The Cult of Fools – #GQP – Feb 7, 2021

The GOP elephant is on his deathbed.

This is the week in which we are seeing the GOP evolve into the GQP. Marjorie Taylor Greene the Q Rep in the House who has promoted violence towards others, and has also embraced utterly absurd claims, was booted off various committees. The vast majority of the GOP House Reps backed her up despite such views and so they have in effect aligned themselves with such thinking.

This was in many respects a decisive moment, an opportunity to put the Trump era behind them and return back to being the party they once were. Nope, they took a pass on that and went for more lunacy.

Actions have consequences.

Has any other insanity bubbled to the surface during this past week?

To demonstrate that it was never just Trump, below you will find a few samples that have popped up during the past week …

The Cult of Trump

  • Johnny Enlow declares that not only will Trump regain the White House, but the United States will experience a “mini Trump dynasty” because “at least two more Trumps” will be elected to office.
    • He also claimed that Trump won, yet reality has come knocking to advise that he was being delusional.
  • Hank Kunneman continues to declare that Donald Trump will be president because God “remembers 45, who stood and brought ‘Merry Christmas’ and the honor of our Lord back to our nation.”
    • We all do indeed remember the “honour” that IQ45 brought to the nation. We all truly felt deeply “Honoured” by the utterly corrupt pussy-grabber-in-chief, Mr two Corinthians, being hailed as a messiah by the vast majority of evangelicals. They will forever after be remembered for this complete and total ethical failure.


Election Fraud Claims

  • Despite the fact that Job Biden is now president, Kat Kerr is standing by her prophecy that a “landslide” of voter fraud will be exposed that will result in Donald Trump remaining in the White House: “If you haven’t seen it yet, it hasn’t happened yet.”
    • Reality is indeed a rather elusive concept for Kat.

Biden Fan Club

  • Larry Tomczak says that Christians must pray that God will bring down Biden’s evil administration and can never pray “for blessing and favor upon this new administration.”
    • His prayers will be as effective as his other prayers asking for Trump to win.
  • Robin Bullock claims to have been told by God that “Joe Biden will not be president.” Therefore, he says, it is impossible to “pray for President Joe Biden because he doesn’t exist.”
    • He is claiming that God told him that what has actually happened did not happen. How exactly does that work?


  • Dave Daubenmire asserts that “a real Christian” could never have voted for Biden.
    • I have honestly no idea what “real Christian” means. There is a vast diversity of often conflicting beliefs under the umbrella “Christian”. Each sincerely believe that all the others are “Fake” and that only they are “real”.
  • Scott Lively Thinks Kamala Harris May Be the Whore of Babylon and Barack Obama the Antichrist
    • The Antichrist is supposed to be an end-times guy. Obama has been and gone, and we are all still here, so how does that all work then?
  • Mat Staver told his radio audience that by impeaching former president Donald Trump, the Democrats are really “impeaching you.”
    • er no … they are simply impeaching Trump.
  • The American Family Association is demanding that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez be censured for accusing Sen. Ted Cruz of trying to get her killed during the MAGA insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6.
  • Mike Lindell announced that he’ll be releasing a three-hour documentary this week that he claims will explain how voter fraud was allegedly committed to steal the election from Trump: “It’ll be the most important documentary you ever watch in history.”
    • If 60 court cases failed to provide any evidence, I’d really not hold your breath waiting for Mr Pillow to have anything credible.
    • In fact he did release it on Friday, and it is everything you would expect, except it is actually worse than that. Others have taken the hit for the team and reviewed it, and yes, it really is a big pile of nonsense. (I’ll leave it to your imagination to work out which word I really wanted to write in that last sentence instead of “nonsense”).
    • It also comes with a disclaimer when broadcast on OAN … (They can clearly see the litigation risk here. When you promote Conspiracy theories that libel billion dollar corporations in a big way, then there really will be legal consequences). OAN may still face litigation anyway.

False Profit$

  • Robert Henderson doesn’t understand why so many people have “their panties in a wad” over the fact that multiple “prophets” falsely prophesied that Trump would remain president: “That’s just one little piece of prophesying. In fact, I would say it’s a minor piece.”
    • He is basically confirming that he and many others are indeed false prophets. It is a surprising stance to take, given the observation is that the biblical standard is that you have to be 100% right and if you are not then you need to die.

Tweets – Laughter and Mockery really is the best response

If you think calling them the GQP is too outlandish, then hit pause and remember that many of them now deem Liz Cheney to be far too left wing.

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