minds and their souls in the public schools. 

(Cult like devotion to the GOP has been cranked up the Level 11 here)

The Super Bowl cult …

Cory Daniel: The Super Bowl Halftime Show Was a Ritual to Moloch…“We know Super Bowl halftime [shows] are all rituals, but I see an altar,” Daniel asserted. “The M is an altar … and it looked to me like it was Moloch, offering your children to Moloch.

(Does he mean the Morlocks from The Time Machine movie? … either way its all made-up fiction)

Catholic Priests …

  • Texas Catholic Dioceses Disclose 286 Priests Credibly Accused of Child Sex Abuse…
  • And just when you think you grasped the full scope, this pops up … Pope Francis Admits Priests Sexually Abuse Women, Held Them as Slaves

(I truly struggle to understand why anybody is still Catholic after the constant stream of revelations.)

Weirdest item of the week

There is lots of competition for this, for example these …

  • Dave Daubenmire: Food Companies Are Using Aborted Fetus Tissue in Flavoring
  • Dave Daubenmire: Jesus Would Have Been an Inside Linebacker on a Football Team
  • “Duck Dynasty” Dad: I Don’t Need Health Care Because God Made Me Immortal

… but in the end the winner is this gem …

  • Paul McGuire warns that the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is “an inter-dimensional portal designed to allow access from another dimension [and] bring fallen angels into the dimension of earth.”

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