Proof that Zombies really do exist

  • Did you know that there is proof that zombies really exist, and that there are millions of people all around the planet who truly believe that the evidence is irrefutable? Indeed yes, its all documented in the bible.

In Mathew’s fictitious account of a Jewish Messiah, it reads as follows …

And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many. – Matthew 27:51-53

So there are a couple of observations here …

  • We have an earthquake
  • We have zombies – Dead people rose up and wandered into the city

Now all this is quite a surprise, especially to all of the contemporary writers, because none of them appears to have noticed. I don’t know about you, but for me both a earthquake and also night of the living dead are events that would tend to attract a bit of attention.

Its not the sole zombie example, we also have Lazarus (John 11), the passage in the book of Revelations (11:10-11) that describes a supposed future event in which two dead prophets rise up and strike terror into all, and also Zechariah 14:12 where we read …

their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, and their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouth.  On that day a large-scale panic from the LORD will spread among them. One person will grab the hand of another, and one will attack the other.

It can of course be argued that both Zechariah, and also Revelations are symbolic and not describing literal events, but you cannot make that claim for Matthew, it claims to be an accurate historical record. So you are faced with a rather stark choice:

  • Either its accurate and there really was an earthquake and zombies
  • Or its not accurate

Given that there is not one other single mention by any other contemporary writer, and the fact that dead people don’t rise up, the only rational conclusion is that it is not accurate.

This of course presents a direct challenge to any who advocate  the Bible to be a book of truth.

  • Some view it as divinely inspired and that every word is true – yet here we have irrefutable proof, evidence from its own pages, that this is simply not true.
  • Some view it as a sacred text, just not a text that communicates the unaltered word of God. They see it instead as true, divinely inspired theology mixed with foreign elements that can sometimes be inconsistent. If so, then who gets to decide what is truth? You are placed into a position of the self-elected elite telling you what to believe (and all such positions have not one single jot of evidence to support them)
  • Some view it as a truly human product – propaganda crafted from the minds of men to persuade you to embrace a specific belief

I suspect you can guess which of these is the only credible rational position.

Believers, when faced with this challenge, argue that this part of Matthew did not ‘literally’ happen; that it is perhaps inspired by scripture (Ezekiel 37) and is not to be taken as factual reporting. But when it comes to anything else in Matthew, such an allegorical reading becomes deeply unpopular (gosh what a surprise). Nope, sorry you don’t please to play this get-out-of-jail free card, just to duck the issue.

Hat tip to PZ Myers, who blogged about this infamous zombie reference a few days ago, where he observes …

Somebody ought to turn it into a novel — you’ll have both the evangelical Christian audience and the graphic horror audience at the same time! Think how much fun the book signings would be!

Now, to finish this off, does anybody know of any biblical references to the Umbrella Corp?

61 thoughts on “Proof that Zombies really do exist”

  1. dead people can not rise from the dead. There is this virus called the Solonum virus which reanimates a human after 24 hours turning them into a zombie. No one can reappear from the dead. A zombie has the strength from the human it is in. Meaning if a human can not dig out of a six foot deep grave, neither can a zombie. Also this person needs to be alive reanimating them into a zombie. There are many historical entries on ”zombies” being real.

  2. Well Matthew does not say that the saints rose up and began to bite people but it says they appeared to many…… They may b in the form of spirit and allow themselves to be seen by other people

    • i think no body can rise from the dead …a bible is written by a human like us so we cant rely on the information it has as far as there no proof that jesus existed then all this is false unless one of his reletives by blood exist am with anon ,,,zombies are coused by viruses

  3. zombies do exist because there are some of the scientific disease by which a zombie apocalypse could happen………

  4. A recently published scientific theory not only might support the existence of zombie, but further extend such concept to the whole humakind. ( Human’s anatomo-functional structure is described as a kind of Trojan Horse, an instrument or vehicle, constructed and commanded (like a sort of zombies) by complex synergistic interactions among different levels of developed microbial societies aimed at pursuing Panspermia.

  5. zombies dont exist thats not worthy to be called an explanation.what the bible meant wasnt zombies.zombies are rumors only.the word ZOMBIE came from the movie the night of the living dead.actually the director called them ghouls but viewers called them zombies for the word to spread out,

  6. Zombies aren’t real.It didin’t said in the bible.first of all ,not enouf eveidents. Second, it ONLY HAPPENS TO INSECTS!!!!! Thats dumb.

  7. I’m not sure if zombies do really exist I will try a expermint
    But if zombies do exist I should make are house a safe
    House and make traps for the zombies and throw bricks
    Trust me I am strong

  8. You both are piers nobody saw nothing wen body awakane liers the bible say body’s will be awakend if they deserve to alive and contest what they do wrong in there life and the right thing they did and also the worlds never ends is people and god comes when he has to or wenever he want cuzz the only what god show in ya people to respect and care and contest everything that they has done in their life!!!!

  9. you all know, its very hard to change the heart of a man and make it believe, all you have to do is to explain to him, and let him take it in or leave it…..for a man’s faith lays within his thoughts…I do believe in bibles, God and his son exists so as other living the bible talks about!

    • Personally I’d far rather believe the things that actually have evidence to verify that they are true.

      I get that people believe, but often they do so for cultural and emotional reasons, and not because it is actually true at all.

  10. Who cares if you don’t believe in this and he doesn’t believe in that. If god didn’t exist we wouldn’t be here right now.

  11. hey u said somebody saw zombies thats why the movies are being made
    ..but …then …somebody might also have seen batman ..superman ..thats why they created ….but no body is superman here hannnn

  12. Okay, to all of you who think this is all fake, why would there be movies, books, articles, comics,.etc. They’re not. How do you think that people are able to describe zombies actions or are able to know what the zombies look like? Because, Hello, are person might have seen one and that is why it is in articles. You also can’t just see something like this and think” That oh this is a zombie.” all of the sudden, it has to have history, it has to be known, so that is why they have a name and are mentioned and in case you haven’t noticed.. There are new diseases and viruses that are going around and the mosquitos are carrying the diseases, now I would like to discuss the changes in a humans brain and when they become a zombie, but I can’t type that all up, so instead, I suggest you read this. and tell me what you think.( Btw I had more typed up on here, but my computer shut down and I don’t have time to type it all up again.)

  13. i think that zombies do really exist ’cause if they won’t existed we haven’t come across this word also.

  14. theres a difference between the zombies and the bible the zombies are dead and walking around the ones from the bible were raised from the dead and become alive and are taken to heaven the zombies if there are some or were some they stay here on earth how dumb can you be

    • How dumb can YOU be?? First off your body doesn’t go to Heaven, your soul does. Bodies are just vessels for our souls. I hope zombies don’t go to heaven……

      • i wish zombies went to heaven, then they could bite god and turn him into a zombie if there is even a god, i doubt it. if god can exist then so can zombies.

    • jesus is a zombie and should have been shot in the head. the dead rising from their graves or crypts is not natural. if i lived to see jesus rise from the grave i would put a sword to his brain and send him back to the grave. jesus riding from thr grave is not natural.

  15. I believe that zombie apocalypse is possible do I hope onr happens? hell no! but what about that smoking barrel… it washed ashore in florida and a mam ate another man’s face off and the other incidents that happened in 2011 2012 which I don’t know much about but if anyone does email me. If something happens g mail me cuz shits just got to crazy and by the way the seas have already turned black… think about it… g mail me at [email protected] until then I’ll keep collecting in shooting my guns

  16. Oh come on, i believe zombies are indeed posible. That is why i am stocking up on food and suplies, and even ammo. I suggest all believers do the same, even if it does not happen, better to be safe than sorry.

  17. Do not take things so literal in the bible. Matthew27:51-51 MEANS…..There was an earthquake so strong that it shook the graves, the bodies rose up, meaning the quake shook them from the ground, a LANDSLIDE carried their bodies to the holy city and many people saw this happen.

    • i so believe that ur idea is true but not the hole of it i mean Qur’an says that bible was altered by humans
      so i suggest that this must be about the day of judgement when every one will be revived by god

  18. You’re right David & PZ, and what a great opportunity for a biblical epic movie that covers new ground and captures the teen slasher horror market as well as the Xtian fundamental market. Someone should speak to Mel Gibson about this.

    • Read the bible please they are not Zombies its says that the wants that are dead they are goign to wake up and ones that are alive they goign to see god coming down

  19. I was just about to rewatch Resident Evil. All this talk about zombies makes me want to watch a hot babe blast animated rotting corpses.

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