The Cult of Fools (Nov 27, 2022) – “Thanksgiving with Nazis”

cult of fools
By bdk, CC BY-SA 3.0

It was Thanksgiving so Trump was of course volunteering in a soup kitchen. Oh wait no that’s not what he does … ever.

Instead, he was having dinner with Nazis …

In other bizarre right-wing news, Mike Lindell says ‘God willing,’ he will challenge Ronna McDaniel for RNC chair.

Elon also continues his efforts to morph Twitter into a right-wing cesspit of rampant disinformation …

We all have questions.

For example, how exactly is a poll of Russian porn bots “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” (the voice of the “people”)?

To put that another way, permit me to quote some famous usage of the latin phrase “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” …

Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.

And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.

letter from Alcuin to Charlemagne in 798

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s dive in.


More on Trump Buddy Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes

Here are a few reminders of what this guy is all about …

Rinse and repeat for lots more of the same.

No doubt at some point Elon will be giving him his Twitter account back. Personally, I’d be far happier if Elon could arrange for him to be one of the first one-way tickets to Mars.

As I pointed out last week, the issue with Nick is not simply that he sits in his moms basement spouting vile rhetoric online, but rather the observation that he gets support from notable right-wing politicians.

Oh, and let’s also not forget this …

The Trump house is now divided – It is glorious.

Scamvangelist James Robison now says that former President Donald Trump acts “like a little elementary schoolchild.” That is not what Robison was saying publicly when he was a sycophantic spiritual adviser to Trump in office.

  • These guys simply drift with the political tide in order to maximise their grifting. It is a good sign that some are now dumping Trump.

Ali Alexander and Laura Loomer trashed Trump’s 2024 announcement, saying that the speech “sucked” and the “the invite list looked like grifter central.

  • They should know, they are grifting experts.
  • The reason it looked like grifter central is because it was indeed grifter central. Ali and Laura are simply pissed that they did not get invited.
  • Grifters calling other people grifters is perhaps a well-established tradition
  • Translation: White supremacists want even whiter supremacists

Raw unadulterated Bigotry

Steve Deace warns that “the United States’ government is about to declare itself at war with the Kingdom of God” with the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act and that those who vote for it will go to Hell.

  • Steve is simply pissed that it will not be legal for him to impose his bigotry on others.

Christian Nationalism

Michele Bachmann Calls Christian Nationalism a ‘National Smear Campaign’ Against Christians

  • Her claim is that the term was made up to make people think of Nazis. “This is a made-up lie,” she said. “It’s what Satan does.”. In reality the term has been around for quite some time and accurately describes Christians who strive to impose their beliefs by law – for example the obliteration of Row v Wade.
  • Meanwhile she continues to promote the robustly debunked Christian Nationalist lie that Jan. 6 insurrection was a false flag planned by Trump’s opponents 


Florida Lawmaker: #1 way to stop mass shootings: make the King James Bible part of the core curriculum in K-12 education

  • I guess if you wrap yourself in enough bibles it may help to slow down some bullets.
  • Do you think we should tell him that King James was very very, did I mention very, gay. (I’m not making that up)
  • It’s not actually a new idea. Many have always believed that the best way to stop mass shootings is to ignore the First Amendment and force Christianity on people. I can only wonder how that stops mass shootings that happen in churches such as this one, or this one, or this one … and so rinse and repeat ad nauseam while they sit back content to literally sacrifice countless numbers of living breathing humans to appease the gun god.

Homophobia on Steroids

The Colorado shooter’s father upon learning that his son shot five people to death at a gay bar, says he is just relieved that his son isn’t gay.

  • Wrap your head around this – he is OK with his son being a mass murderer … but being gay, well that just crosses the line.
  • The term “fucked up” just does not truly encompass such thinking.
  • Don’t just condemn this guy, you need to also point your fingers at all the religious who have been stoking and nurturing hatred of innocent people.

This next item is an example …

Christian hate-preacher Aaron Thompson celebrated the mass shooting at Club Q, saying it’s a “good thing” the victims were murdered because it means “they’re not here anymore to molest kids.

  • The very best argument for Atheism and against Christianity is time and time again actual Christians.
  • Meanwhile, apparently for some the “Thou shalt not kill” commandment turns out to apparently be like traffic lights in Boston … just a suggestion that can happily be ignored.


Christian hate-preacher Jason Graber says anti-abortion conservatives are hypocrites unless they demand executions for abortion doctors and their patients. “Anybody that partakes in [abortion] should be put to death and all abortion doctors should be retroactively put to death.

  • This is apparently “Pro-Life”

Truly Bizarre

Breitbart News (yes really): Republicans will start every day in the new Congress with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said on Monday.

  • The kicker here is not the observation that Republicans plan to open the new Congress with a prayer and the pledge, but rather that Breitbart is reporting this as if it was something new and unique. For the past two and a half centuries Congress sessions have been opened with prayer, and for the past several decades, also the Pledge.
  • I can only conclude that Breitbart must consider their readers to be so incredibly stupid that they don’t know this. They are perhaps not wrong about that.

Almost nobody does hypocrisy as well as Fox can do it …

Eric Trump says Democrats are trying to get rid of religion, churches, pastors, and have declared war on the family unit, the American flag, patriotism, the Pledge of Allegiance, and ‘In God We Trust’ on currency.

  • Eric appears to be continuing his own personal war against reality and truth.
  • You need to be incredibly stupid to actually believe any of it … I guess that’s the demographic he is going for.
  • Do remind me again which church the Trump family attends … (Hint: none, unless of course there are cameras there to capture the moment he signs bibles for his disciples).

Kyle Rittenhouse is selling a video game for the holidays called, “Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot.

  • Cashing in on getting away with murder … I’m struggling here for something that encompasses both FFS and also WTAF.
  • I wish it was parody. I checked, it is real.

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Statistic of the week

The most powerful tool for recruiting Nones has been the behaviour of the religious …

Meanwhile …

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