Top Idiots of the Week – 8 Nov 2020

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above cartoon this past week to make this point …
It’s 2020. Do we REALLY still need an election system that panders to white male slave owners in the South? One person, one vote!
#Elections2020 #ElectionResults2020 #ElectoralCollege

Biden won the popular vote by millions, and has won the election. We now all know this. It is however not the popular vote that wins and gets him the top job. Instead we have the utterly crazy, and truly unrepresentative electoral college system that determines the outcome.

It really has had its day and needs to go. (If you don’t truly understand it, then Wikipedia can explain it to you)

So apart from the crazy system itself, what other idiocy has been popping up during this past week?

The highlight of stupidity has perhaps been the claim that the election is being stolen because all the postal ballots skew towards Joe Biden. In the context of Trump spending months banging on about postal ballots being bad and telling all his supporters to vote in person and not worry about COVID-19, why exactly is this skew a surprise or “evidence” of anything nefarious?

Or is that really the highlight, because something even more bigly popped up yesterday.

We do now have the observation that the Trump presidency ended, not at the White House or at some New York hotel, but in the scruffy back car lot of a landscaping business, next to an adult video store and opposite a crematorium. (Yes really). More on this a bit further on.

So what else has popped up?


Let’s take a look at some of the truly jaw dropping highlights that illustrates that the most common commodity that is available in abundance is stupidity.

Proclamations from the last 7 days

The Cult Of Trump

  • Jim Garlow claims that President Donald Trump is a man of good character: “What they do not understand is the depth of vile, vengeful and deceitful disdain that the Democratic/media/academic/Hollywood cabal (with some business and sports figures piling on as well) have for Trump. It is wicked. I am stunned he survives it every single day. Let’s be honest, you and I do not face what he does daily. We need a fighter. We have one. We need a disrupter. We have one. We need a wrecking ball. We have one. Mother Teresa is wonderful, but we do not need someone like her for our president right now. We desperately need a Churchill. We have one.
    • Trump is not Churchill. If you are looking for well-known UK leaders that are akin to Trump, then I’d suggest Lord Cardigan who led the charge of the light brigade. The stupidity of his decisions led to the inevitable outcome, they all died. Cardigan was immortalised for his stupidity by Tennyson’s poem. Reminder; the Trump battle cry of incompetence against COVID-19 has led to 236,000 dead so far, and that is not the final number.
  • Kat Kerr says that when President Donald Trump is reelected, God will give us 5 new sources of energy, the cure for cancer, and “inventions we never even dreamed of having.”
    • Anybody who actually believes any of that is a very special kind of stupid.
    • Second quip: her “when” turns out to be “never”.
  • Trump, Pence, and RNC Falsely Claim Vote Counting Is Attempt to Steal the Election
    • What Trump is claiming is that the Republican run administrations in various states are stealing votes to ensure their own defeat … and yes, there are indeed lots of people stupid enough to believe this.
    • As I’ve already observed, it is supposedly “suspicious” that most of the people who voted by mail did not vote for the guy who told all his supporters to not vote by mail.
  • George Pearsons Reports That God Is ‘Not Happy’ With What Is Happening to Trump in the Election
    • God says that George Pearson is an idiot and does not speak for him.

Demons and Devils

  • Bill Mitchell declares that “the Democrat Party has become satanic. … I do believe that the leadership of the Democrat Party worships and serves Satan as their Lord.
    • Fact Check: Most Democrat party members and leaders adhere to some variation of Christianity. Bill has nothing of substance to criticise them for so he simply makes stuff up and by doing so makes himself look like an idiot. Meanwhile, if you think Trump is Christian, then I have a bridge I would like to sell you.
  • Presidential spiritual adviser Paula White held a very impassioned prayer service in which she battled against the “demonic confederacies” that she says are attempting to steal the election from Trump.
    • She is very worried that she is about to loose her influence. It will greatly impact her ability to con lots of gullible people into sending her money. Her scam is that she promotes the idea that if you give God all your money (by sending it to her), then God will supposedly bless you.
    • It may also be worth noting that this supposedly “Godly” individual has been caught Fucking other well-known evangelists.

It is actually entertaining to watch and laugh at her babbling nonsense (literally, she is supposedly praying in tongues), so here you go, and yes, I have no idea who that guy is that is walking to and fro behind her looking very lost…

Folks who are not Biden fans

  • Everett Piper says that nobody can vote for Joe Biden because “Biden is a proven, habitual, unrepentant fraud and a pathological liar of the highest order. … Joe Biden’s behavior is not that of a goodly grandfather with a fading memory or that of a favorite uncle who spins a great yarn. No. Such shameless deceit is not the behavior of a decent man, but rather that of a devil, and God help us all if he becomes our president.
    • If Biden was doing Trump level dishonesty, Fox news would be playing it 24 x 7 … but Everett has nothing except claims but no evidence. That’s very much lesson 1 from the Trump playbook.
  • Sid Roth Warns That Those Who Vote for Biden Will Be Held Accountable by God
    • God says that anybody who actually voted for the idiot-in-chief is an idiot.
  • Jonathon Van Maren declares that “by every conceivable historical standard, Joe Biden is a radical. By the standard of twenty years ago, Joe Biden is a radical. And if he becomes president, we will discover that he is willing to unleash revolutionary forces — forces that will, in a cruel new America, become normal.

Vote counting

  • Michele Bachmann Declares God Has ‘Already Sealed the Results of This Election’ in Heaven … God “has sealed this election in the heavenlies, and we are going to be rejoicing very soon.
    • We are indeed rejoicing … about a Biden win. Clearly God has picked the right guy, just not the one that Bachmann had in mind.
  • Robert Henderson Asks God to Dispatch Angels to Prevent Democrats From Stealing the Election
    • This latest claim by this fraud will be as effective as his previous claim that angels would ensure that everybody voted for the idiot-in-chief.
  • Newt Gingrich says that Trump “should be prepared to file suit in every single state” to prevent the election from being “stolen by the Democrats.”
    • The only “crime” that Democrats are actually guilty of is simply not voting for the idiot-in-chief.
  • Since the election, Elizabeth Farah has been spending nearly 8 hours a day praying for President Donald Trump’s victory.
    • Clearly this has not exactly worked out all that well for her then.
  • Lou Engle is calling on God to “expose voter fraud” all over the country to secure Trump’s reelection.
    • Credible evidence so far – zero.

The Real Exposure of Frauds


Conspiracy claims

  • QAnon Supporters Win Seats in Congress, City Council 
    • It will be fascinating to see what happens when these folks stand inside political chambers and start spouting bullshit. It is in one sense perhaps symbolic. Even idiots within a representative democracy get to have a political voice.
  • Dave Daubenmire is floating a conspiracy theory that alleges that the current vote-counting controversies are all part of a “sting” operation set up by the Trump administration to expose rampant Democratic voter fraud.
    • Yep, somebody was indeed stupid enough to try and play a “false flag” claim for all this.
  • Mark Taylor claims to have been warned by a source that the deep state plans to start kidnapping “patriots who have a platform.”
    • If this worries you then permit me to point out that every single one of Mr Taylor’s predictions have been wrong. It is quite frankly very impressive for him to be able to maintain a track record of being 100% wrong all the time.

Truly Bizarre

  • David Barton asserted that Christians must always vote against LGBTQ issues because the Ten Commandments says “thou shall not commit adultery.”
    • This is pure gibberish, it makes no sense at all.

What other Idiots popped up last week?

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is good, some sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

MAGA Cultists …

  • MAGA Cultists Pray for “Righteousness” Outside Nevada Ballot Counting Facility
    • It will not change the votes that have been cast.
  • Christian “Prophetess” Kat Kerr: Trump Won by a “Landslide” If We Redefine “Landslide”
    • Yes, she keeps popping up this week. Clearly reality is a far and distant land for Kat
  • Pastor Curt Landry: Trump Will Still Win Because God Wouldn’t Want People Mocking Me
    • Biden has won. His failed assurances that God would ensure a Trump win means that it is now open season to mock him and all the others.

Meanwhile COVID-19 continues to ignore what people believe and just keeps rolling forward …

  • Pastor Rick Joyner, Who Said the U.S. Was Defeating COVID with Prayer, Has COVID
    • Is anybody surprised?
  • Pastor Who Blamed COVID on People Who “Committed Fornication” Dies of COVID
    • He died because of his own negligence, not because other people took off their pants.

And the winner of Idiot of the week is?

It should perhaps have been the guy who spent months telling his supporters that postal ballots are fraudulent and that they need to vote in person, then cites the lack of postal ballots voting for him as “evidence” of fraud.

However this then happened.

Yesterday the Trump team organised a Press Conference in the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. They screwed up and actually booked the Four Season Landscaping Company … a tiny shop in the outskirts of Philadelphia and had to follow through because invites had gone out.


Incompetence, or as is more credible, Trump tweeted about the press conference at the Four Seasons before they booked it, and when they tried to book it, the hotel said “Nope”. So rather than roll back the tweet, they scrambled around and found something named the Four Seasons – an obscure Garden shop.

Yes, they really are that stupid and totally screwed up … like everything else they get their hands on. As I mentioned above, this is a truly fitting place for the Trump Presidency to end, nestled between a porn store and a crematorium.

I’m a bit worried about going down to the local Garden centre now because the Trump administration might decide to hold a press conference in the car park.

Bonus Item – Election Insights

What has in been like when Trump’s fools turn up to “monitor” ballot counting?

Like this … (read the thread) …

A Few More Bonus Tweets

And the phrase “Big Boy Pants” goes mainstream …

OK, just one more important tip …

However, the Big finish – Biden / Harris Win

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