The Cult of Fools – “The arrest of 300 million” – Jan 16, 2022

cult of fools
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Mike Lindell, a.k.a Mr. Pillow, has been pushing the big lie to such a degree that he has more or less become a parody of himself. I really thought that there was nothing he could now claim that would warrant opening one of my weekly postings with it.

Well hey, I was oh so very wrong about that.

Despite some very stiff competition, he rather obviously seeks to maintain his reigning crown as American’s conspiracy theory champion.

This past week he popped up to claim that he had enough evidence to convict 300 million Americans of Election Fraud.

You must admit that it is truly impressive that not even one of those 300 million people that were involved has leaked any information. Since the entire US population is about 331.8 million, I do wonder if those innocent 31.8 million will be enough to guard the other 300 million. Perhaps not because they are all under the age of 9. The entire adult population is 257 million, the rest don’t vote.

So what will you be doing once you have served your time?

I do also have to wonder what exactly is his plan. Build a prison wall around the entire US perhaps?

Well yes, I know, he probably misspoke. But even this daft slip of the tongue, crazy as it is, is as absurd as his foundational claim that he has actual “evidence” against anybody.

Moving on, below you will find my usual selection of some truly bizarre claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. With my usual hat tip to my main source, Right Wing Watch, let’s dive in.



Pastor Greg Locke is now turning against former President Donald Trump over the issue of vaccines, ripping Trump’s “arrogance” and declaring that if he doesn’t stop supporting “this vaccine nonsense, he is going to lose his voter base in the next coming election.

  • A choice between supporting either Trump or being Anti-vaccine. I honestly delight in the agony he and all the others now face with such a decision.

Justin Baragona @ The Daily Beast: Unhinged Candace Owens Pushes Vaccine Conspiracy About Bob Saget’s Death.

  • As a very loud anti-science anti-vaxxer, her claim is that Bob Saget may have suddenly died last week because he was vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Rather glaring flaw, the vaccines have been proven to be overwhelmingly safe and effective.
  • Bob was 65 and appears to have suffered a heart attack.
  • Remind me again about the medical degree that Candace has to make a diagnosis regarding a cause of death … oh wait that’s right, she has none and her evidence for her claim is exactly nothing.
  • Candace, on her regular Tuesday night TV show, claims that the media is “gaslighting the public” … er yes, yes indeed, that is correct Candace, it’s you on TV who is doing exactly that.

Zachary Petrizzo @ The Daily Beast: Glenn Beck Says He Has COVID Again and It’s Hit His Lungs—but He’s Taking Ivermectin.

  • At least he will now be free from worms.

Evangelical “Truth”

David Barton Misrepresents Charles Finney to Claim Political Involvement Is Key to Bringing About National Spiritual Revival

David Lane longs for the days when Christians were in “authority over public education as they were throughout the 17th-19th centuries” so that the Bible “would be front and center in every classroom in America.”

  • Ah yes, the happy jolly times that were enjoyed by many in the 17th century. Witch trials, hanging, superstition, slavery, and lots more fun stuff. Why oh why don’t people want to go back to all that, I really have no idea.

Today’s GOP

Jan 11: Brad Reed @ Raw Story: ‘I hate to use this language:’ Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests it’s time to use ‘Second Amendment’ on Democrats.

  • This is her, this is who she is. Remember it was not too long ago that she was supporting the execution of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  • To illustrate how disconnected she is from reality, she also asserts that various school shootings have been “false flag” operations and that 9/11 was faked. She also rejects the idea that climate change is real or that evolution actually happened.
  • There is a reason that her personal twitter account has been permanently banned.
  • This is the GOP today, she was the best they could find within her district to elect.

Jan 12: Andy Kroll @ Rolling Stone: The Billionaires Funding the Coup’s Brain Trust.

  • The reveal is that The Claremont Institute, once a little-known think tank often confused with the liberal-arts college of the same name, has emerged as a driving force in the conservative movement’s crusade to use bogus fraud claims about the 2020 election to rewrite voting laws and remake the election system in time for the 2022 midterms and 2024 presidential election. 
  • Who is funding it? – Via the tax records Andy reveals that it is the DeVoses of West Michigan, the Bradleys of Milwaukee, and the Scaifes of Pittsburgh

Ken Meyer @ Mediaite: RNC Announces They Will Ask Candidates to Not Participate in Presidential Debates.

  • Clearly they feel that their Presidential candidates are simply too embarassing to be let loose in front of the public

Truly Bizarre

Mike Spaulding proclaims that “the Democrat Party is a wholly-owned Satanic subsidiary of the Luciferian Globalists.

  • I’m actually intreagued with the concept of a “Satanic subsidiary”. Do these supposed “Luciferian Globalists” have lots of different types of subsidiarys, and if so, then does he have a list of all the different types?
  • Translation from Far-Right code to English: For the curious, anti-semites frequently appropriate the word “globalist” for Jews. Ben Zimmer lays that all out within an article in The Atlantic.

Scott Lively anticipates that “the elites” will “orchestrate a ‘Great Collapse’ of the global economy sometime during the next three months to break all remaining resistance to a follow-on ‘Great Reset’ in the Spring – which in spiritual terms could represent the launch (or pre-launch) of the prophesied Antichrist Kingdom and in cultural/political terms would represent the end of human liberty pending the Second Coming of Christ and His Millennial Kingdom.”

  • If I had a dollar for every failed “It is the end-times” prediction, I’d have more or less successfully grabbed the entire money supply.
  • Number of successfull “end-times” predictions? … Oh come now we are still here, exactly zero. It can of course be argued that in one sense they were right, because most of these “prophets” are now gone. For Harold Camping and the many others, it really was the end-times.

Conservative political commentator Bob Just has carved out a career for himself by claiming to be a Democrat so that he can appear on right-wing programs and bash Democrats. He did just that during a recent appearance on TheDove TV, but rather undercut his claim by admitting that he’s been “voting Republican for decades.”

  • It’s hilarious when they unintentionally tell on themselves.
  • It’s sort of akin to claiming to be a vegan who only eats meat.

Lance Wallnau says that people on the left are not “sane like us, they’re not rational like us,” while simultaneously complaining to a cardboard cutout of Mike Lindell about not receiving the MyPillow products he ordered for Christmas.

  • He is basically correct. We are indeed not “sane” like he is, nor are we “rational” like he is.

Brad Reed @ Raw Story: Sarah Palin accuses AOC of trying to ‘pound, pound, pound’ sex into Americans’ heads in bizarre rant.

  • Palin really is thrusting and pounding very hard here to make her point.

Laura Loomer appeared on a VDARE podcast, where she complained that “despite having international fame, I’m a lonely person” as a result of having been booted from just about every social media platform: “They try to make you a non-person so that people just forget about you.

  • Her loneliness is wholly self-inflicted.
  • She is so toxic that not only has she been booted from numerous social media platforms, but also has been banned by … Uber, Lyft, PayPal, and GoFundMe.
  • She has even managed to get herself tossed out of CPAC and also the Bitcoin 2021 conference.
  • Some collect stamps or baseball cards. She collects bans.
  • Least you wonder, there is a reason behind all this. She is a very extreme alt-right raging zealot, with a very strong emphases on the word “raging”.
  • That means she fits right in with today’s GOP and so she is the official Republician candidate for Florida’s 11th district this year. When she stood for Florida’s 21st congressional district, 2020 she lost by 20 points. Hat tip to the voters there who got that one right.

The Big Lie

A bunch of Christian nationalists gathered for “The Renewal” event Saturday. They kicked things off by giving an award to election conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell, who claimed that her top priorities are “God and the truth.”

  • “truth” is an undiscovered concept for these folks, I’m genuinely convinced that they don’t know what it means anymore.
  • With a large number of folks like this around, Dystophia is no longer a theme for a novel, it is now our daily reality.

The False Profit$

Self-Proclaimed ‘Prophet’ Jeff Jansen Goes Full QAnon

Robin Bullock attempts to use his spiritual authority to negate the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines: “In the name of Jesus, I call that serum null and void.”

  • It will be as effective as his magical incantitation has been in protecting those from COVID that have given their heart to their Lord and Saviour, Robin Bullock.

Steve Strang complains that his friend Jim Bakker was a “victim of cancel culture” just because he had “a little fling.”

Since we are on the topic of Jim, then let’s not forget to mention that this past week he claimed that “God has shown me there will be assassinations in the pulpits” and says that “some of the great people that I know believe that some of the recent deaths of preachers [have] been planned.

  • Rather a lot of the preachers who died have been the architects of their own demise. They rejected masks, they rejected vaccines, then they got COVID and died. There was indeed planning going on; it was all their own.
  • The correct term is not “assassination”, but instead is “suicide”.
  • There is no neferious plot, just gross stupidity and willful ignorance.
  • The rather fatal flaw is that viruses don’t check your beliefs, they just infect.
  • What is actually going on is rather obvious. As Jim says all this, the banner on the bottom of the screen is pleading for you to donate $100 and gives you the number to call to do that. So remember, if you have money to burn, then dial 1-800-I-AM-STUPID right now.
  • No doubt a special donation gets you buckets of anti-assassination freeze-dried cheese.

Self-proclaimed “prophet” Manuel Johnson claims that he heard a thundering message from God: “Biden, the blood is on your hands.” He doesn’t know what it means, but he knows that “God is holding this administration accountable.”

  • The reason he does not know what it means is because it did not come from a God, but instead is a rancid bit of word soup that dropped out of his arse.
  • Whenever you see the word “prophet” these days, just run … fast … and keep a tight hold on your wallet.
  • Meanwhile, if you feel the deep urge to be a prophet, then ask your doctor if Zyprexa is right for you.

Johnny Enlow sees prophetic significance in the results of the College Football National Championship game, particularly for former President Donald Trump.

  • To play that back so that you fully grasp it, Johnny is basically claiming that God rigs College Football National Championship games against the will of the players involved so that he can send secret messages that only Johnny can intrepret.
  • And yes, the correct reaction is indeed … WTF! – That remains generally true for everything Johnny ever says.

This week’s final quote

“Stupidity isn’t punishable by death. If it was, there would be a hell of a population drop.” 

Laurell K. Hamilton

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