The Cult of Fools (Dec 25, 2022) – “Referring Trump for Criminal Prosecution”

cult of fools
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The evidence is there and it is solid. In addition to referring Trump for Criminal Prosecution, the final public meeting of the Jan 6 committee released their report. If the DOJ refuse to follow up then it sends a clear message that the law does not apply to the 1%

Exactly why the Jan 6 Committee took the stance they did is clearly laid out within their summary. Of note is that almost all the evidence came from Republicans who mostly willingly testified under oath regarding the facts.

The full report can be found here.

Some of the responses are the inevitable bizarre rants that are not in any way anchored to reality. Via RWW, here are some gems I quote mined from here

  • Far-right activist Ali Alexander, who was a leader of the so-called “Stop the Steal” effort to overturn the 2020 election and keep Trump in power, called the committee’s criminal referrals “a coup against the voters.” – Yes, this is the same guy who recently claimed he could time travel.
  • Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Jeremy Carl suggested that the threat to democracy was somehow not Trump’s effort to overthrow the election or the violent effort to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, but the committee’s investigation.
  • Former Trump attorney and self-styled “America’s lawyer” Jenna Ellis claimed, “It’s all a political pretext with zero basis in fact or law”—a ridiculous statement given the committee’s meticulous gathering of evidence, including testimony from many Trump administration officials.
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene dismissed the House committee as “communist.”
  • Pizzagate promoter Jack Posobiec greeted the conclusion of the committee’s final public meeting with a message on Telegram: “Bring it, demons.” Posobiec didn’t pass up the chance to raise money, urging his readers Monday night to buy Christmas presents from MyPillow using a code that would presumably give Posobiec a cut: “Jan 6 wasn’t an insurrection to overthrow the govt but promocode Poso is an insurrection to overthrow prices this Christmas!”

Clearly the above are quite determined to attempt to corner the market in pure stupidity.

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s dive in.


Christian Nationalism

Steve Franssen declares that “Christianity is the only actual religion. Islam and Judaism are government takeover schemes.

  • There are literally tens of thousands of distinctly different variations of Christianity, most of which will advise you that all the others are wrong … enquiring minds wish to know which specific variation he has in mind as the “actual” one.

WTAF items …

Pastor Dale Partridge tweet (Dec 20): “We live in a society (and church) that’s afraid to correct women. And when you have uncorrected women, you get nasty women. Like men, women need to know what is proper and improper behavior (according to Scripture). Sadly, this knowledge seems to be absent from our culture.

  • Just be grateful that you are not part of Dale’s cult.
  • We actually live in a society (and church) that’s afraid to tell pastors such as Dale to F*ck off, that’s why we get nasty pastors like Dale.
  • Reminder: According to the Bible, women, roughly 50% of the population, should be silent. Dale no doubt takes that literally in all circumstances.

So this also happened …


Far-right activist Jon Miller is certainly not shy about expressing his virulent misogyny: “Beating women is about as American as apple pie.

  • I’m not all that sure that his dating methodology is going to work out all that well for him.

Hitler … Again

Nick Fuentes is fed up with all the cowards who keep whining that they don’t like Hitler: “Well, I do, and I’m tired of pretending I don’t.

  • To be honest, he really sucked at “pretending”, if he was in the closet about this then he truly failed.
  • Reminder: This is the guy Trump invited to dinner a few weeks back. Trump is quoted as saying how wonderful he was by Ye.

Political Shenanigans

So yes, they actually had the gall to complain about the problem that they themselves created and then refused to resolve …

Truly Bizarre

Ali Alexander makes a promise: “The Luciferians, Masons, Deep State, Establishment, and Media stole everything from me two years ago. We are going to break them. All.

  • So I googled Luciferians and this is what I found … “followers of the fourth-century bishop Lucifer of Cagliari, who separated from the orthodox churches because they would not go as far as he did in opposing the Arians” … I had honestly no idea that these guys from the fourth century went after Ali. I guess that’s what happens when you time travel, as he claimed a few weeks ago.

Dalton Clodfelter thinks he should be able to run for president at the age of 22 because “most of the people who signed the Constitution were of the ages between 18 and 26.

  • You can most probably guess this next bit … but … (insert drum roll here) … he’s totally wrong.
  • I guess at some point there were indeed all aged between 18 and 26. Unfortunately for him that was not the point in time when they signed the constitution.

Dalton Clodfelter declares that the phrase “‘Happy Holidays’ is satanic Jewish bull shit.

  • Not just “Satanic”, but that extra special form of “Satanic” called “Satanic Jewish”. This literally medieval anti-Semitic trope is so old that he must have deployed the services of an archeologist to dig it up.
  • Given the observation that Mr Clodfelter is a well-established fascist, I’m not all that convinced that his ability to identify what is and is not evil is credible, especially when he fails to detect it every time he looks in a mirror.

Republican Representative-Elect Anna Paulina Luna claims that “George Washington was visited by an angel” who revealed the future and warned him of communism.

  • There is actually a Snopes article on this one from 2002: You can of course correctly guess that the claim is BS. The actual origin was political fiction created during the US Civil War and was designed to manipulate people to the cause.
  • Clearly Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene now have a new incoming nutty friend.

The False Profit$

Michael Flynn grew irritated when self-proclaimed “prophet”/QAnon conspiracy theorist Johnny Enlow tried to get him to talk about Q: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I mean, I know what this whole Q thing is; I think it’s sheer nonsense.”

  • It says a great deal when a “prophet” makes a far-right nutter like Flynn look sane.

MAGA pastor Shane Vaugn is very happy about funding former President Donald Trump’s latest grift: “For those who thought the TRUMP CARDS were stupid — -think again – He made 4.5 MILLION in 10 hours only a genius could do that — HE MADE THE MONEY to FIGHT BACK !!!!! and yes $100 of that came from ME !!!!!

  • A good con artist is gifted enough to be able to scam people in such a way that they are utterly oblivious to the fact that they have been scammed.

Self-proclaimed “prophet” and QAnon conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor is now targeting Kenneth Copeland and his Victory Channel network with conspiracy theories.

  • Honestly, this is literally the time to crack open the popcorn and sit back to enjoy the show as the grifters proceed to rip each other apart.
  • For this battle we should send supplies to both sides to ensure that they keep at it. If you check out what Mr Taylor claims, you will find Olympic class mental gymnastics on display.

Jim Bakker, yes he is still alive, asserts that “this global warming business is anti-God” and claims that God told him that “a lot of people are not going to accept the signs of the Second Coming [and] that the Rapture is near because they’re gonna call it global warming problems.”

Interesting Articles

Just two insightful articles to point at this time …

Statistic of the week

It is interesting that Evangelicals latched on the Trump because they felt he would help grow their grip on political clout.

The reality is that he greatly damaged their brand in a very measurable way …

Last Week Tonight – Talking Trash

This one is a bit off topic. Given the date we need something extra, just a bit of fun to enjoy.

Yes they are still on vacation, but John popped up on Dec 19th this past week with the clip below.

Even between broadcasts he often pops out bits to keep us going. He does indeed have a gift for finding some of the weirdest sh*t on which to spend HBO’s money.

You will not guess how this pans out …

This past week also saw proof that the Nothing Burger is real

Somebody realised you could literally order a Nothing Burger and ordered it …

So yes, you want to know what happened.

The store sent a message saying that they were confused. He just ignored that.

They then proceeded to deliver exactly what he had ordered …

… and there you have it, confirmation that in the good old USA the Nothing Burger is literally real and can indeed be successfully ordered.

Update: Good News Item; This happened

Meanwhile …

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