The Cult of Fools – 31 Jan 2021

The week has in many ways been different. No longer are we getting alerts regarding the latest shit-storm stirred up by Trump. His voice is gone, and the Twitter silence is a joy. We have not had to listen to him spout nonsense. That truly is something to celebrate.

Has any other insanity bubbled to the surface during this past week?

To demonstrate that it was never just Trump, below you will find a few samples that have popped up during the past week …

The Cult of Trump

  • Greg Locke declares that President Joe Biden is a liar, an imposter, and a false prophet whose presidency is “demonic and false.”
    • Greg is simply pissed that his preferred candidate, corrupt IQ45, did not get reelected. He predicted that the idiot-in-chief would have a second term, so reality is rather triggering for him these days.
  • Scott Lively Says Trump Was Too Pro-Gay, So God Removed Him From Office
    • The deep irony here is that Scott also promoted the claim that the election was stolen. So which is it, did God cause Trump to loose … or … was the election stolen? These are mutually exclusive claims.
    • The truth is neither. God did not vote, the majority voted against Trump. That is why he lost. Truth and honesty are clearly concepts that Scott is unfamiliar with.
  • Johnny Enlow Says Trump Is ‘Recognized From Heaven’ as the ‘Primary Government Leader of Planet Earth’
    • One can only wonder if he means aliens or god. Either way, his tin foil hat still looks quite well on him.
  • National Association of Rural Landowners has “created not only a special Medal of Freedom for Donald Trump, but a framed certificate to go along with the medal” in recognition of “his many accomplishments for America and the American people.”
    • Try this: name just one truly meaningful positive accomplishment, one that betters the lives of the people, and does not involve making the rich richer by taking from the poor.
  • Lance Wallnau Says Biden Is an ‘Illegal Counterfeit” Because God’s Anointing Remains on Trump
    • Lance thinks Trump is a religious messiah, akin to the second coming … except in this case there is no second coming.

It is inevitable that Biden has a Fan Club

  • Tom Gilson argues that when it comes to the issue of character, Biden is no better than Donald Trump: “Biden seems better than Trump. He’s smoother. More publicly gracious. Nicer, even. It’s all cover-up, thought, which makes even his very kind demeanor just another miserable lie all its own. Biden’s character seems better than Trump’s because he’s better at the decency act, and he’s got a more supporting context in which to play his pretense. Don’t let him fool you. The presidency hasn’t stepped up in character this week. Not one bit.
  • Liz Crokin declares that Biden’s presidency is “fake” and urges everyone to continue to trust QAnon because “it would be a shame for you to be on the wrong side” when “the plan” finally unfolds.
    • Liz is very clearly on the wrong side of the line that marks the border between reality and fantasy.
  • Janet Porter declares that she will never recognize Joe Biden as president: “He is an imposter. He is someone who has, I believe, committed treason.

Election Fraud Claims

  • Cathie Adams praises Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley for objecting to Biden’s electoral certification because of supposed voter fraud: “I think anyone who does not want to see the evidence, then they are not interested in election integrity, and those people are the problem.
    • Her claim regarding electoral fraud really is fraudulent.


  • Josh Bernstein (not the explorer, the talk show host) proclaims that he is “never wrong”: “I’m not bragging, but I have a track record, and I’m not wrong.
    • Regarding his claim that he is never wrong … yep, you guessed it, he is wrong. He is in fact so wrong that he has been banned from YouTube.
  • Rep. Louie Gohmert says that Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants House members to be left “defenseless and helpless,” which is why she installed metal detectors in the wake of the MAGA insurrection at the Capitol.
    • Nutters bringing guns to the floor of the house … what could possibly go wrong?
  • Kat Kerr claims to have gone to the future where she saw the media being forced to admit that there was massive voter fraud and Donald Trump actually won the election and will be president for another term: “This is something that will happen.”
    • Every single thing she has ever predicted has been wrong. She clearly wishes to maintain that track record.
  • Jack Cashill calls on Congress to impeach former first lady Michelle Obama for her “incitement to violence” stemming from the time she went to Target incognito.
    • Even Other nutters think Jack is truly crazy.
  • Eric Metaxas once again says that if you want to know what things were like in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, you only have to look at what is happening to MyPillow’s Mike Lindell today, who has been banned from Twitter and whose products several stores have stopped carrying.
    • I hate to be a tad picky, but I think what is happening to Mr Pillow just might have something to do with his obsession with spreading baseless right-wing conspiracy theories about the election. He has in effect rendered himself utterly toxic.
    • Meanwhile, since Greg has played the Nazi card, I hereby invoke Godwin’s Law.
  • March For Trump Pastor Brian Gibson Says Leftists Are Using the Capitol Insurrection as Excuse to Persecute Christians
    • The issue was never their religious beliefs, it was their deadly actions. Five people died.

False Profit$

  • Hank Kunneman Says God Hates Those Who Call Him a False Prophet for Falsely Prophesying Trump’s Reelection
    • The guy who lied to you is once again lying to you. Paint me unsurprised.
  • Mark Taylor is standing by his prophecy that Donald Trump would win the election because he claims to have a book full of prophecies that can’t come true until Trump serves a second term.
    • Reality is receding further and further into the distance of his wingnut mirror as he pushes deeper into his fantasy.
  • Mario Murillo says the “prophets” who said that Trump would win the election were right and that he “won by a landslide,” but then “lukewarm” Christians failed to “rally around Trump” and the prophecy failed.
    • I guess the “lukewarm” Christians got tired of the rapidly rising body count, incompetence and corruption.
  • Mike Bickle warns that “darkness is escalating on this earth at a rapid rate. Many are trying to cast the Word of God out of society. They see the word of God as bondage. They want to make it a crime against the state for your children not to learn about the transgender agenda. There will be criminal penalties, sanctions and censorship, like what’s going on with MyPillow’s Mike Lindell, for example. But it’s going to go far beyond that.” But he says that Christians can take solace in knowing that “God is sitting up in the heavens and laughing at their defiance.
    • Translation: His right-wing religious authoritarian agenda has been scuppered.
    • Side Note: Mr Pillow’s problems and wholly self-inflicted.
    • Addendum: The laughter he is hearing from above is God laughing at him, not with him.

Fools of the Week – Rejoice Christian School in Oklahoma

They just expelled an 8 year old.

What happened is that the girl, Chloe, told another girl in school that she liked her. Remember now, she is 8.

“[Chloe] said the vice principal sat her down and says the bible says you can only marry a man and have children with a man,” Shelton said. “My daughter was crying saying ‘Does God still love me?’”

Fox23 News has the details.

There is a bit more to this.

Her harmless playground comment led administrators to have a Serious Discussion with her mother — and it was the mother’s response that was the tipping point. She said the vice principal asked her how she felt about “girls liking girls,” and Delanie said she was okay with it. 

Wrong answer.

So the school expelled Chloe and her 5 year old brother. Their “crime” is that their parents are not raging homophobes.

The school didn’t have to go full bigot. They chose to because they’re just horrible people who think their belief in Jesus absolves them of needing basic human decency. 

Sometimes reality is a wakeup call

Trust the Plan? QAnon Conspiracy Theorist DeAnna Lorraine Is Having Doubts

Lorraine, who was an ardent Trump cultist from early on, used her livestreamWednesday night to voice her doubts about QAnon and the rationality of continuing to blindly trust a plan that has failed to accomplish anything or produce a single bit of evidence to prove that it is real.

“I, for one, I’m sick of just looking at clues and taking guesses and kind of following down a rabbit hole where it leads to nothing, and there’s just a lot of broken promises that are not delivered,” Lorraine said. “A patriot doesn’t blindly follow a plan. … We shouldn’t be blindly following anything or anyone, especially when there’s no evidence for that plan ever materializing. Every time that this plan was supposed to happen, or Trump was supposedly playing 5-D chess and supposedly setting traps or about to do this, at no point in the last four years has that trap ever been closed, has the chess move ever been checkmated by Trump. None of these hopes and ideas have ever been fulfilled. Not one. So, a smart person looks at the evidence, looks at historical evidence, looks at a track record, and doesn’t keep doing or wishing [for] something that has no evidence for it being able to materialize.”

She is not alone. The four years of winter really is over, and the signs of spring are emerging.

Tweets – Laughter and Mockery really is the best response

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