Speaking in Tongues – The real story

As proof that ‘God’ has poured out his spirit, there is a manifestation known as “Speaking in Tongues”. Those seeing it for the first time sometimes find it to be a bit creepy or bizarre, especially if they don’t know what is going on. It usually happens during times of open prayer within Pentecostal churches or other similar types of groups with a Charismatic leaning. Sometimes one individual will appear to loudly break out into a prayer or song in what sounds like a foreign language, but not any language ever heard before. There is also a variation in which the entire group will all do this together; except of course for those not in the know or not ‘gifted’ yet.

Normally when considering religion, concepts such as “spirit” are vague, immeasurable and meaningless, but here is something solid that we can actually measure and determine if there is anything significant happening. Over the years there has been a lot of serious independent scientific research of this specific practise. One very good example is the long and detailed study carried out back in the early 1970’s by the famous Professor of Linguistics, William J Samarin. From all around the world he gathered and recorded many samples of “Speaking in Tongues”. All this data was then put through an extensive analysis over a period of five years. His conclusions were as follows:

  • While speaking in tongues does appear at first to resemble human language, that was only on the surface.
  • The actual stream of speech was not organised and there was no existing relationship between units of speech and concepts.
  • The speakers might believe it to be a real language, but it was totally meaningless

[Samarin, William J. (1972). Tongues of Men and Angels: The Religious Language of Pentecostalism. New York: Macmillan]

Note that this is not just a blog opinion, its peer reviewed research carried out over many years by a highly qualified open-minded linguist. Speaking-in-tongues is nothing but empty babbling by devoted believers who have deluded themselves into thinking it to be a sign of the Holy Spirit. I should know; I used to be a practitioner myself at one time and truly did believe in the reality of it, but realise now that I was motivated by my desire to blend in and was only fooling myself.

If you dig a bit deeper and consider the history of it all, you find that the modern practise as we see it today is not all that old, it dates back to about 1906 in Los Angeles. Having first started in a revival there, it has since then spread in a viral like manner both geographically around the globe, and also chronologically on to each successive generation. Modern practitioners claim that what they are doing is exactly the same as the experience described within the Book of Acts (2:1-13), however one huge discrepancy is that the story within Book of Acts describes recognised languages from all around the Roman Empire being spoken. In stark contrast, nobody understands the modern mindless babbling.

What is even more fascinating is that the modern manifestation is a lot more widespread then most might appreciate. Other non-Christian religious groups also practise it. Felicitas Goodman, a Hungarian anthropologist compared it with recordings of rituals from Japan, Indonesia, Africa and Borneo and concluded that there was no distinction, it truly is universal and quite easily crosses religious divides. [Goodman, Felicitas D. (1972). Speaking in Tongues: A Cross-Cultural Study in Glossolalia. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.]

Finally, just to prove the point that there is no sky-magic involved and that this is just a learned behaviour, there was a study carried out with a group of 60 non-believing undergraduates. 20% could accomplish it after listening to only a 60 second sample and about 70% could succeed with some moderate training. [Spanos, Nicholas P.; Cross, Wendy P.; Lepage, Mark; Coristine, Marjorie (February 1986). “Glossolalia as learned behavior: An experimental demonstration”. Journal of Abnormal Psychology 95]

The Bible states in 1 Cor 14.22 that “tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not”. Well, this non-believer hasnow weighed and measured it all and found it to be mindless babbling. The only sign that this gives is that the believers who practise this are delusional. (I include my past self in that last sentence).

If you are still a believer, and are starting to have doubts, then you might be interested in chatting with me to understand why I am not longer a believer (I promise a friendly discussion) – contact me at skeptic [at] skeptical-science.com (forgive the cryptic email, its to avoid the bots auto- scraping the email address and spamming me)

To those who still believe and have reached here with the, “But I know its real” thought still intact; well, that’s exactly how I felt. What you have to realise is that you are in the grip of a very powerful psychological trick. Before you move on, pause and carefully consider what you have read; I’m not presenting you with an alternative opinion, but rather with hard solid scientific proof that it is not real.

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  1. Your proof of healings are they documented with doctors details and X-rays before and after the healing? If so could we have the records.

    • Please feel free to contact the people on this link. http://www.trf.org.au/healing.asp. The first guy on the list was healed of blindness. He lives in Perth. Go to the Perth contact number. I hope that is not too hard for you because no I don’t hold people’s personal medical documents duh! But I offered you contact phone numbers for you atheist geniuses to follow up.

    • Hi Marchello

      Why you so quick to call people atheist ? Did atheists in the bible not do miraculous miracles ? DID YOU KNOW today there are atheists also healing people and performing miracles ?

      If I had written a whole lot of miracles that happened to people, would you believe me ? If I told you that a family member could not have babies but after 17 years the wife conceived ?

      I quote “Phil sought the Lord for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. He recalls this moment. “I opened my mouth and this language poured out and I didn’t want to stop; it was as if all the rottenness of my past life was being drained from me.” INFILLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IS AT SALVATION? WAS PHIL NOT SAVED ?



      • Hello again Mario

        It’s good to see you have whittled down your questions from over 40 down to 11. lol

        As I said before it’s clear you already have YOUR answers formulated. Perhaps you are an Adventist? Maybe a Cessationist?

        But to answer your last two questions.

        Nowhere in the Bible does it say that tongues are used for healing. (not sure where you got that from).

        And yes ‘the gift of languages’ is still a sign for unbelievers. And shock horror! The Apostle Paul lists OTHER uses for this great gift in 1 Corinthians 14, which you should be well versed in by now. lol

        Gregory of Nazianzus (c. 329–390): “They spoke with foreign tongues, and not those of their native land; and the wonder was great, a language spoken by those who had not learned it. And the sign is to them that believe not, and not to them that believe, that it may be an accusation of the unbelievers, as it is written, ‘“With other tongues and other lips will I speak unto this people, and not even so will they listen to Me” says the Lord’” (The Oration on Pentecost, 15–17).


        The day of Pentecost had a number of amazing miracles take place not just speaking in foreign languages. And when/if you understand its full implications you will rejoice in the great G-d who has engineered this planet, the words of the prophets, the coming of Christ, His gospel message of salvation and the eternities to come.

    • There are actually. They scanned brain images during normal prayer and the frontal part that enables us to form our language is high in activity when they scanned images of the same man praying in tongues the activity of that area was significantly lower . It leads one to believe it’s confirming that the thoughts and language are NOT coming from our own minds but from the spirit ! There’s that link for ya http://youtu.be/NZbQBajYnEc

  2. Dude me, my brother and my best friend went to summer camp “camp pearl wheat in Texas,sponsored by a local non specific Christian church.
    One evening the camp assembled with candles out in a clearung the woods. After hours of repetitive prayers and frenzied singing and hands raised, an uncontrollable sort of gobblygook incantations resonated from all of us.
    It felt like going down a steep hill on a bike
    The exponential speed of the sounds and the loss of the ability to control was overwhelming.
    And upon retiring later to our beds we were told we had recieved the holy ghost and we’re speaking in tongues. I believe that we are all mas hypnotized in some sort of freaky epiglottiial incidence.
    It squeegeed my 3rd eye for real.

    • Repetitive chanting, frenzied singing, hands in the air… oh my goodness maybe you were at a rock concert you poor thing! I suppose everyone chooses which ‘god’ they will worship. The big difference at the Christian event I suppose would be no drugs, booze, no arguments, fighting, bashing, stabbings, glassing, vomiting, no overdosing, no deaths, no pressure for sex, drunk sex, rape, gang rape (unwanted pregnancy/abortions/ unwanted-unloved kids) sexually transmitted diseases, nudity, passing out, pissing on themselves, psychotic episodes, etc, etc which I take from your post would be totally acceptable.

      • Marchello,
        Your response to Jess Issa’s comment was weird enough for me to determine I will decline your request to communicate in private.
        Sharon Browning

        • I was simply saying that the Christian lifestyle or Christian events are rarely as outrageous or ‘freaky’ compared to those of the secular world. Maybe it dripped with too much sarcasm. If it was too weird for you, that’s fine.

          • Marchello,
            How typical it is for Christians to think their lifestyles and associated activities are superior to the secular world. Demonizing the term: secular, is a popular method used by leadership to create a sense of sanctification, which means to be set apart for a special purpose. The bible is full of verses that tempt the believer to judge, while contradicting itself, then schooling believers not to judge others. The evangelicals and comparitively their Muslim extremist counterparts, are the most avid users of this delusional faith based nativism. It’s sold as true reality to recruit followers.
            I know you’ve had a transformative experience. But, all you have is faith and personally perceived evidence you can’t really prove to someone who would judge you. You can be a better boy now, but there are millions of non-believers who demonstrate good values and behavior without needing transformative rescue from BibleGod/Jesus.
            Using faith based interpretations of biblical doctrine against others like: Jesus is the only way to the Father, to be saved, to access eternal life, in order to devalue the good an unbeliever strives for is poop.
            Believers actually have nothing but their faith, there is no decent evidence. Confidence is not evidence.
            “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” That’s code for- no evidence.

            When it comes to a standard of evidence that Jesus had in mind, it went like this:
            John 14: 11-14

            “11Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. 12Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.”

            Now that would make some nice evidence of believers would perform to the standard Jesus set. History would be totally different after a couple thousand years of Jesus doing what He said He would do.

            Secular is neither evil or wrong.
            Faith is no guarantee for truth.
            Sharon Browning

            • Sharon, you do not share the Christian faith so for you the secular world and its ethics and lifestyles are acceptable. That is your opinion. Maybe read a newspaper sometime.

              But even without faith in the supernatural, Christian ethics and lifestyles are FAR SUPERIOR (did you get the emphasis) than ALL OTHER LIFESTYLES!

              Read the following and tell me I’m wrong (although they’re not my words).

              Romans 12

              9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. 11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. 12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. 13 Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

              14 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. 16 Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position.[c] Do not be conceited.

              17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[d] says the Lord. 20 On the contrary:

              “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
              if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
              In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”[e]

              21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

              Our society would be 1000 percent better if people could just follow these principles. And there are many similar Bible passages that encourage the human to be moral, honest and loving. You only need to look at the social problems of Western society to see that humans need this gospel. As my first post noted: drugs, booze, violence, STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, are rife in the teenage world and do you really DARE tell me the secular world’s ethics are okay?

              Sharon, a few kids getting together in the bush (I’m an Aussie) singing and praying in tongues and being encouraged to follow these ethics is hardly an evil thing.

              But guess what Sharon? At the exact hour that the Holy Ghost was poured upon the believers and they spoke in tongues, the crowd gathered and some people INSTANTLY STARTED MOCKING IT saying they were drunk! So your disbelief and disparaging comments are nothing new.

              JUDE 18 …“In the last times there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires.” 19 These are the people who divide you, who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit.”

              • Marchello, I don’t need preaching to.
                I need BibleGod to become a real God according to His own Word’s promises. I need BibleJesus to do what He promised.
                The BibleDeities need to communicate with and lift believers in real-time. Our lives are too stinking short for Their antics.
                I’m done, with nurturing a faith based delusion, and done with unfriendly user manuals, and done with idiosyncratic religulous sects.
                I am no longer expecting Them to do anything, because They never do.
                Lol, I predict: you will think something is wrong with me, or something happened to cause me to lose faith. Heheheh
                Nothing is ever BibleGod’s fault.

                • Sharon I find YOU hard to believe! lol Can you honestly say that in your church hopping you didn’t meet ONE person who had a verifiable miracle/healing, or had an irrefutable, naturally impossible answer to prayer? We would easily have 10 people in our Pentecostal fellowship who could supply MEDICAL PROOF that they were miraculously healed in the name of Bible Jesus. I can give you their phone numbers if you think I’m full of it! Come on you keyboard warrior… I dare you!

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that the purpose of speaking in tongues at Pentecost was to witness to foreigners in their on tongue. Acts 2:1-6

    • I’m someone who has spoken in Tongues and interpreted 18 years and been excommunicated for divorce in the Open Brethren Church….Tongues is Heaven’s Morse Code..if it’s for you you”ll understand it if its not for you , you wont..or its Demonic. If you think you should speak in Tongues than you should continue to think that way. Does a person who speaks in Tongues have more rights in Heaven than someone doesn’t ? No……Speaking in Tongues means you have become a Spiritual Toddler….that’s it. And when you speak in Tongues you have Revelation , the term Being saved is actually a lie….There’s no professing a faith in Jesus that makes you saved or not saved..Christians haven’t talked to me in 8 years! and I’m not a proclaiming Christian any more……But I have glorious encounters with the Holy Spirit. 2 Corinthians 3:6 Jeremiah 31 :34 given by the Holy Spirit. hope that helps

  4. I have always been able to speak in a sort of language which doesn’t have a meaning- which I guess is glossolalia. I don’t see it as a spiritual thing, more a party trick. It is a very different thing to speaking in a real language, as I feel like I have temporarily and voluntarily “disconnected” the part of my speech process responsible for adding meaning. It is quite fun to do.

  5. Interesting blog. I have heard people speak in tongues, but never believed it being a true or understandable language. Although speaking in tongues may have psychological power, a placebo of sorts as people seem to be comforted in both speaking it and afterwords, it’s nothing more than a creative way to explain or at least deal with whatever issues the believer is experiencing. Many people who suddenly are able to speak in tongues seem to be looking for answers, and I don’t think this is a coincidence. They see this as truly spiritual. I see it as a form of catharsis as the mind is concentrating on……nothing. With the exception of actually speaking, i.e. making unintelligible sounds, the mind is basically empty of thought, of stress and issues one may be dealing with. Some say this is a spiritual event, however, meditation can have the same comforting and spiritual result. The mind is a very complex organ and many experts believe they know only about 10 percent of what the brain is capable of. Many people dealing with severe stress or simply looking for attention can experience illness when there is no medical reason for the illness, including what is known as a hysterical pregnancy. Queen bloody Mary Tudor comes to mind, something she experienced twice.
    A child with no siblings may find an invisible friend to play with and some may have an unrealistic view of their body as is seen in anorexia. Some children experience what is known as synesthesia, a rare neurological disorder where one can taste colors or literally feel music and some can have a photographic memory, the ability to remember everything like a passage in a book they read once, including page number and paragraph.

    Before ascribing something to the spiritual, look to more mundane explanations.Spiritual is a belief, not fact.

    • Your Idea that spirituality is a belief is also not a fact. To us, spirituality is a fact, because it is a fact. There is much, much more evidence in support of spirituality as fact than the Idea that it is a belief. Yes, It is not a coincidence that people speak in tongues when they are troubled, clearly because God wishes to help them through the hard times, your argument doesn’t make sense either, about all these references to things such as Anorexia or pregnancy symptoms, or imaginary friends or all theset things, they miss the point, you miss the point.

    • Hhi all
      Just a question to all that speak in tongues What does the bible about tongues? If you can answer these questions that come to mind then you will realise that you know very little about the subject. Here we go how many times did tongues appear in the bible. What was the real reason for tongues? Who could lay hands and tranfer the gift? Can all speak in tongues? Why do all pagan religions also speak the same tongues as so called christian tongues? Are tongue speakers more spiritual than none speakers? Does speaking in tongues prove that you are spirit filled? If anyone can answer these questions, please let us know the answers so that the uninformedmy realise what they are allowing to enter their bodies, is it thje Real Holy Spirit or an evil spirit. If its an evil spirit then instead of praising God you are in actual fact cussing God. So as you read the bible for the answers, please do not do tjings that you do not understandayou could be on dangerous ground. All your esponses welcomed. God bless

      • Hi Mario, here is some info on the topic.

        1 Corinthians 14 actually answers a lot of your questions.

        1 Corinthians 14 King James Version (KJV)

        1 Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy. (Spiritual gifts were common in the early church. The Roman empire version of Christianity no doubt quashed such things.)

        2 For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries.

        This verse really throws a spanner into the wheels of the anti-tongues lobby…. “NO MAN (including scientists/linguists) UNDERSTANDS HIM (the person who speaks in tongues).

        In my experience, I was involved with drugs, alcohol, smoking and many bad attitudes before I became a Christian – and I knew I had the Holy Spirit when I spoke in tongues. Since then I have been free of that negative, hate filled lifestyle. I am more loving and less self-centered. More patient, gentle, humble, kind. This is not the work of an evil spirit.

        I have googled some of my words when I speak in tongues to see what ‘the Spirit’ is mysteriously saying. To my ongoing shock these words always seem to be URDU or HINDI which are languages related to ARABIC. In one example I looked up “bella haya”… turns out it means “beautiful life”…. well that is what God has given me.
        So I am convinced that the language of tongues can be earthly or angelic (not of this earth). And that it is mostly praising God and rejoicing.

        I wasn’t raised a Christian and it’s certainly not a popular lifestyle in Australia but for me it is the best life. How I have come to be speaking URDU words is a miracle!

        I also believe ANY Christian can lose faith. Unbelief is the default setting of the human.

        “For God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all.” Romans 11:32

        • Hi Marchello

          Firstly I am really happy that your life has changed for the better.

          However you did not answer some of my questions? WHY?? Should you not KNOW the answers so that one can Discern the spirits.

          I would love to have the answers to all the question, as this would bring a lot of clarity to Christians today for them to see if they are on the correct path??

          Would love to hear from all


          1) Who demanded signs?
          2) What does the bible say about tongues, WHEN DID IT START, WHY WAS THERE TONGUES?
          3) HOW how many times did tongues appear in the bible like Pentecost, WHY and how many years apart?
          4) What was the real reason for tongues?
          5) Where Tongues a known languages ?
          6) Who could lay hands and transfer the gift ONLY?
          7) Can all speak in tongues, WHY?
          8) Why do all pagan religions also speak the same tongues as so called Christian tongues?
          9) Are tongue speakers more spiritual than none speakers?
          10) Does speaking in tongues prove that you are MORE SPIRITUAL?
          11) Why was sign gifts already spoken in the past tense in 2 Corinthians?
          12) Why does Rev 13: 13-14 and 1 Thes 2:8-12 say that that the ANTICHRIST will deceive the world with signs and wonders, are you being deceived?
          13) WHY do Christians seek signs when Math 12:39 says that … an evil and adulterous generation seek after a SIGN?
          14) HAS GOD ever commanded or caused Christians to speak in tongues.
          15) Is there any BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN 1 Corinthians 14??
          16) WAS Pentecost a religious movement, or a religious experience?
          17) IS THERE ANYWHERE in the bible that people are told to pray, preach, sing or praise GOD in TONGUES?
          18) JOHN 20:22 when JESUS breathed the HOLY SPIRIT onto the Desciples, did they SPAEK IN TONGUES??
          19) DOES Acts 4:31, Ephes5:18-31 INCLUDE SPEAKING IN TONGUES??
          20) Why are tongues NOT mentioned as SPIRITUAL GIFTS in Romans 6-8??
          21) Tongues was for the unbeliever and never encouraged as it did NOT edify the church. WHY do so many want the least gifts?
          22) ARE THERE MANY seducing spirits in the world? Are we supposed to “try”the spirits? 1 Timothy 4:1 and 1 John4:1 and Rev 2:2???
          23) If you are spiritual should you not Judge all things? 1 Corin2:15
          24) WHY did Paul say that tongues would cease to the Corintian Church? 1 Corinth 13:8
          25) WHY would Paul say that the Christians should be like aldults and put away childish things like tongues?? 1 Corinth 13:11
          26) Bible tongues could NOT be faked, they were real languages? Acts 2:1-11
          27) WHERE in the bible does it say ONE can be taught to speak in TONGUES??
          28) Why if tongues are IMPORTANT, why are they not required by BISHOPS, DECEANS and ELDERS to speak? 1 Tim 3:1-6: and Titus 1:5.
          29) Must ONE GO BY Experience, Feelings OR by BY FAITH?
          30) ARE woman allowed to speak in tongues?
          31) Is praying in tongues THE SAME as praying in the SPIRIT?
          32) Romans 8:26 Spirit helps us pray with groans that can not be uttered?? Can it be a pray language, where you can NOT UTTER it???
          33) Corinth 14:13-17 ..STATES that PRAYING IN TONGUES must also be INTERPRETED? WHY? If, it is a heavenly language where you do not wanty the SATAN to understand, WHY INTERPRET IT????
          34) HOW can praying in tongues be for SELF EDIFICATION when scripture says says that spiritual gifts is for the EDIFICATION OF the CHURCH and not SELF??1 Corinthians 12:7??
          35) IF tongues is NOT FOR everyone how can it be FOR SELF-EDIFICATION?? 1 Corith 12:11: 28-30
          36) HOW can praying in tongues be PRIVATE pray language if the GIFT of tongues is a sign to unbelievers?? 1 Corinth 14:22
          37) WHAT was the reason for tongues??? 3000 saved?? FOR SELF? Acts2:41
          38) WAS tongues not a curse?? DEUT 28:49; JER 5:15 :
          39) IF Roman Catholics, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, Moslems, Buddhists, witch doctors, spiritualists and numerous heathen religions also speak in tongues??? Is it from GOD??
          40) DID the sign gifts cease? Why could Paul at the end of his ministry not be able to heal himself, Trophimus, Timothy 1 Tim 5:23 and 2 Timothy4:20.
          41) WHY does 1 Corinth 13:13 say “NOW abides FAITH, HOPE and LOVE…BUT the greatest is LOVE??? Where are the other sign gifts gone??1 Corinth 13: 8-13 and 13: 8.
          42) WHEN Jesus comes we will NOT need FAITH and HOPE. WE live by FAITH not by SIGHT are the gift signs sight???? ONLY LOVE will remain.

          If anyone can answer these questions, please let us know the answers so that the uninformed my realize what they are allowing to enter their bodies, is it the Real Holy Spirit or an evil spirit.

          If its an evil spirit then instead of praising God you COULD in actual fact cursing God.

          So as you read the bible for the answers, please do not do things that you do not understand as you could be on dangerous ground??

          Would love for anyone to help answer the question/comments

          • Mario rather than seeking answers from me or other people, why don’t you ask God about this Holy Spirit and its miraculous gifts? Why? I don’t believe you’re honestly seeking the TRUTH. You’ve made your mind up about spiritual gifts and your 42 questions confirm that. Dozens of people have provided answers to most of your questions already.

            • Hi Marchell

              Thanks for answering. Firstly I had all the answers to the questions before I sent to you. Todays generation people are Lazy, they find it easier to believe what they are told than search the bible themselves.I sent the questions so anyone reading them might go themselves to see if they will find the answers. and not get caught up with different philosophies, they must research what the bible says. Not believe every doctrine out there and there are many. So after answering all the questions are you still convinced that tongues is for today?? If you need any of the answers I will let you have them.

              Paul mentioned the sign gifts were for a time and would end. 1 Corinth 13:8. Lets take Pauls ministry as an example. Paul could heal, his showdown healed, hanky chiefs healed and towards the end of his ministry we see that the gifts had started cease. Paul could now not heal Timothy he resorted to home remedies, could not heal Trophimus as he had to leave him sick at Ephesus. ( 1 Tim 5:23 and 2 Tim 4:20 ). WERE THE SIGN GIFTS FADING, CEASING AND PASS AWAY???

              No mention of tongues from around 70 AD. WHEN DID IT ALL START AGAIN? AROUND 1 JANUARY 1901 AT A NIGHT SERVICE IN TOPEKA, KANSAS, A WORMAN NAMED AGNES OZMAN babbled gibberish after Charles Parham laid hands on her and then spread 1906 to Azusa Street. This is were it all began.

              Did the church miss out on tongues all those years, were they not needed then. Why tongues more important today than other gifts? they are easier to counterfeit. Healings, handling of poison and snakes are much harder to counterfeit. WHY SEEK THE LEAST OF THE GIFTS????

              Why is tongues NOT the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT ? IF tongues is to EDIFY THE SPEAKER why does Paul say in 1 Corinth 14:14 we NEED UNDERSTANDING FOR EDIFICATION???

              Now seriously if todays tongues are not from the Spirit of God, where are they coming from?? other spirits ??? THERE IS NO SITTING ON THE FENCE WE ARE EITHER HEARING FROM GOD OR SATAN ( THE COUNTERFEITOR).

              Read the scriptures ask the Holy Spirit to lead us into all TRUTH. SATAN heals, speaks in tongues and does miracles today.

              Why not look at Mark16:17 If you speak in new tongues then you can also cast out devils, can pick up serpents with their hands, drink deadly poison will not harm them, LAY HANDS on the SICK and they SHALL RECOVER. Not like today only recover if my faith is strong or their faith is weak, or in time you might get better. Can you do all theses things??

              Romans 8: 26 … the spirit itself makes intercession for us with GROANINGS with can “NOT BE UTTERED” if THE SPIRITS GROANINGS can “NOT BE UTTERED”.

              NOT BEING HASH, but the bible says NOT everyone calling me Lord Lord and believing in error will be saved. We are all precious to God and we should know what we are doing if not one could be lead astray?

              • Serious side question Mario,

                You write …

                // Now seriously if todays tongues are not from the Spirit of God, where are they coming from?? other spirits ??? THERE IS NO SITTING ON THE FENCE WE ARE EITHER HEARING FROM GOD OR SATAN ( THE COUNTERFEITOR).//

                Why would those be the only two options you would consider? Or to put that another way, why would you dismiss the far more reasonable explanation that there is nothing supernatural going on here at all, and that normal human psychological observations explain what is happening?

                You also appear to be having a few issues with your caps-lock key, I’d recommend having it looked at.


                • Hi Dave

                  Sorry about the capital letters on previous post. Sorry I took so long to reply.

                  I stressed the point as I did with the questioned that I asked. If a Christian does not know what the bible says about speaking in tongues. Should they experiment and be taught how to speak in tongues? can one be taught? I have asked a few tongue speaking Christians some of these questions but sadly they do not even know what speaking in tongues is all about. When asked why they want to speak in tongues, they do not know what to say. Some say it is the Spirit baptism, others say evidence of being born again.

                  Majority of them do not know, why there was tongues, why it happened, how many times it happened, how many years apart from each other did it happen again??

                  Sorry but just a word of caution. Before anyone just accepts what a preacher or what other people are doing in the Name of God, they must read and study the word themselves and read up on the subject matter, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to know the TRUTH.

                  Just concerned on how the so called people of God are manipulating the poor souls.

                  Have you the answers for the questions I submitted? If, so could anyone out there share the answers?

  6. I’m interested in your list of science based sources regarding studies of speaking in tongues (SIT) if you have it handy.

    I’ve been SIT, for 37 years. My tongue is not babbling, nor is any of it understandable. My tongue resembles known languages and varies. I’m naturally good at imitating accents so I’m aware this could affect what my possible “gibberish” sounds like. I’m a skeptic, so I needed to study the scripture regarding SIT before I made the effort to manifest it.
    The teaching ministry associated to my beginning effort was, The Way Biblical Research and Teaching and Fellowship ministry. It was often labeled a cult and some families employed kidnapping their wayward loved ones using deprogrammers to save their brainwashed family members.
    For me, the moment of receiving /bringing it into manifestation was like jumping off a cliff, as I imagined landing in Gods hands. It didn’t just come over me outside of my will, it was a moment of decision. I breathed in and began speaking as I breathed out. The tongues began. I felt nothing but surprised wonder that it was happening. It was interesting to me that I didn’t feel something more like bliss.
    I can start and stop my tongues when speaking out loud, and I can do it in my head without moving my mouth. I can even think other thoughts while it’s “running”. Heheh, I have awakened from sleep to find I’m SIT. When this happened, I stayed awake continuing to SIT, thinking I was aiding prayer for “something” needed, yet wholly unknown/ beyond understanding.
    I would be delighted to offer my sampling to someone’s study.
    To complicate things, I’m no longer a practicing Christian. But I can still SIT. I have so much to say on the matter. But I don’t want to address all the doctrine point by point. Mainly, because I’m done defending anything BibleGod-like. These days I’m a BibleGod critic. Meaning, I find BibleGod a most tedious and ineffective communicator to us. BibleJesus is equally as bad at communicating as Dad. And, I just don’t see the progress promised to believers across the historical timeline. I don’t see BibleGod/BibleJesus doing anything in real time. The documents they left as a record, and as the playbook are not user friendly. Between the contradictory cryptic documents, lack of guidance from the deities, and lack of results in the body of believers I began a reevaluation of what I believed about 10 years ago. I don’t know what I am exactly now…but I know I’m not a pleased believer.
    Tongues is only part of an equipment package of 9 manifestations that believers are endowed with when they are “born again”. The worship manifestations are Tongues, interpretation and prophecy. In all the charismatic meetings I’ve ever been in, which are many and not just from one sect, I have never seen these manifestations operated in a way that made me believe anyone was mature in the practice. I’ve taken their charismatic classes to see if there was any foundation for unity. There isn’t. I don’t think anyone knows what they’re doing.
    The quality of supernatural messaging from interpretation and prophecy heard during these rituals has not yielded much substance in terms that would be considered effective communication to the body present at that time or for the body of believers at large.
    In my private use of tongues as an additive to prayer, it was my expectation that doing it was “perfect prayer”. A lot of good that does if the user can’t understand it…, and no results can be observed worth documenting.
    It is my opinion BibleGod and Bible Jesus if actual supreme beings as described could have penetrated our thick hides with much better messaging yielding significantly better results to us short lived creatures.

    • Wow wow wow I am so sorry Im sure I sound like an idiot for sure and you have my apologies. After reading my post I feel like an idiot. I mis wrote it and I completely meant that they preceded the people coming from Europe by thousands of years, and I do have evidence for this. As Oxford has found remains of vikings dating 4000 years plus on the east coast of America. In my opinion this goes on to support the idea that life was wiped clean multiple times, which I do believe. Support of this is also found with examples like the Egyptian pyramids. People ask how it was possible? Artifacts show electrical like contraptions. The fact that life was destroyed and knowledge destroyed along with it would support this fact.

    • I used to think similarly about the difficulty between the existence of disbelief and the omnipotence/ eternal love of God. (IE either God cannot save all or God doesn’t want to save all, either way He loses Diety)

      But then I adopted the belief that humans get exactly what they wanted in the end (Following much of C.S. Lewis’ theorizing) and in light of the idea that people who wanted God get Him and those who didn’t don’t, the brief doesn’t face the same issue.

      Actually, in the idea that we solidify ourselves with every choice we make until we make no more choices, perhaps the Catholics are right about “Purgatory” this idea too doesn’t find the flaw of the dilemma above.

      It also may be because we as humans demand to get information in a certain (maybe impossible) way. We demand things be provable except the tools that prove things (our senses/ reality/ history)

      All that said, I still find the Christian God 95% agreeable and in the places I do not, I’m willing to trust something beyond my reasoning (after all, if I must agree on everything ((which I would with perfect knowledge)) who is than God? God or I?)

    • I would be curious to know what your particular language sounds like – you say it resembles known languages and varies. Varies how? Would it be possible for you to provide a written sample? What languages, other than English do you know or have been exposed to?

      I’m a trained Linguist and have studied the phenomenon of glossolalia (a/k/a to some as SIT) and am always curious to get a few ‘first hand’ samples. If you are naturally good at imitating accents, this would affect how you produce your glossolalia, hence the question on what other languages you might be familiar with.

    • I cannot really see an “argument” here. While I have a high opinion of John G Lake, I regard your mentions of “Vikings that precede native Americans by thousands of years”, Atlantis, and the “big bang in the Genesis” as pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo. Vikings date around 1000 AD, so they cannot precede anyone by “thousands of years”. I encourage you to dig deeper.

  7. When talking about tongues, it is important to understand it is a gift, that some believers receive this gift in particular, while others may receive the gift of pure faith no matter the circumstances. Others receive the gift of visions and so on. Speaking in tongues is not the ultimate of being a Christian. Also, for everyone in this thread, science has yet to prove anything against God. Infact, science has only proven God to exist even more! Speaking in tongues, for example, involves chemical changes in the body, which God is known to be able to do!
    Kenneth Hagin, a rebound preacher was diagnosed of an incurable blood disease, yet after having a vision and understanding what he must do, when he awoke all signs of sickness were gone. He was practically dead, full of sickness, yet the pain is what brought him closers to God. People on this thread ask why God allows suffering. Perhaps He allows it because it is during these times that he is able to become closer with us. John G Lake, also a rebound preacher in the twentieth century, ran healing ministries, where people dying of disease and sickness were instantly cured by his preachings. Also facts from the Bible are constantly being verified.
    The book of Genesis sounds a lot like the big bang, how would someone 2000 years ago understand a topic unless he is truly of God?
    The Bible explains how entire civilizations were wiped out, Viking remnants have been found in North America that would precede native Americans by thousands of years! Atlantis, another city that was wiped out, and science is just now beginning to catch up!
    All science has done and will continue to do is attempt to explain God’said creation. Spirituality and science can coexist, it’s unfortunate for those who believe otherwise.

  8. It amazes me how we, as humans, think we are so intelligent… It is to our detriment…God is not some mere fairy tale that we can explain, intellectualize or comprehend with our brains. His ways are beyond our ways, His thoughts are beyond our thoughts…to the individual who wrote this blog, you were never gifted with the ability to speak in tongues. If you were, this post would not exist. As someone who prays in a heavenly tongue, its not something that i can practice or make up….i haven’t been brainwashed. In moments of prayer, God has allowed me to interpret the language. I am blown away each time He allows it..but that is my journey. Ive learned God wants us to have a humble heart and spirit. He will reveal himself if you relinquish the control that you perceive yourself to have.. There are somethings in this life you will never understand until you pass to the other side…

  9. All the atheist will say it’s not God but it’s the work of the devil,you guys will believe devil but not God because you are scared of devil but God won’t scare you so he doesn’t exist

    • dena, this may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but atheists, the folks who do not believe an imaginary friend is real, also do not believe that an imaginary enemy is real either. No supernaturalism is required at all to explain speaking in tongues.

  10. You can’t make references to studies from 30-40 years ago and claim to be giving the real story about ANYTHING. I noticed that you totally ignored this URL the first time it was posted, so I’ll post again:


    This is an article about a study done THIS century about speaking in tongues, which has proved conclusively that practitioners are NOT in control of what is happening. Just because people can consciously imitate it does not mean that it is not a valid phenomenon, in the same way that is easy to imitate someone having a seizure, but actual seizures are still a real thing.

    So, the REAL real story is that modern scientists have no idea what causes speaking in tongues… All they DO know is that it is NOT something that people are doing deliberately.

    • Burden of proof rests with those making the claim that this is supernatural, and so far there is exactly zero evidence that speaking in tongues is supernatural. Not fully understanding something does not warrant making a leap to “therefore magic”

      • Unfortunately, if “Magic” was real, it would be completely improvable. The rules have been set. “All things are cause of molecules and energy” ironically because all we can observe are molecules and energy.

        If there were anything beyond it we could not know it, because it’s the same concept as if we were 2D creatures living in a 3D world- 2D may not observe 3D, yet 3D may observe 2D.

        Not to side with Dena, just to add depth towards the difficulty of the point and the simplicity you paint it on.

        • Well, as I’ve already pointed out, the claim is essentially that there is indeed magical intervention taking place within our “molecules and energy” reality. Are you aware of any independently verifiable objective evidence of such intervention?

          • … Going back to what I posted, there cannot be verifiable evidence for “magic” (we are using this silly word for supernature yes?) which for some reason means that it cannot be true? isn’t it this realm of thinking where we resort to probable theories rather than tests of molecules and energy?

            If there were truths beyond nature, they cannot be found through the study of nature unless we study it’s concepts (the philosophy of it all). this can be our only clue. It is the philosophical questions that drives beliefs in supernature.

            It’s the fact man is born desiring meaning in a universe without one, or that man desires more than survival in a universe without any bias to preference that drives the God theory. It’s not that there are gaps that we do not know how to fill, it’s that there are gaps that an ultimate meaning, or ultimate personhood only could fill.

            I’m not even about trying to sway you either way, I’m just explaining how silly this idea “if we cannot prove it without question, it does not exist” thinking. According to that standard, you couldn’t prove history, or even that you yourself exist…

  11. God is a Amazing Loving Father ,
    I should think He Feels sad and amused by His Children’s comments !!
    I agree with most of the opinions on this blog ,
    due to the fact that I am a Christian , but also a realist ,
    I understand that I don’t understand .
    God has done so many things for me ( all of which could be explained away by being utterly rational ).
    But I Love my wife or is it just chemical reaction ….mmmmmm !!
    Science can tell you how things work , but never why ,
    maybe it’s because God does Love us .
    I speak in tongues , but I know Christian’s who don’t .
    Freddie Mercury said Nothing really matters at all ,
    How silly of course it does !!
    god bless us .

    • Peter … I do truly get that you believe all that for what can best be described as cultural and emotional reasons, and that you are part of a community that asserts such claims.

      But stop and ask yourself this … how exactly do you know that any of that is actually true, how could you ever possibly verify and test such claims?

      If indeed you don’t understand (and that is a truly honest statement), and all the things that god has done for you can be rationally explained without needing a god to explain it, the does that introduce the distinct possibility that such beliefs are simply cultural artefacts?

      • I know that the question wasn’t asked of me but I hope you wouldn’t mind me jumping in to give an answer. (After all I believe you’re more looking to make this point politely than get Peter’s answer specifically)

        To start I would like to examine the qualifier for the question. How do we verify if something is true? There’s a few ways to go from here- either we delve into the hopeless realm of knowing nothing philosophically due towards everything just being a chemical explosion of the brain, or we agree from the start what makes something credible and we go from there lol.

        I’m afraid this question isn’t as concrete as mathematics or molecules. If this God thing really was true, how COULD it be infallibly proven? Couldn’t any miracle be a trick of the eyes, or just a scientific phenomena that we don’t have an answer to yet?

        So when it comes to a claim of a anything exceeding nature, I’m afraid it’s impossible to use nature specifically to prove it.

        A lot of people take to probability, saying “there’s a greater chance a “super person” is beyond nature than for what we see happen to be natural”. Me personally, I don’t receive the same feeling or pleasure from anything else I’ve found than when I worship or pray intimately. I’m not talking about a heightened happiness or a sense of purpose, I’m talking about something on your stomach that is unique and great. During my skeptic years this feeling left, and couldn’t be recreated.

        So I guess the question is what would you find to be proof enough? Note too that the bar you set might be influenced by your desire for there to be a God or not.

        • Hi Chrispy … in essence, the Christian claim is that god manifests in our reality, and that is essentially a testable claim.

          If indeed there is nothing to be measured or detected, then in what way exactly does the proposed god concept differ from a fantasy?

          • Thanks for the questions! I’m afraid the statement “all things that are true are verifiable” is a self destructive statement… After all it dissallows us from believing anything historically, or from believing our senses accurately show us reality. The concept “science is the only begetter of truth” is a flawed concept: you can’t prove that scientifically.

            Yet I find the jump between “good cause to believe” and “fairy tale” to be a large stretch. I have good cause to believe my family loves me (they could be lying, but it’s unlikely), that Australia really exists (I trust the news people on this one) and that world war 2 did happen (it’s unlikely it’s a lie).

            So I’m afraid the question isn’t so much “can we prove this scientifically” (note there are a ton of things we must believe without/before science. We just don’t realize them) as it is “do we have good cause to believe.”

            Isn’t this almost the same though? This probability thinking? After all, not to go too far into philosophy, don’t we know 2+2=4 because it had never done otherwise? That the odds are so astronomically impossible that this is chance you’d have to be an absolute lunatic to believe in one instance 2+2=5?

            So it’s best to apply probabilistic thinking towards things we cannot test directly. The odds are far far greater WW2 happened than a coverup. The odds are far far greater that my 5 senses are accurately taking in information than not. Perhaps the question needs to move away from “Irrefutable proof” towards “what makes the most sense” (after all, this realm of inquiry can only yield this method)

  12. Any person idiot or not or religious or not is able speak in “tongues”, if everyone is capable of uttering unintelligible vowel sounds (it’s really very easy) it then follows that everyone is capable of attracting the attention of god, there are no exceptions.
    Those who believe their tongue speaking is a special direct communication with an indefinable entity are either raving narcissists or they’re severely delusional.
    I understand americans have led themselves to believe they are exceptional, they are certainly exceptional when it comes to inventing their wild array of ever changing religious movements, based on even wilder interpretations of a book called the bible. I’ve visited many american religious blogs and websites where competition is rife on whose version of the book is best and most true, a strange obsessive american pastime.

    I must say Americans are exceptionally talented when it comes to exporting junk food, junk movies, junk capitalism, junk war, junk technology, junk drugs and junk religion to the rest of the world. It’s getting very messy everywhere. Rock n Roll was good.

    I’m making broad statements here about religious loons in particular who believe god speaks only to them in a unique way, obviously and fortunately there are many more sane educated americans who have contributed much good to the on going human experience.
    It’s one world, no one gets off Scott free, get used to it tongue speakers you are not exceptional, you’re human, get a life and be kind to everyone.

  13. 1 Corinthians 14:2
    For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God; for no one understands, but in his spirit he speaks mysteries.

    Why should people understand what you are saying, speaking in tongues is for your own edification? The Bible says it very clearly.

    • 1 Corinthians 14:22
      Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not

      // Why should people understand what you are saying //
      Because the bible clearly says that that tongues are a sign for those that do not believe … The bible says that very clearly.

      No recourse to the supernatural is required to explain any of this. I’m not a believer, and yet I can quite happily speak in tongues.

    • Monique A.
      January 20, 2015 at 15:10

      1 Corinthians 14:2
      For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God; for no one understands, but in his spirit he speaks mysteries.

      Why should people understand what you are saying, speaking in tongues is for your own edification? The Bible says it very clearly.

      Why not look at Mark16:17 If you speak in new tongues then you can also cast out devils, can pick up serpents with their hands, drink deadly poison will not harm them, LAY HANDS on the SICK and they SHALL RECOVER. Not like today only recover if my faith is strong or their faith is weak, or in time you might get better. Can you do all these things?? WHY NOT??

      Romans 8: 26 … the spirit itself makes intercession for us with GROANINGS with can “NOT BE UTTERED” if THE SPIRITS GROANINGS can “NOT BE UTTERED”.

  14. Fascinating article and I thank you for sharing. For almost one year now I have been looking for God following an accident in January 2014 that changed my life. My search took me back to my original faith (the Catholic Church) but after a while I felt empty again and lost. My search led me to a bible reading group and I reluctantly attended a meeting as I had been embedded in the Catholic religion since birth and to search for God elsewhere seemed like betrayal.

    At this meeting on 14/1/2015 the Pastor called on the congregation to stand and pray and what I heard freaked me out completely. People all around me began to babble frantically in what I can only describe as a frenzied manifestation. I felt frightened and threatened and thought that I had walked into some sort of cult. Don’t get me wrong, I was told about the speaking in tongues thing but had never witnessed it before….phewww

    I left that meeting with an invitation to come again next week. I said I would but I was already looking for excuses in my mind that I could put forward for NOT going back. I went home and digested what I had witnessed that night and thought those people to be bunch of weirdo’s. After all, nothing they were saying made and sense whatsoever. One guy sounded Russian and another knelt on the floor with his face in a chair and made what I can only describe as, ‘bleating’ noises.

    I resisted the temptation then and there to turn to my friend as say, “What in the name of God did you bring me too?”

    15/1/2015 Midnight exactly….I went out to my garage to have a cigarette before heading to bed and in mid stride and without conscious thought I began to speak words that made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I could hear myself talking but I had no idea what started it or why I was doing it. This continued for 2 minutes and I began to cry while it was happening and then a wave of emotion flooded over me like I was inside the safest place on earth during a storm. After it stopped I dropped to me knees to pray and it started again.

    I have never felt connected to God before and what happened I can’t yet explain. I’ve been told I’ve been filled with the Holy Spirit and Jesus has accepted me finally because I went in search of him and I genuinely repented for my sins and sought his forgiveness.

    #Dave. I found you because I hit the net today looking for answers. My open mind leads me to look at believers and sceptics alike. You stated at the end of this blog, “I’m not presenting you with an alternative opinion, but rather with hard solid scientific proof that it is not real.” I read some results of some random testing on students but I didn’t see any scientific proof in your blog.

    Right now I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong but I can say that I have never felt this loved in my entire life and I know its not in my head.

    Thanks again for sharing

  15. Scientific Study on brain activity while speaking in tongues:

    It is different than a made up language. All language uses the Language Center in our brain, while speaking in tongues does not, which scientifically proves that the speaker does not have control over the speach.


    • Hi Stephanie

      Your link about tests on tongues, are their any tests done on non believers that speak in tongue, if so can you direct us to the relevant site. What was the reason for tongues at Pentecost? how many times did tongues happen in Acts, reason for tongues in Acts?

      30 AD Acts 2 Pentecost – tongues ( various earthly languages).
      33 AD Acts 8 Samaria Philip has to get Apostles Peter and John
      34 AD Acts 9 Paul conversion
      41 AD Acts 10 Cornelius (Peter sheet vision)
      54 AD Acts 19 Emphases (john the Baptist believers)

      Tongues 30 AD : 3 years later Samaria
      4 years later Pauls conversion
      11 years later Cornelius
      24 years later John the Baptist believers

      Interesting to see that tongues were mentioned at various intervals of times, unbelievers were always there, unbelieving Jews. Tongues sign for the unbeliever not believer.

      If tongues was important and a help in your faith, WHY ARE pastors, deacons and elders ARE NOT required to speak IN TONGUES see 1 Timothy 3:1-7. TITUS 1. How can unbelievers and normal Christians speak in tongues but the pastors , elders and Deacons is not a requirement ??

      Just a few interesting thoughts

  16. To all the dumb shits who still believe its something from the bible didnt read acts 2: 1- 20 stupid ass peoole dont know how to read

    • Um I just read the passage in Acts (again) and I’m confused, because the scripture(s) you cited are evidence for speaking in tongues being in the Bible… It’s literally what they were doing. (Speaking in other tongues ((languages)) through the Holy Spirit)

      You best be careful when you speak so condescending and matter of fact, because it tends to really bite you in the butt (like here)

  17. I was looking for some objective explanation on speaking in tongues because I do not believe it is divine. It is invented by man. It is invented by people who wants to rule people’s mind in order to manipulate them to do things what they would not do otherwise. It is about power. A self-proclaimed pastor – because who decides that he/she is suitable for spiritual leading?; only himself/herself – wants to chain his flock to himself to ensure his financial position.
    These people claim that they can help miracles to happen to you. I think that miracle is called miracle because it is rare. Why should you experience miracles everyday? To convince you that you are truly belong to God (but they mean to belong to them).

    I am not an atheist, I am a Catholic. I believe that we do not have to adjust the religion to our wishes. We are for the religion and not the religion is for us. The whole New Age is about brainwashing. People turned away from the historical religions because of their own reasons but they realised that something is missing. So they try to twist the words of the Bible, abusing psychological techniques to please themselves. I read once a very interesting writing on the net about the techniques used to brainwash people. The writer had to hide his identity because he revealed “trade secrets”, and because these same techniques are also in use in the secular world, in marketing and political convincing, i.e. the most powerful people of the world.

    What I noticed that there is a close correlation between the “Christian” and pagan/shamanistic methods to subvert the mind. In Africa, a lot of people still believe in their ancestors, ghosts, good and evil spirits, magic objects, superstitions. According to them, it does not hurt if you go to see a medicine man or witchdoctor, besides practicing their religion, be it Christianity or Islam. It is also not uncommon to go to Catholic church this Sunday, to a Pentecostal another Sunday. The evangelical/pentecostal pastors invite them to visit their “church”, saying that they do not have to abandon their original religions. And people go because they are curious. And somehow these people gradually change and become the new followers of the pastor. They start to walk around with a Bible, carrying everywhere so that they should not miss any spell of free time to read it, and slowly they start to become changed people with whom it is difficult to argue, discuss, converse. As if you are hitting a wall. Majority of these born-again Christians are women. Maybe because at home they are oppressed and the only place they can release their frustrations is at these “evangelical explosions”. When some of the believers become knowledgeable with the techniques, suddenly they leave their church and establish a new one, where they introduce themselves as pastors, bishops (!) The believers have to go to church at least twice a week because the brainwashing effects wean away with time, so it has to be reinforced frequently, preferably in every 3-4 days. Better if you practice daily! Then you are totally overpowered.

    I never spoke in tongues and never wish to do so. Because why I feel uncomfortable when they shout and scream and cry in top of their voice? When I wake up at night and hear their “prayers”, feel their music, I want to run away and hide? The vibrations shake my innermost, their guttural voices and “babbles” stir me up, in all aspects negatively. It is orchestrated, there is a pattern, it is purposefully done. If you are in the spiritually enhanced state, you should not know what is happening. But the pastor leads with the type of screams, the volume, as if “now the men should be louder”, “now is the women’s turn”. Why their baby cries during the whole ordeal everyday? I am sure that the baby feels the same way as me. She is tortured days in and days out but she cannot run away. That baby does not have a choice, she has been maimed in mind by her parents. But still I have my own will, and I will resist. Because this speaking in tongues is satanic. It is brutal. It is there to break you. To own you.

    Dave, I am happy that there are people out, like you, who could find a way to get out of the trap, who could come up for oxygen from the haze. You are very brave. I wish you strength and perseverance.

  18. Does believing in something make it true? Are emotional experiences always suspect? How do past experiences compared with present similar ones, but with changed emotions and attitudes, figure in the construct of truth? Hi. Just got to this page, and I’ve come across several interesting views.

    I am a believer because of things that have happened to me in my past. Like how in one of my morning meditations, I was prompted to approach the first person I met during breakfast in the hostel I was staying, and he was stunned that I engaged him in a conversation about Jesus for the first time ever. I didn’t know the reason till several years after, that it was because the night before he had a nightmare in which he called out my name as he sought to get help from Jesus. This was even though it was another hostel mate who had been talking to him about the Christian faith. Moreover, I was not among his close friends. He did not become a Christian then, but it started him exploring, and only years later did I discover he had accepted Christ.

    But I digress a bit here. The issue on this blog is that of speaking in tongues. Somebody argued that whilst he had experienced feelings that convinced him of the spiritual truth of tongues at a stage when he believed in the phenomenon, he no longer has those feelings now even if he physically replicates them, because he no longer believes in it. Just as people can easily fake praying, being happy or sad, in fact anything, so speaking in tongues can be faked. So one question is, what does it mean to fake something. Too complicated to give it justice in this limited space, but suffice to say for now that attitude has a lot to do with it.

    The outward appearance of speaking in tongues could be the same, but it is the heart that makes the experience real or false. The bible has spoken about having the trappings of the spirit, but denying the power thereof. And there is the case of the magician, recorded in the book of Acts, who tried to replicate the powerful healing and deliverance of the apostles by calling on the name of Jesus, but failed because of his incongruous attitude, or at least that is what the passage focuses on.

    Another point about faking… One of the most popular video presentations on ted.com (TED being the annual conference featuring eminent speakers on varied disciplines) is an updated spin on body language. If one assumes a positive posture that reflects confidence for long enough and frequently enough, one can develop confidence. In other words, “fake it till you make it”. Could it be that many believers in the supernatural tongue are in a way faking it to develop it? And of course there are times when the form of the act is missing, but the power is still manifested, because the belief is there. So attitude is a big factor.

    I have desisted from passing judgment on what others do as they seek that warm and meaningful worship experience. God sees only the heart, but I am not God. Neither is science.

    I would also be wary of passing judgment on those who do not believe in glossolalia. I would in fact be glad for them, for as they remain serious about seeking the truth, God will reveal Himself to them eventually.

    God’s peace be with all.

  19. Hihi all
    Just a note. Are people that speak in tongues are holier than those who do not? People that speak in tongues are walking by sight and nt by faith. 1) they do not believe signs that have already been done. 2) they are curious thrill seeker, ask any tongue speaker why was there tongues at Penetecost they would not know. 3) they something for themselves. 4) excuse for their unbelieve. This is why the ALPHA course is doing so well.

    • Mario, I take it that English is not your native language. Are you saying the modern tongue speaking trend is become fashionable mainly amongst those disillusioned and cynical because previously held religious outlooks and certainties have been so thoroughly debunked via the spread of scientific knowledge and reason? That this has resulted in the widespread mental and emotional babble, anger and confusion? People in a mindless alpha state are generally easier to control and manipulate, why is this so difficult to understand and who in their right mind could possibly want to be controlled or manipulated by questionable authorities?

      • I’m not quite sure what you believe has been debunked. The God question is one of philosophy.

        How can the study of molecules and energy ever prove something higher than molecules and energy? Don’t you see how the thinking there is intrinsically flawed?

        It’s not the spread of reason that has combatted Theism, it’s the spread of a worldview that sneaks in as a subtext that ironically isn’t a necessity of rational thought!

        But we all interpret the data we receive based upon prior beliefs. There is no pure neutralism. If we believe that God is possible, than we shall interpret data differently than the one who thinks God isn’t.

        If we find a cloud formation in the sky that says “I’m God and I’m real”, one man would say “wow there’s a God!” One would say “wow how random is that!” and another would say “those Theists are manipulators and did this!

        All received the same data, and all received different conclusions. Pure science stops at “what are those clouds made of, and how do they normally behave?”

        If I’m so off topic I apologize. I wanted to tackle the type of thinking that most follow who believe these things have been debunked. Being a skeptic myself so long, I understand the reservations.

  20. Oxyoptica gala boitkopednirso jedmik ksorjidge wega snoix nilmasoji sigpojl roripootit heganospo vigsrecth eskuptpoop dingolwiji berukzinjicci snogwrotica.

    I suddenly just now, after reading the irrefutable testimony by tongue speakers, was filled to the brim with demonhoodic overwhelmingnism, then, quite overcome with uncontrollable cadencelike sonoristic sponta-iniquity and inspiritualistical emotionlessnicity, I found the above mysterious foreign sounding words just erupting from my sub-unconsciously conscious mind, I was all alone and helplessly compelled to write them down…. (I already used spell check)
    Can a glossophiliac holiness expert please interpret my experience .. Do I need to know if I’m saved or not…. or do I just need a neuro-scientific shrink to explain away my anxiety about being a fallible human? Oh, wait! I just remembered, I forgot to make a tape recording, maybe I just imagined it all.

    • I need help too! Somehow I keep believing that the universe has meaning simply because I have given my life one! I know it’s wrong, but when I do that, I cover up the empty reality that everything has no meaning by thinking that if I say it does, than to me it does!

      I want to believe that only meaning begets meaning, but that doesn’t look like molecules so I’m not allowed to believe it :( all my super smart friends with PHD’s and big words seem to be so good at reactions/reactions that they can’t help me much in philosophy…

      It’s the same thing with morality :( I keep trying to objectively tell people they’re wrong about things even though I can’t escape the fact that right and wrong boil down to simply what the majority likes or wants :/

      I keep trying to believe that life is better than death but it’s just not. I have chemical reactions in my brain that make me want to live more than die. I’m glad I get to listen to them, because man, if we really believed there was no objective right or wrong, we could pick it! And I want to be able to control people…

      I also want to believe that my mind is giving me accurate portrayals of reality, but I can’t! Everything I think is simply a chemical reaction of the mind, so therefore if it say’s it’s real, the data must be right! It must be real! My sensors are never wrong. There is no question that I am presented by data from my 8 senses, I just want to accept that all the data is accurate, and that that’s the ONLY way I can know things! I am a group of molecules looking at molecules.

      So where I need help is not whether or not I can believe these things. I like to believe these things! They feel good. The thing is whether or not I have a rational basis for believing these things…

      But who cares? I’m just going to borrow beliefs that can only come about from some sort of Theism while poking daggers at Theism. It’s fun! Mommy and Daddy lied about the Easter Bunny, Santa, and Tooth Fairy, so I learned from a REALLY young age that if sounds incredible, it’s a lie!

      Poking fun? Yeah :)

      If it engulfs you with rage, you probably shouldn’t be dishing out medicine you can’t take, which probably means that your last post was meant to be more combative, which probably means you should stay away from sarcasm. Ugly means of verbal war for sure (carries the undertone that you find your “opponent” stupid)

      If it just makes you smile, than right back at ya :P

      • No Chrispy, nothing directed at you in particular, just my own outrageously flippant view on emotional religious manipulation. Whatever blows your hair back is just fine with me. That Jim Jones persuaded +-1000 people to swallow poisoned kool-aid is always something to keep in mind when getting involved in popular charismatic mass movements.
        Here is an interesting link that may help you understand my scepticism.

        • Thanks for sharing this link, Lucy, which contains a lot of food for thought. I’d say that going into alternate states such as alpha is the point of many spiritual techniques, precisely to bypass the critical mind and harness the by magnitudes greater perceptive power of the subconscious. And/or access the spiritual realm?! (Genuine) speaking in tongues and charismatic chanting maybe or may involve a kind of self-hypnosis, that opens the mind for “words of knowledge” which may be uncensored insights of the subconscious. Or messages from the spiritual realm?! The purpose of these techniques(?) is spiritual healing, not manipulation, but we have to be aware of the black sheep that exploit the openness/suggestibility. The Bible warns of bad shepherds and calls for a “discernment of spirits”. Also, Jesus demanded that spiritual gifts and services are given free of charge. Preachers and churches that accumulate wealth may not be followers of Jesus Christ, who preached and practised poverty.

  21. I would also like to pose a story here of how I find differences between the choice to speak in tongues, and the overcoming of the Spirit into speaking in tongues.

    When I was a young junior high kid, I remember attending a youth conference downtown. The message was powerful, but the speaker did a puzzling thing. The speaker started going amongst the crowd and laying his hands on people and shouting some sort of prayers I couldn’t understand due to the scene being so puzzling. The speaker than does the unthinkable: he goes right to me, places his hand on my head, and shouts some prayer and I drop like a rock. I was not pushed, I didn’t even WANT to go down, but here’s where the strange thing happened. I was amongst a crowd, but I literally blanked out. When I came to my senses, I was lying on my back and 15 minutes had passed. I realized I had been weeping and I had been saying things. My mouth was moving, but I had no idea what was going on. When I became… self conscious again (best way to put it) I stopped “speaking”. It was all the result of whatever weird spiritual thing that happened to me.

    Nowadays, as a pastor myself, I can speak this “jibberish”. It’s something that I have to do, but often times it happens at the peak of being overcome by emotion or prayer.

    If you find skepticism to be the better of choices than that’s fine. Stick to what you believe to be wisest, but I just can’t reconcile this experience even amongst all my doubting. I was just fine before that night the dude put his hands on our foreheads. I didn’t even want to go down. Later in life amongst my doubts, I also concluded that the same intensity of skepticism towards God, when moved towards my certainty of my senses accurately portraying reality, or applying that same skepticism towards even man’s reasoning, I was in ruins. I was demanding more proof for God than I was out of anything else in my life. Should I use those same standards for skepticism towards the tools that allow me to reason, I disprove the very tools that give me the ability to prove or disprove!

    All I could provide was my personal experience in the most honest way I could. I doubt it will sway any minds, as I know it wouldn’t have swayed me in my strongest points of skepticism, but at least maybe you could understand where some believers are coming from with this.

    • I posted my last comment to the wrong thread above.

      I previously posted my experience. I agree with your comments. What is interesting is that everyone who has experienced this is not trying to sway anyone to believe that they are correct. It is a personal expierence that deepens that worship experience. Others who don’t experience it may have another avenue to deepen their relationship. The wonderful feeling that I get makes me feel the upmost joy for the Highest, and that is what I need to continue to serve.


    • Hi Chrispy

      We must remember that FEELINGS, EMOTIONS AND EXPERIENCES are not the things we should trust, use or believe as these can change within seconds or after a while. Therefore as the Word of God says all in 2 Timothy 3:16….profitable for reproof, correction….. we see that scripture is always constant.

      So if the word says that tongues have ceased and people are still finding the experience, one question to ask, Is it from God or Satan. Back to the word, if all false religions are also speaking in tongues, casting out demons, healing are the elect being deceived as well? Is it from God?


  22. The importance of language is to communicate.

    Is it not possible that if there really is a God, and if there really is a Spirit, that this God could have made it so that man’s Spirit’s communication to God REPLICATE natural speech? Supposing God were real of course, God doesn’t need this “Jibberish” to make natural sense, as long as the person doing it is doing it in communication to God and God the speaks to the Spirit.

    I just don’t find the argument “It doesn’t come out to be more than jibberish” to be a valid disproof. I’d think someone who wants to make that kind of statement needs to first prove God needs this spiritual communication to need to make sense naturally.

    (I find the conflict rises from trying to apply the rules of the natural to the supernatural. If there really is a supernatural, you cannot apply the rules of the natural to it. If it coincided with molecules, and energy, ect, it would simply be a statement of the natural. Yet an argument between the possibility of the supernatural is needed before any further discussion here is useful)

    • Last thing and I’ll shut up. I want to also point towards the purpose of tongues making sense to those around them. If there are others present where you are speaking in tongues, like the disciples, it makes sense that God may have it be an exact language to influence those around them. If not and its sole purpose is between you and God, why should it matter if your “tongues” make sense?

      If I were you I would think this answer sounds dodgy, but really I don’t find why tongues HAVE to always be speaking in a different language Biblically

      • I previously posted my experience. I agree with your comments. What is interesting is that everyone who has experienced this is not trying to sway anyone to believe that they are correct. It is a personal expierence that deepens that worship experience. Other who don’t experience may have another avenue to deepend their relationship. The wonderful feeling that I get makes me feel the upmost joy for the Highest, and that is what I need to continue to serve.


  23. People often laugh at, fear, and criticize that which they do not understand. To call it “meaningless babbling” is practically an ignorant statement (especially coming from one who hasnt experienced it). The language centers of the brain are ALSO inactive while speaking in tongues. And to clear up the disbelief, these centers are still ACTIVE when rambling that is not speaking in togues takes place. Which means these two concepts are different entirely. But , of course , i’m only 18 and the youth knows nothing about anything (sarcasm)…but if one is SEEKING TRUTH, view BOTH sides of the equation. Dont just come to a site TITLED “Skeptical Science”.

    • “The language centers of the brain are ALSO inactive while speaking in tongues.” This is a scientific statement, can you give a pointer to the original research?
      If the language centers are not involved, then speaking in tongues is not “speaking in unknown languages” but it is a flow of syllables from deeper layers, spontaneous, free expression.

  24. Hello…I actually got to this page BC I didn’t know what a “foursquare church” was. Anyhoo..I used to be steeped in the Baptist church…lots of fire and brimstone, every damn thing under the sun was a sin, youth group, camp, ad nauseum… And I believed every word…but I noticed something about my faith…I didn’t really seem to have any…every Sunday and Wednesday I would re-ask to be saved even though we were taught that you can’t become “un-saved” I was never sure if I actually meant it in my “heart of hearts” then I went to a friends church and watched people flopping around and speaking in tongues. I had no idea what was happening. I started doing it too BC I wanted to blend in and I was literally making the same sounds as the girl next to me and the pastor was thrilled I had been touched by god …that’s kinda when the honeymoon ended…if this was the language of the angels bestowed by god his own self then why was I ablehurt?, I guess thwart or make an imposter of myself in his presence. I started actually doing research for myself instead of just relying on the pastors interpretation of passages. I looked for discrepancies and found them everywhere. I panicked BC my family are all uber christian, but I never truly looked at the hypocrisy of my friends and family. TT ey were judgmental…and shallow and hateful…where was the love that Jesus preached? Also I immediately dropped the idea of original sin…if God is all loving, then the sin should at least wait until you are conscious of your actions…if god was all loving why did he flood the earth, or allow the Hebrews to be enslaved, if god has infinite patience, wisdom, and love why was there so much death associated with Christianity. Now I am not stupid I know that a lot of atrocious acts are carried out by imperfect us, but if he is all powerful and all knowing and everywhere at all times why does he allow us to hurt. Free will is a cop out argument I thought, BC what parent would willingly let their child hurt? I stopped believing in hell because no god would create such a place loving or not. I guess now I’m an agnostic at worst and a poly theist at best…after all even the bible acknowledges that there ARE other gods, he just wants to be king of the mountain…which is something I noticed several other religions wanted as well…who can say who is right? Only the dead and they aren’t blabbing it about. I’m glad I found your page, even if I am 2 years late to the convo…

    • You have been seriously deluded by your family of imposter-Christians.
      1) Did they tell you God was all-loving? His key attribute is holiness.
      2) God does not exist for the sole purpose of catering to your whims.
      3) Every “discrepancy that I am aware of has been addressed and shown to be bogus.
      4) Jesus can say who is right because he DID come back from the dead to tell about it.

  25. Why not let each other believe what they believe in. If it makes your life better and your surroundings then there is no harm in it. There is no good and bad in a perfect world.

  26. I was a skeptic until it happened to me.

    Being an introverted person, I don’t typically respond with “amen” and “preach, preacher” encouragement that many people yell out during service, so I could never fathom speaking in tongues. But what happened to me was, I was praying in during service when I started to feel this sensation of warmth and tingling in my body almost like pulsating. My stomach began to quiver (almost like a vibration) and contract a bit…I was wondering “what in the world is going on” but I loved this feeling and wanted more of it, so I kept praying. I started subtlely swaying back and forth (I’m still trying to be inconspicuous and no let anyone see this) and this utterance seemed to just come up out of nowhere –that I tried to keep silently contained by putting my hand over my mouth. The feeling still pulsating throughout my body. Then I let go. The sounds that came out of my mouth were flowing like it was another language. (I’ve tried to make up ‘language’ before and this is nothing like it.) I tried to stop but it just kept coming. I was conscious of the experience, yet I was in this state of bliss- total bliss like I had never seen or experienced before. Now whether that was a gift of the spirit or my own neurchemicals re-routing or decreasing in certain areas of my brain and body, what I do know is this: It was the most amazing and exhilarating experience that I have ever known. If you have never experienced it, I’m sorry that you don’t truly understand what it is like. I dont practice it everytime I pray, only when I truly feel that sensation in my body. For those Christians that say , ‘I stopped because I dont believe its real anymore’, and try to persuade others to believe the same. I believe that it’s just no longer new to you. I urge you to look in your Bible a Roman 14:1-23. verse 2-4 pretty much sums it up: “One person believes he may eat anything, while the weak person eats only vegetables. Let not the one who eats despise the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats, for God has welcomed him. Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another?

    And before I get response about ‘eating anything’ and ‘eating vegatables’ you can subsitute with “speaking in tongues”.

    • Like you comment very much! You write: “whether that was a gift of the spirit or my own neurchemicals re-routing or decreasing in certain areas of my brain and body”. I’d say: Both at the same time. All spiritual necessarily has a material manifestation if it affects us or is for us to take notice of it.

      The following statement does not refer to your story but is more general: It does not make sense to say that speaking in tongues is “just” a neuro-chemical effect. That is just the reductionist fallacy. No one would say a picture of Rembrandt is just light of different frequencies. All the interesting semantic layers are lost by such pointless reductionism which is nonetheless prevalent in discussions about brain and mind…

      • Your whole arguement hinges on “spirit”. What does “spirit” mean…really….I dont know of any peer reviewed study that has proven “spirit” the catch word for all that is not understood. A god of the gaps if you will.

        • I also do not know of such a peer reviewed study. I doubt any study will ever “prove” `”spirit” the catch word for all that is not understood’. As for instance, your comment (which is also not understood).

  27. Whenever I read the comments made by christians, I fall back on myself and try very hard to figure out the persistent why’s of their very strong superstition, they may as well be speaking in incomprehensible tongues as far as I’m concerned.
    These crazed ventriloquists for the god of the bible, seem painfully incapable of critical thinking or even reflecting on the harmful nature of their claims. Just from the above thread:
    “If God would reveal the hidden potential of His entire creation, mankind would commit suicide.” and “Science in interpretive and the evidence is tainted by the human experience.. God does not reveal himself or His Kingdom to imposters..”
    Hard to believe that progress has not made the slightest indent on so many deluded true believers who fervently continue to believe in hell, demons, and a tyrannical and basically impotent psychopathic god who created beings that it despises and ruthlessly kills in the most evil uncaring manner. (Except the special zombie christians of course, who win the free pass and get to go to psychopath’s heaven)
    I hate to break it to you all, but quoting meaningless scripture is not going to get you guys off the hook, you are not and will never be saved from the fate of all living creatures. Better get a life while you still can, stop dividing the world into them and us and do something more constructive in making the earth a better home for all its inhabitants. Whether you like or not, your unbelievable supernatural claims have been refuted and superseded by Science, get used to it. And no, science does not claim to have all the answers, but it has painstakingly developed and continues to develop a far more reliable method of investigating the nature of reality that is infinitely superior to a hundred million different garbled interpretations of a collection of ancient bits of Stone Age writings.

  28. Faith in God is your missing ingredient…Science is a futile notion in attempting to explain something of higher order or purpose.
    Romans 8:7 The carnal mind is enmity with God..
    Isaiah 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
    Mr. Gamble.. Faith begins where science ends.
    Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him..
    Science in interpretive and the evidence is tainted by the human experience.. God does not reveal himself or His Kingdom to imposters..
    John 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship him in spirit and truth.
    If God simply spoke the entire universe into existence, why base your own existence on another man’s observation or your own broken experience?
    If God would reveal the hidden potential of His entire creation, mankind would commit suicide.

    1 Corinthians 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

    • I can copy and paste a hundred scientific documents that disagree with everything you copied…key word COPIED….like they have done for ages. Copying and repeating something by a million others doesnt m ake it true…you do know that dont you? …mmm I thought not…try..just try…going a little wee bit deeper than copy and paste…look at refernces outside the bible that support your claim….oh…sorry…there are none.

      • Hi Dougal, if we assume for a moment that the collective testament is truthful to the described experience, can you, or the scientific method give an evidence based counter explanation for the hundreds of thousands who argue the cause of speaking in tongues as a supernatural experience? Is testimony not a legitimate source of evidence, and made even more plausible when independently collected? I would dismiss it more willingly if the testimony was constructed by a single organisation and hierarchy, but this simply isn’t the case. Individuals, unrelated to religious sect or institution have witnessed to the same experience over the past 2000 years. If you agreed, (which I assume you don’t) then surely the scientific community would be more fascinated to explain such a phenomenon and not just mock those who claim it be spiritual?

      • Confusion- You believe Australia (insert any country you have never visited) is there, yet you’ve never been there. You believe the pictures you’ve seen and the stories you’ve heard. That makes you a “copier” in your terms…

        If you want to discuss the realm of the “verifiable”, I’m afraid you cannot believe in anything written about history…

        Everybody uses standards to attack what they disagree with while not applying those same standards to their own beliefs or lives… this is just a common aspect of “cognitive dissonance”

        And I’m troubled by you claiming about things written outside of the Bible not supporting the Bible… you do realize that the Old Testament writings about cultural rules and cleanliness are constantly being proven to be healthy lifestyle choices far before they could have studied or proven it to be true.

        Many old testament prophecies, found in books dated/proven to have emerged before the prophecies took place, have come true such as the city of Tyre, the reunion of Israel, and the vast number of things the book of Isiah writes about Christ (Whom Josephus, who was not a Christian, verified as a Historian of Rome the credibility of the existence and “miracles” of Christ.

        What’s funny is that you are probably discussing the historical aspect of the Bible. Who can prove history? Your bias decides what you give credibility over (that’s not very scientific…)

        Final comment- I am following your posts around and commenting. You came here looking for a fight with your venomous childlike comments and you do not simply just get to “hit and run”.

        • This “scientific” logic is terribly flawed. While we both agree to believe Australia is there without ever visiting it ourselves, we also have the option of verifying this fact upon our own experimentation or by various evidence of proofs that don’t rely on personal testimony, meaning that at any point I can go and visit Australia or look at data that would verify it’s existence. The same cannot be said about God unfortunately. Ultimately, it seems to me that you’re applying an Existential perspective to your religious belief which in in its very nature is contradictory to belief in general.

  29. Being both scientist and Christian with exposure to and practice of “speaking in tongues”, I do not see the contradiction between the scientific and the religious explanation. True glossolalia goes with a heightened mental state (according to Dr. Felicitas Goodman), and feeling the connection to God is certainly a high mental state (beyond every-day, “normal” operation of the brain). Fake glossolalia lacks the heightened state. I can always do fake glossolalia; since I experienced glossolalia for the first time, I can voluntarily produce the “babble”. But this is certainly pointless: it like doing swimming movements without being in the water.
    Since we are living in a world of matter and are made of matter, everything spiritual has necessarily a material incarnation. There is no reason to believe something genuine spiritual is not happening only because something measurable, analyzable goes on in the brain.

  30. Incessant bible/Koran reading and repetitive religious indoctrination leads to severe emotional instability and mental illness. Tongue babbling, belief in demons and hell and other unwholesome superstitious nonsense just means you’re barking mad and you should be locked up in a nicely padded cell for the safety of all sane people.

    • Indeed one day this may happen. It will be after a new age of enlightenment when superstitious belief systems are no longer widely accepted. Anyone witnessed to speak in tongues will be seen as having a mental illness.

  31. I have heard about ‘speaking in tongue’ for years but have never seen or heard anyone do it. I have not concioulsy done it. However, for many years right through until today I often wake myself up becasue I am talking. It is not a language I know and I do not speak any other language. What I hear is never realted to a dream. It is like I’m on a beach with my eyes closed and I hear what is going on but there is no thought. Over the years I have heard and members of my family have heard three seperate voices. A normal tone speaking voice, a gutteral voice and a voice tha is soft almost like a wisper. It is not english, it is not anyting I know. It is articualte, it has a cadance like a language. It starts and stops. My family says it is like hearing one side of a conversation. To me this has nothing to do with God or religion but I sure would like to understand it. I have finally gotten some recording of it and after I get get the tape enhanced I hope to take it to a linguist at one of the universities to see what (if anything) they can tell me. I just ope someone would take a serious approach toward it. If it is jibberious–fine–tell me that. If it isn’t then what is it?

    • What you describe, Bob, does sound similar to my experience in some ways, especially when you say, “It is articulate, it has a cadence like a language.” It may or may not have anything to do with God. I have heard that the devil can also cause this phenomenon to occur.

      • Confusion- You posing a “natural problem” to an event someone claims to be supernatural.

        “My dad supernaturally flew”!-

        Your response- “People cannot naturally fly”

        My thoughts- He didn’t say it was natural… why bring that aspect up. You’d be better off arguing that the supernatural can’t happen, than to give useless responses like that…

  32. I have a very close friend that lived in Mexico for a while and attended a church there. Nobody at the church could speak English except my friend and one other woman but even they didn’t speak well. At one service a girl began to speak in tongues and my friend heard her and new that she couldn’t understand English let alone speak it however when she began to speak in tongues it was in English and my friend was able to understand parts of what she was saying. How does hard solid scientific proof explain something like that?

    • It’s easy to explain: your friend made up a fanciful story or added some flowery details to a more mundane event, and knew you would buy it because it had something to do with God. You take the concept (and identity) of God as automatically true and choose to judge your friend’s story through the lens of that assumption, allowing yourself to believe anything so long as it reinforces your own preconceptions and ignoring the many other more plausible explanations for a story with dubious factual basis. You also distrust science whenever it conflicts with your beliefs, and likely accuse those who trust in it to also be working in a purely faithful framework (comparing their acceptance of science as equivalent to your acceptance of faith), while forgetting that it is trust in sound logic, not blind faith in supernatural fictions or hearsay, that allows a generally rational person to reach logically consistent and reasonable conclusions based in evidence. Anticipating a hostile response especially to these last comments, I’d like to clarify that I am not saying that all faith in God or a similar theological figure is inherently wrong or incompatible with logic; merely that while faith may serve a valuable purpose in attempting to address questions that have not yet been answered, it becomes problematic and irrational when those questions have been answered, yet one still allows faith to determine one’s belief in place of logic and scientific explanation.

      • But yet you are guilty of the same things you accuse your opponent of. Perhaps you see the world through a naturalistic (there is no super nature) lens and so you believe something beyond what you could know (this is a silly story)

        And if you can dismiss a story based upon a worldview opinion, we can dismiss your opinion due to our worldview as well -_-

  33. When I spoke in tongues for the first time, I was not even seeking it. I was being prayed for in a quiet ( very non-hyped ) situation 1 on 1 where if anything I was feeling underwhelmed and non inspired. I was however adamantly seeking God’s purpose in my life. At first I actually thought someone else had joined us praying in another language, then surprised and being aware that these words were coming from my own mouth I embraced them and spoke it out with gusto. This caused an overwhelming experience of joy. Since that time I have seen many what I would call “fake” this experience to fit in as you describe. Other versions bordered on hysteria or being hyped up, but for myself it was totally unprompted so I am comfortable to accept it for as it was, a genuine encounter of God. Since that time I have not been able to replicate that exact experience… That first encounter was defining and instant, it completely changed me. An indescribable experience that I cannot replicate or manifest in any other way. I can and continue to speak those words (or at least I think they are similar) as prompted in prayer but it is not the same.

    I am rationale thinker. I have explored all the possibilities of a chemical trick in my brain to name a few – these are indeed possible realities. So that’s where faith comes into it and I choose to believe and find plausable evidence in the testimony of many others who have also encountered God in this way.

    • I do truly understand where you are coming from Dan … having once been in the mix, I’ve also been there and have indeed experienced something very similar to what you are describing.

      Today, I no longer believe and appreciate that what I had done was to simply fool myself. Beliefs are like that, they can and do play psychological tricks with the human mind. I also understand why you have opted for faith, it is the natural outcome when you are emotionally invested in a specific belief … when all about you tell you it is true, when you would loose friends if you did not, when you have a book that tells you it is true, when you have given a lot of time to it, then just accepting it is quite understandable.

      When I spoke in tongues, I was quite sure it was real … now that I am no longer a believer and have a better understanding of the psychology, I understand that I had simply fooled myself.

      I’m now an atheist … and yet, I can still speak in tongues, but nothing supernatural is going on.

      • Hi Dave – Fair enough, I can see how you’ve rationalised away faith in context but if your experience is indeed similar to mine I find it interesting that you’ve put it down to a physiological trick. Were you led to speak in tongues by another? Were you involved in a group that practiced this?

        The first instance (or event) I’m describing I cannot describe “as fooling myself” or a trick with the evidence presented to me. I would be more sympathetic to that possibility if the following were not true… 1) I wasn’t seeking the experience, 2) I never attempted it before, 3) it came out of nowhere… it was like a light switch went on, no build up, nothing. I have since seen many Pentecostals work themselves up, they encourage others to start babbling as to get it started. There is a lot of peer pressure in those situations. However, for me I was speaking in tongues before I even knew it or recognized it. I have met many with similar testimony with one thing in common, they are seeking God for who he is, not what he can do for them.

        The emotional response (and while emotional has a stigma, it was is a natural and valid reaction of this manifestation) was indescribable and I’ve never felt that level of intense overwhelming love/joy/excitement ever since. I simply describe the speaking of tongues as the reaction of not knowing what to say in thankfulness to the experience or glimpse of Gods presence.

        (All respect to you and how you approach Christians in non-threatening or argumentative ways.)

      • I agree with you 100%, Dave. As a preacher’s daughter raised in the Pentecostal church, I have extensive experience in this subject. Once I researched, considered, and discussed at length why we did the things we did, I left the church and now consider myself an atheist. I believe tongues are a product of euphoria brought on by higher-than-normal dopamine levels. The feeling one experiences in a loud, more demonstrative church is very similar to being in the middle of a large, excited group in a demonstration or a concert. Now that I understand the science behind it, it’s no longer some mystic occurrence and I don’t question my choices by someone who claims to have “experienced the power of God” because I know exactly what they’re talking about. ;-)

  34. Interesting comment Michael … however, I would still argue that it is not evidence for anything supernatural.

    Having been personally inside a Pentecostal church for several decades, I am well aware of what goes on. Having also personally practised speaking-in-tongues myself, I am also aware of how easy it is to fool yourself.

    What you are experiencing is what happens as you ride the crest of an emotional wave. The religious experience is indeed eaisly replicated by simulating the appropriate parts of the human brain.

  35. I do not deny that some, perhaps many, of those who say they speak in tongues may be faking it to fit in to a group that practices speaking in tongues. However, my own experience has been radically different.

    In my case, I tried very hard to fight against the urge to speak in tongues, exerting every scrap of willpower I could find to try to prevent myself from doing it, but still did it despite my best efforts to the contrary.

    This may not make sense to you, but that was my experience, and your theory does not seem to explain it.

    • In my experience, I can choose to speak in tongues, but there are also times when I am in prayer and it just comes over me and flowing out of me and in those times it is so powerful and I know it is real because I feel something in my spirit and begin to weep because of the intimacy felt between me and God. It is also good to focus on God when you are speaking in tongues. If I am thinking of other things and not focused on God, I don’t feel the intimacy or heat all around me. Sometimes I also have tingling or goosebumps.

  36. Hi jcw … yep, I can still do it … and nope, it does not have the same emotional impact, but I could indeed attend a Pentecostal meeting and blend right in if I choose to be dishonest and pretend I was one of them.

    If writing a paper on this, then you should check out the following …
    – Samarin, William J. (1972). Tongues of Men and Angels: The Religious Language of Pentecostalism. New York: Macmillan
    – Spanos, Nicholas P.; Cross, Wendy P.; Lepage, Mark; Coristine, Marjorie (February 1986). “Glossolalia as learned behavior: An experimental demonstration”. Journal of Abnormal Psychology 95
    – Goodman, Felicitas D. (1972). Speaking in Tongues: A Cross-Cultural Study in Glossolalia. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    And also, as you have already discovered, google is your friend.

    Oh and this Wikipedia article may also be of interest, but do not cite it as a source, doing so will get you no marks. Instead use it to mine credible references that you can then go and research.

  37. I’d like to know if you can still “speak in tongues” now and if it sounds and feels the same as it did when you were a believer/practitioner. Thanks, I’m writing a paper on this for my linguistics class.

  38. Ah … I see “dickson addo” is playing the “No true Scotsman…” fallacy.

    Claim he presents …
    – “True” christians will always remain “true” christians

    Evidence presented to verify this claim …
    – Zero.

  39. if you truly want to find the truth then die and see for it is impossible for a believer who has tasted CHRIST JESUS and the power of his name to backslide and come back to CHRIST.GOD haVE mercy on you and have a change of mind.

  40. MORE!!!! I’ve also heard these words before, some seem same but others seem different, where there are more words and more of them are different. Some people will speak the same 10 words in different sequences. I’m wondering if these words sound the same in other languages.

  41. James asks …

    // Why would Jesus or any other person go through such torture just to prove he is Son of God? If he’s just a lunatic or extremist //
    Outside of the 4 gospels, there is no evidence that he chose to do this to prove that he is the son of god. It should also be noted that people often do choose to die for a belief, even a false one, for example 9/11

    // Can science really explain demonic possessions? //
    Yes indeed it can. Brain Chemistry is very complex, and any flaws can indeed cause this to happen.

    Finally, regarding the speaking in tongues … a story repeated after a 20 year gap. I’ve personally seen folks repeat the details for an incident I actually saw and noted how details had changed and evolved to make it a better story. Our memories can be fooled, we can fool ourselves … if somebody tells us a story, and it is a good story, we tend to repeat it and also adapt it. Find the Indian lady in question and if she does indeed confirm the details, then you have something interesting, but as with all such stories … it was long ago and she will not be available or known, so I remain skeptical.

  42. Hi, I’m writing from Asia. I’ve been a faithful Christian for several years but am recently feeling a lost of faith. While David Coming’s book seems really convincing that the concept of God could be ‘man made’, there are some questions that still make me hopeful that there’s a God.

    For example: #1-Why would Jesus or any other person go through such torture just to prove he is Son of God? If he’s just a lunatic or extremist, wouldn’t his teachings and wisdom throughout the NT be a contradiction to this suicidal  and seemingly pointless act on the cross? With his charisma and wisdom, he could easily raise a rebellion and gain lots of money and power. If he’s a fraud, why would he want to kill himself? 

     #2 – Can science really explain demonic possessions? My church had the experience of witnessing a young girl who transformed from a totally decent kid into a foul mouth ‘demonic’ and violent person. The transformation was so drastic and scary that the folks who witnessed this still shudders to recall this incident. An exorcism was performed and the girl became normal again.

    #3 – This is about speaking in Tongues. An elder in my church related an incident that happened more than 20 years ago when he was still a youth. He and 3 other Chinese boys were in the sanctuary when they noticed an Indian lady sobbing and praying in distress. Moved by her sadness, they approached her to ask if they can pray for her problems. She replied that it was too complicated and did not reveal any details but she let them pray anyway. Minutes into the prayers, one of the boys started to speak in tongues. He had no prior experience in tongues and his friends were shocked. What was even more shocking was that the Indian lady could understand every word that he prayed. She recognised it as a rare indian dialect that she hasn’t heard in a long while and his prayers were edifying to her. The bible taught that real Tongue speaking serves to edify those in distress. Also, only people who has the gift of interpretaion can understand the speaker. 

    Sorry for the long letter.  I appreciate your thoughts in this. Thank you. 

    • I am a believer. The enemy tries to come at me with doubt too, but I know that doubt opens a doorway for the demonic. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” Proverbs 14:12
      Remember that satan is a liar, the father of lies. If it goes against the Word of God, it is a lie. God requires faith from us, not doubt. Even when our world seems to crumble we must remember, we walk by faith and not by sight! “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17

      The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. He is a brilliant fallen angel who can appear as an angel of light. He can offer you a bite from the tree of “the knowledge of good and evil” but it is corrupt. God’s word is the only truth! Search the scriptures and meditate on God’s word. Do not allow the enemy to corrupt your thinking. Jesus is real, He loves you and has a plan for you! Never give up. Do not be deceived. satan hates mankind and wants to drag as many of us as the pit as he can.
      “Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons.” 1 Timothy 4:1
      “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7
      “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

      I have heard many great testimonies about people speaking in tongues! Some of it is real and some of it is fake. Some people just do it to try and fit in and others truly have the gift. I used to think it was silly and made up and now I have the gift because God put the desire in me and then I started moving my mouth in faith. Amen!

      Please watch these video on supernatural languages. They will blow you away! Be blessed brother in Christ. Amen! All praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


      • Sid Roth mentioned tongues in Acts 2. Yes what was the reason ? The law Moses old covenant brought down the 10 commandments what happened? 3000 died. The Holy Spirit comes New covenant 3000 saved!!!! The sign gifts were for a specific time for specific purpose. What was the reason for the sign gifts? The Jews needed a sign and the Greeks needed knowledge???

        Sid says that Paul could heal anyone, also by hankie chiefs and so on. But 1 Corinthians says that tongues, prophesy and knowledge would cease. Well was it not ceasing ALREADY later in Pauls ministry??? We see that he could not heal his co-worker Epaphroditus,Phil 2: 25-27 … and Timothy (1 timothy 5:23) …..and Paul had to leave Trophimus behind as he had got sick 2 Timothy 4:20.

        Is this not enough proof that the sign gifts were ceasing????

    • I feel very sad for you because you have been drawn into a false religion. No one today has gifts it ended with the disciples. If you study your bible properly and cross reference the scriptures and pray sincerely for help Jehovah God will give you insight. If you hear voices or feel yourself being touched then something is wrong….only satan does that.
      I pray for God to help you.

    • 1. Does Jesus exist? Also, God is all powerful and good. Why would he have a place such as hell? People may not like me, but I’ve never wished them to be hurt or injured just because they didn’t want to be my friends. Why is the christian god so … pathetic? Also, why wouldn’t he have planned something a little less mediocre than a few hours of torture. There are human beings who have suffered far worse than Jesus ever did. There are innocent people who have starved to death, been raped, been flogged, had their nails pulled out, had their skin flayed off….. These people have begged for death and they survived for more than a few hours. As was carved in a holocaust well, one jewish person wrote this .. paraphrased from memory… I won’t ask for forgiveness from God. God will have to ask forgiveness from me. (There were people who thought that killing the Jewish people was immoral. They risked their lives, their human lives, and their freedom to help. Yet, God, who created heaven and earth, couldn’t bother. Don’t play the free will card. I would hope that if you saw a man raping a 5 year old girl, you would do everything in your power to stop that man and his free will of raping a girl. Why can’t we hold your god to minimum moral standards?)

      2. demonic possession? How do you know that it isn’t some sort of psychological trauma? It’s interesting that the victim of demonic possession is often a young girl. Young girls tend to be raised as highly empathetic and sensitive. (How often do you condition your boys to behave well rather than going with the old “boys will be boys”? How often do you use social and conditional pressure to create a “perfect princess? If that’s not grounds for mental torture, I don’t know what is. Imagine what it would be like to be constantly molded and forced to act against your own wishes and desires. To have to be a perfect little princess. Don’t slip, not even once…. What a mind fuck!)

      They also tend to be a class of people that are often abused, especially sexually. I think it more likely that the girl underwent a brutal mind fuck by your church and decided to suppress true memories of sexual abuse, probably by someone in the church. (You’d be surprised how much sexual abuse occurs in churches. Most of the time, people hide the information. Pedophilia, bestiality, rape – these are all common in churches unfortunately. Don’t believe me. Just look up all the times there has been sex abuse. Generally, it is the pastor who has raped or sexually abused the children. They get away with it because … I don’t know why.)

      3. How do you know that the elder in your church isn’t lying? Not only that – China and india are neighbors. The human mind is an extraordinary organ. We have instances of people with brain injuries who come out of it speaking with a French accent. Please note, the person with the french accent was a British speaker and had never spoken french before. This isn’t just one case but we have several just like it. Perhaps this boy subconsciously recognized the dialect by being primed by the indian woman? Then, in a state of psychological “PCP”, he started babbling in a language that he had already been exposed to?

      Babbling in tongues – if a god existed, and that god was good, he would have made it a far more permanent skill. Think how effective it would be if you wanted to be a missionary and instead of spending weeks, months, years learning a language, you magically learned that language. Think how many people you could convert.

      • I assume you posted in order to get the opposing sides take on your objections l. I’ll attempt to answer the objections I find to hold an attack against the faith as a whole, rather than just the simple speaking in tongues.

        Your entire complaints revolve around the goodness of God. Why would an all loving Being allow horror and trauma to exist in His universe, and why would he not just step in every time to prevent atrocities?

        I’m obviously not God, but I can give rational reasons to these objections that are probably true of God.

        The world you would desire would be a world less educated or free than the one that we live in. You have said you do not like the “free will” argument, and I assume you don’t like it because to you it deflects responsibility from God to man, and according to your thoughts on God’s goodness, it’s apparent any type of “deflection” is absurd because it’s not man’s fault.

        Yet to only look at the horrendous misuse of free will, you fail to see the benefit of it. We cannot truly do anything independently good unless we know the difference between good and evil and have equal opportunity to do both. If we could only do good, evil would not exist, and therefore goodness could not be understood or appreciated unless we held a hatred for its opposite. (We only know things to exist because we can compare it to other different existences ie: we know light exists because we can contrast it towards its lack of existence/darkness)

        So if the type of universe that allows evil to exist becomes a necessity for good to exist, than we have a set stage that can’t be touched. The natural must go on as the norm. IF you and I were playing a chess game, I could let you brake a rule or two to keep the game going, but if I let you brake a rule every turn you or I did something we didn’t like, there would be no chess game. To allow you to do good, you must be allowed to do evil, or your actions are no longer good or evil.

        And so you might argue is the pain of evil worth the joy of good? Considering the fact that love and hate come from good/evil, I could only imagine a universe without good/evil to be empty robotics- all inner joys for us as a creature become an impossibility.

        If God is omnipotent why couldn’t he just skip this step, and make us all fully able to choose yet never desiring to choose evil? Well there is an additional aspect- we are made to love what is good. The Christian faith gets man to examine the evil he has done, and to further understand the goodness of God because we have not been very good creatures (which in the end starts to shape us into good creatures) in all of our best intentions, we have still acted selfishly, reacting out of pain, the entire way. We know what’s right and love to profit ourselves rather than do right quite often. If there is no greater joy in this universe than to love God, and the only way this can come about is for Him to show His goodness in a world where evil exists(strongly), than the most loving thing to do is to do what it takes for the most possible joy for His creatures whom He loves.

        As far as hell is concerned, I’d recommend looking into some of the Greek meanings for hell, as I’ve taken the descriptions given to be mostly metaphorical (a place that holds every biblical description couldn’t physically exist, so if the words are meant to be descriptive, than metaphor is fair game). I’d also encourage you to read “The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis, where he speculated that the gates of hell are closed from the inside to keep God out.

        This was a long read but unfortunately such short questions can have such long answers. Hope this helps alleviate (yet I strongly doubt solves) some of your objections.

  43. Anon, the New Testament example is clear, on the day of Pentecost all who spoke in tongues where understood. In this case, the modern form … “simply making up words”, is by your own definition meaningless babbling. The hard scientific fact here is that is all that is going on. Tacking on words such as “spiritual” does nothing except confirm that it is a delusion, it does not describe anything measurable or real.

    The other challenge you face is that the bible also claims .. 1 Cor 14.22 that “tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not” … well I don’t believe, so in exactly what way does meaningless babbling become a sign for me? Now if somebody started speaking a language they had never been exposed to, I’d be impressed, but there is no evidence that has ever happened.

      • I’ll get together $100,000 given to any charity he likes if this Sid Roth can have a proper conversation with any 3 languages of my choice. Or is he just a good old-fashioned liar?

      • Sid Roth mentioned tongues in Acts 2. Yes what was the reason ? The law Moses old covenant brought down the 10 commandments what happened? 3000 died. The Holy Spirit comes New covenant 3000 saved!!!! The sign gifts were for a specific time for specific purpose. What was the reason for the sign gifts? The Jews needed a sign and the Greeks needed knowledge???

        Sid says that Paul could heal anyone, also by hankie chiefs and so on. But 1 Corinthians says that tongues, prophesy and knowledge would cease. Well was it not ceasing ALREADY later in Pauls ministry??? We see that he could not heal his co-worker Epaphroditus,Phil 2: 25-27 … and Timothy (1 timothy 5:23) …..and Paul had to leave Trophimus behind as he had got sick 2 Timothy 4:20.

        Is this not enough proof that the sign gifts were ceasing????

        • This is a great discussion, so thanks to Dave for starting it. This is of course a ‘skeptics’ website so most of the critics of ‘the gift of tongues’ would also not believe in ANYTHING supernatural, neither God nor gift. So I thank you non-believers for at least hearing the Pentecostal case although you think it nonsense. Critics must admit the Bible records in a number of passages the phenomenon of ‘speaking in tongues’. So can we at least agree that this phenomenon occurred among the first Christians? From the book of Acts and the letter to the Corinthians we can surmise that is was also common in the early churches. The next point to establish from the Bible is that there were various ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and they were not confined to church leaders. Yes there has been confusion as to the use and purpose of the gifts (obvious from the Corinthian letter) which has carried throughout the gospel age. I will make further comment when I have time.

    • You really should know…. i understand your concept but you don’t know what you are saying…without disrespect.
      When you receive the Holy Spirit a lot of things wil cross your mind for you to disbelieve, thats how the mind works. Science now however does prove speaking in tongues. you can make anything scientific by massaging data but you cannot deny that when starting to speak in tongues you’re tongue starts to tighten and starts moving corruptly and then blows into another language. what about the people who come to revival fellowships before seeing or hearing anyone speaking in tongues, is showed the scriptures that receiving is essential :John 3:3 and explained that you need to start saying ‘Hallelujah’. they then come back and state the exact feelings and coincidents to the rest.. disprove that with science then get back to me.

  44. You’ve completely missed the point. Those who speak in tongues usually don’t understand what they are saying, nor do any specific “words” have to mean one thing.

    Sure, I don’t understand it fully myself – But anyone can make up words and speak them – Just ask any child. But the fact is that it’s a spiritual connection, and the “words” used don’t relate to anything of any other language. Remember, it’s not something of this world.

    Lastly, you’re welcome to your opinions – But don’t claim something to be “hard solid scientific proof that it is not real” when you don’t see the full picture.

    • Having received the gift of speaking in tongue had nothing to do with any conscious or subconscious thought from me at all such as fitting in etc. I had simply asked God to forgive me for rejecting Him out of my life due to anger. When I did this I experienced a sensation that could not be put into words so I won’t try.
      I had never attended a Pentecostal church in my life.

      The next Sunday I being Catholic attended Mass and was a bit troubled by the fact when I tried to say my prayers words came out I did not recognize and yet I felt very connected to God. it just did not make sense to me. Later on in the week. I had a dream about a church I had never attended or seen and when sharing my dream with a friend she said it looked like a Church in another town not too far away but in an area I had never traveled . I got directions from her and when I saw it it was the church in my dream and yes it was Pentecostal. I have attended there many years now and have come to understand my wonderful gift and the many others I have received.

      I’m not saying all this happened overnight it has taken me years of reading my Bible to just begin to understand our Divine Creator and honestly I believe He is and always will be beyond complete human understanding. The Bible states we will know
      all things when we stand before God. However I have found the Bible to be a personal means of communication to comfort and guide me in how to live my life . Why must people continually degrade the things they cannot prove or understand

      The problem I see with the person who wrote this article is he/she gave up before he made the real connection or maybe like he/she said he discovered he was doing it to fit in..and I’m not judging here but gifts of the Holy Spirit are not done they are given.. I’m not saying I’m special or sinless I’m not. I’m just forever grateful for all that I have received from my loving Father His Son and the Holy Spirit..

      • Tongues in Acts 2. Yes what was the reason ? The law Moses old covenant brought down the 10 commandments what happened? 3000 died. The Holy Spirit comes New covenant 3000 saved!!!! The sign gifts were for a specific time for specific purpose. What was the reason for the sign gifts? The Jews needed a sign and the Greeks needed knowledge???

        Paul could heal anyone, also by hankie chiefs and so on. But 1 Corinthians says that tongues, prophesy and knowledge would cease. Well was it not ceasing ALREADY later in Pauls ministry??? We see that he could not heal his co-worker Epaphroditus,Phil 2: 25-27 … and Timothy (1 timothy 5:23) …..and Paul had to leave Trophimus behind as he had got sick 2 Timothy 4:20.

        Is this not enough proof that the sign gifts were ceasing????

        QUESTION IF IT DID CEASE, WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY???? False counterfeit tongues? Evil Spirits? If you do not KNOW what you are doing then you could be cursing GOD?

        God allowed tongues and HE also reprimanded tongues. WHY ? What did they have to do if they spoke in tongues ????? 1 Corinthians 12 let there be two or three, must be interpreted, woman not allowed to speak in tongues ?

    • I think you miss the point that this man is a specialist. ….also the disciples spoke only in known languages and not some unrecognisable muttering. If you people won’t except facts there really is no hope for you.

      • If you have never experienced it your really in the Dark about commenting on it. if the Holy Spirit has come upon you with the Gift of Unknown tongues, then you know the power is real and not imagined. You feel the actual physical, yes, Physical I said, presence of the Holy Spirit. It is not imagined, It is very real. Those who have it have power descending on them just as Jesus said, “you shall recieve Power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you”. This Power moves Mountains, It is the all Powerful Living God Living inside of you! making his presence known to his children. Enabling them to do all things as his Power strenghthens them. Of course you think it is ridiculous because you have never experienced it, But for those of us who have, and Continue in it, The Power Is Real! Not a figment of our imaginations! Peace!

        • People who heard the apostles speak recognized the language. They could understand it. It would be like a Chinese person babbling in French or Russian and someone who is a native speaker of French or Russian could understand it. Or a monolingual English speaker speaking perfect Japanese. If you are babbling in tongues and it is unrecognizable, than it isn’t the same as what is recorded in the Bible.

          I’ve met people who have babbled in tongues and now, they’ve come to recognize that it was a delusion that their mind played on them. So next time someone claims to babble in tongues, record it and broadcast it. Someone, somewhere should recognize the words and be able to point out what it means. Preferably – a language that many people have a consensus is that language. What’s the point of babbling if you aren’t communicating something. If it’s not communicating something intelligible, it’s just bs that no different from a baby babbling and making noises. I find it odd that all those people haven’t yet babbled in a recognized language that a bystander would instantly recognize.

          Don’t underestimate the ability to self-deceive and to do extraordinary deeds. There are hindus who can walk on burning coals. I’ve yet to see a christian be able to do that. I’ve seen buddhist monks who can do amazing physical acts. I have yet to see a christian do that. Instead, we get the cheap target version of extraordinary – i.e. the incoherent babbling of tongues. (You do realize that the ancient Sibyls – ancient Greek and Roman oracles – used to babble in tongues as well. Christians are just one in a long line of people who babble in tongues.)

  45. Exactly, I perceive this ‘language of the angels’ as rather a stress relieving technique rather than an actual communication. The Frontal Lobe is shown to be inactive when performing tongues. That means that you are not thinking at all whatsoever. It’s easy to jib jab random sounds without using the noggin. It’s a bit complicated to recite real language, even when you have lived with it all your life. It takes thinking. I read some statistics by Evangelical Church websites that say that children who recite tongues are more emotionally stable. This is because every time they jib jab, they are releasing stress off their minds. There is a similar technique in which writers relieve writing stress by writing down whatever is at the top of their heads for five minutes and they end up with pretty ‘interesting’ results. I would rather not try to speak in Tongues because people would probably consider me retarded.

    • speaking in tongues builds you [ Jude 1:20]and its the only way god asking you and me to worship him, because he is a spirit and he is expecting from us ….
      1]question if he did not gave us? how can he expect out of us ?
      2] if you are not speaking in tongues you are not in the worship list of god?
      3]well Eph 1:3 declares he blessed us with ALL spiritual gifts in the heavenly places in jesus…..
      4]the gift of tongues is one of them in 9 spiritual gifts from god…..
      5]when i got baptized i remember what the holy bible says in acts 2:38…..
      brother don’t foolishly speak anything out of your mind …just obey the word of god and be blessed….

      • Hi do you take every thought captive? If tongues must interpreted in the church, would it be helping satan as he would now understand the secret heavenly language?
        Did Paul speak more earthly or heavenly languages?

        • Lawless deception, Pentecostals teach you how to let go of yourself and babble, the true Holy Spirit was real languages that’s a miracle and of value. Tongues that can be duplicated as babble within 20 minutes is not a miracle, true miracles cannot be duplicated. All denominations are evil and lawless, the church in the wilderness is the true church Jewish Christianity

      • Hi Is Jude 1:20 refer to speaking in tongues?
        Eph 1:3 Do we all have all the gifts?
        If the bible says NOT all speak in tongues, are you more blessed than me as you can build up yourself, you can worship God the way he wants it?


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