Top Grifters of the Week – 25 Oct 2020

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above cartoon this past week to highlight a truth …
Trump may not be responsible for the virus, but he is responsible for the federal non-response that has led to far more deaths than we should have suffered.… #Trump #Coronavirus #2020Election

Now that the election is imminent, the grifters are cranking their rhetoric up to eleven. They are well practised in the art of manipulation and deception, they have many decades of experience. Facts really don’t matter because emotional buttons are being vigorously pressed to ensure you vote the way they need you to vote and not because that actually have your best interests at heart.

Trump is no longer an unknown, we now have four years to look back upon to know what the next four years would actually bring if he was reelected. If you truly believe that he has done what he promised and brought real beneficial change then you have been successfully manipulated.

But look at the peace he brought to the Middle east“, some might quip. Er … no. Brush aside the claims and you will begin to realise that this new “peace” is an illusion. His deal has made things far worse, not better.

The rather stark illustration of his “skill” is closer to home. There are well over 225,000 citizens who are now dead because of his complete and utter incompetence. If tempted to vote for him, then hit pause and ponder on that raw fact.

Let’s take a look at some of the grifter highlights from the past week.

Proclamations from the last 7 days

The Cult Of Trump

  • Right-Wing Pastor Denise Goulet Declares That Trump Is the Apple of God’s Eye
    • The core of this specific apple is rotten and full of maggots, you would be well advised to not take another bite.
  • Laurie Cardoza-Moore is confident that Trump will be reelected because of his support for Israel: “I do not expect that he will lose. There is a blessing that comes [from] that.
    • Personally, I’m confident that he will not be re-elected. There really aren’t a sufficiently high number of stupid people.
  • Lance Wallnau likens Trump to a mafia boss, and he means it as a compliment: “It’s like dealing with Don Corleone: Everybody knows he’s going to keep his promise and you don’t want to break your word.
    • Nice metaphor you have there Lance, it would be a real shame if something were to happen to it.
  • Kenneth Copeland notes that just as God put Trump in the White House, the devil has put Muslims in Congress
    • How does he know this, and how can he be sure that it is not actually the other way around?
  • Hank Kunneman Claims Trump ‘Cried Out to God’ in the Hospital and Thereby Secured His Reelection
    • Hank is going to be ever so disappointed when Trump does not win.

The Election

COVID-19 denialism

Conspiracy claims

Truly Bizarre

  • Frank Amedia Warns That If Christians Don’t Vote, People Will Start Having Sex With Cows
    • Yes, he really is this stupid … should we be surprised? This is the same guy who claimed he resurrected an ant. He did suggest that a day is coming when … “somebody can marry a cow and have perverse sex with them“. I do have to wonder if the sex with the cow was not perverse, would he would be OK with that?
  • Rick Joyner declares that Janet Porter is “the William Wilberforce of our time.
    • Janet Porter served as a spokesperson for Roy Moore in his campaign. Is Rick claiming that Wilberforce hung out in malls and chased after teen girls when he was in his 30s?
  • Monica Cole of One Million Moms is upset about a new pro-LGBTQ ad from Oreo: “One Million Moms is concerned about how this would desensitize audiences, children, and adults by brainwashing them and glamorizing and normalizing this lifestyle choice.
    • One Million Moms is literally just Nutty Monica and a few of her friends. The Org name is a con.
  • Jesse Lee Peterson says that women being in positions of leadership is a sign of the End Times.
    • You know in your heart of hearts that this guy is not married.

What other Grifters popped up last week?

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is good, some sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

Trump …

  • Pro-Trump Christian Says, Without Irony, Sexual Purity Matters in Politics
    • The Dem candidate admitted he bonked a lady who was not his wife, hence his opponent tried to leverage this. In the age of Trump, finding one of his supporters playing this card has become meaningless and so the Dem candidate is still well ahead in the polls.
  • Donald Trump Attended a Las Vegas Church one week ago on Sunday That Ended Up Worshiping Him
    • No masks. No social distancing. Just pure MAGA. It really is a cult.

COVID-19 …

  • A Pentecostal Church in Maine Was Apparently the Site of a Major COVID Outbreak
    • This is really no longer a surprise because …(see next item)
  • Survey: White Evangelicals, Unlike Other Faith Groups, Don’t Care About COVID
    • Ignoring facts means in this case something rather dire when you hit the brick wall of reality.

Finally, we should also not forget that there are people who really do still have integrity …

  • Former Christian Post Editor: I Resigned After the Site Went All In for Trump
    • He wanted to criticise Trump, but was gagged, so he walked. What has now happened is that he has published at Arc Digital an insight into what happened. It is a long read … and wow, just wow. Unlike most evangelicals, this guy, Napp Nazworth, has emerged with his integrity and decency fully intact.

And the winner of Grifter of the week is?

Oh come now, you know the answer, it’s the guy with the secret bank account in China.

Bonus Items – Election tip

It is not just a vote for or against Covid-19, the other issue is of course climate change.

It is of course also about complete and utter incompetence. Do you want more of that or something better?

COVID-19 really did throw a spotlight upon the degree of incopentence and sadly it has cost many many lives …

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