Cult of Fools Weekly (Jan 21, 2024) – “The Iowa Caucus ‘Landslide’”

Self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman believes that former President Donald Trump’s victory in the Iowa caucus this past week is “proof” that the 2020 election was “messed with”: “If they really didn’t want President Trump, you wouldn’t have seen this level of landslide and victory.”

A “landslide” ???

OK, let’s mull over that then.

There are roughly 752,200 registered Republicans in Iowa. Out of that total 115,000 took part in the Caucus. Of them, only 56,260 said yes for the idiot-in-chief, and so the observation is that just over half off the rest of these hardcore Republicans who braved the weather, said nope. That ladies and gentlemen is what this “prophet” deems to be a “landslide”

Why would he call that a Landslide”?

Basically because Kunneman clings like a leach to the “stolen election” narrative. Previously “god told him” that Trump would win in 2020, it was one of his big prophecies. Doing stuff like this is the only means he has to maintain his “prophet” status. The alternative is to admit he is a fake, but he can’t go there because that would impact his grift.

Here is another “landslide” statistic …

Meanwhile, here is Haley oblivious to coming in third. Did nobody tell her the results? …

We also discovered that Vivek’s work ethic delivered for him …

So why did the deeply corrupt Trump win (as expected)?

Basically because its a cult …

One other observation that really surprised me were the voting mechanics. I know it was only a caucus, but given their paranoia regarding “stolen elections” I’m surprised it was just this (see below) – no voter id, no signature checks, no verification at all, just scraps of paper tossed into a paper bag …

  • Did Trump win because it’s the only candidate name many of them could spell?

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. As always, each is laced with my snarky commentary. 

With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s once again dive into this very murky pool of absurdity and raw stupidity. 

Christian Nationalism

Radical right-wing pastor Joshua Feuerstein reveals that he was personally recruited by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to run for the state legislature.

Christian Nationalist Bill Cook Says Those ‘Involved In Election Fraud’ Will Be ‘Struck Dead By God’

  • So … remembering that phone call to Georgia and also the events of Jan 6, that will be Trump and the many minions around him gone then.
  • Quick Reminder: Bill Cook is the black robe guy who strives to emulate the clerics who fought in the revolutionary war (but did not actually exist). His merry band pander to not only that myth, but also today’s stolen election mythology. I also have a sneaky suspicion that these black robe guys probably dress in white robes with hoods.
  • Meanwhile American Atheists would like to thank Bill for all the work he is doing for them.

Sen. Josh Hawley proclaims that “we must re-Christianize the great institutions of our society by rearticulating the gospel’s meaning for every aspect of life.”

  • “every aspect of life” … he means your life because his rules will not apply to him, just you.
  • How do you “re-Christianize” stuff that was never Christian?

Sean Feucht complains that he is being “labeled by libs as a chRiStIAn nAtIoNaList.”

  • Maybe that is because he previously proudly declared himself to be a Christian nationalist?

We also had this guy pop up …

  • Given the observation that the most popular leader among American Christians is a corrupt seditionist, stolen-election liar, and rapist, I’m not exactly convinced they have a solid grasp on either “truth”, “decency”, “empathy”, or “reality”, and might not be the best to hold office.

The Cult of Trump

Following former President Donald Trump’s win in Iowa, Lance Wallnau lashed out at Christians who can’t see that “God frequently gives America better leadership than we deserve.” “Listen up, buttercup! God is giving you someone better than you deserve. The country doesn’t deserve Trump!”

  • He is actually correct, the USA does not deserve their beloved messiah, a self-confessed sex offender, but instead deserves far far better. Almost anybody else would be better.

MAGA pastor/Trump cultist Jackson Lahmeyer claims that everyone benefited when Trump was in office and rejoiced because “he is a righteous man”: “How can a New York playboy be a righteous man? He is a righteous man because he does what is right.”

  • Donald is the King of the shysters. All of the other shysters understand this and worship at his feet.
  • Hey Jackson what exactly is it that Trump did that was right … name just one righteous thing that he actually did. I’ll wait.

Jon Miller declares that “Trump is INNOCENT” of sexually assaulting E. Jean Carroll, “but even if he did rape her E Jean Carroll should consider it an HONOR.”

  • It really is a cult, they literally do not care one jot about who he really is or what he does.

Meanwhile, April nails this cult in one tweet …

Homophobia on Steroids

Andrew Anglin has nothing but praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin for really “[upping] the ante on the anti-homo crackdown”: “Gays don’t have rights in Moslem countries, and there is zero reason they shouldn’t be treated exactly the same in Christian countries. … These faggots should be thankful they’re not getting thrown off roofs.”

James Lasher warns that “demonic forces were at play deceiving people and corrupting the design of God” during the recent Emmys broadcast.

  • For a guy who thinks it was all demonic, he appears to have spent rater a lot of time watching it.
  • Least you did not guess, let me explain. He is being a raging bigot – he is simply pissed that RuPaul won an award. That’s it, that is the entirety of his beef here.


Ali Alexander warns that “Taylor Swift is a Masonic plot” to “degrade White people, taking them from wholesome country singer to jezebel slut childless skank, through an avatar.”

  • His “Masonic Plot” claim means that yet another old conspiracy trope from previous centuries has been resurrected, but adding the “degrade White people” bit is a new twist. (Side Note: The only actual “Masonic Plot” consists of various burial plots surrounding Masonic monuments)
  • He also claims that … “She’s here to further the revolution against the Christian West.” … er no, sorry Ali, that’s an accomplishment you are doing all by yourself. (Side Note: That’s not just a metaphor, it’s literally true, Ali was one of the organisers of Jan 6)

Michael Flynn declares that “the second coming of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong combined is Barack Obama.”

  • Yep, once again we have a white guy claiming it is all the black guys fault.
  • It’s also deeply weird to see the “Obama is the antichrist” rhetoric still bubbling away almost four years after Obama left office.
  • I’m sure this has nothing at all to do with Obama expressing “profound concerns” about placing Flynn in a sensitive role and advised Trump to not take him on.
  • Reminder: Trump took him on anyway, and he lasted about a month. He later faced serious charges and jail time, but Trump pardoned him and so he is now a Trump sycophant with a tongue that is bright orange due to all the Trump ass licking he has done.

Lauren Witzke claims that “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” is “really” about “stealing from white people.”

  • Translation: “I don’t like the idea of not being able to discriminate against others”
  • It is now getting to the point where Lauren Witzke saying something not deeply weird would be noteworthy because most of what she claims is.

Eric Trump, whose father played countless rounds of golf and spent hours a day in “executive time,” says that when it comes to the Biden administration, “I have never seen an administration work so little. All they do is take vacation.”

The False Profit$

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” Kat Kerr claims that she has a direct connection to Donald Trump. Jr.: “I get information all the time from Don Jr.”

Please Don’t take Medical Advice from Idiots

Seriously, just don’t …

  • Will DeSantis’s be making an assertion that germs are just a hoax next week?

Border “Solutions”

Rep Garcia (D) lays out lots of jaw-dropping utterly bizarre border “solutions” that have been proposed, guess whose idea they all were (he tells you at the end of the 2 min clip) …

  • There is also some truly excellent sarcasm in play here from Bier

MTG has seen Brown People

MTG Translation of the tweet: “I saw BROWN people in airports! BROWN PEOPLE I TELL YOU!”

  • You know that she did not personally check their documentation, they were not white so she assumed they were illegal
  • Fact Check: She really is an idiot. If you are undocumented, then you don’t get to fly (Hint: The same people who do the borders also do the airports)

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It feels like forever ago, but #MLKDay was only last Monday. That was when this tweet popped up, and yes, you just have to love the community notes below it …

Will the FBI now be investigating the community notes feature on twitter? …

  • … and yes, this conspiracy of FBI harassment of him and many others really happened, there is lots of rather robust evidence for it. It was done to supposedly protect the existing social and political order.
  • What is notable is that those that hated him, now honour him. In other words, he won.

That same day there was also this …

  • … and yes, Gen Z will indeed be swiping left on this pitch.

There Really are people who do follow the teaching of Jesus

And they end up being persecuted by the state for doing so …

We also noted the following story this past week …

Why is it all like this these days?

It is possible to mess with peoples heads. Millions are being conned. If the flow of information you consume has been corrupted then you will indeed be fooled.

Fox News might claim that Rocks can float in the air, and also offer you solid proof.

The following is a real picture, it has not been photoshopped in any way, and demonstrates that some special rocks do actually float in air …

Your brain receives input and uses that to create a model of what is there. It interprets that input. However, it is possible to hack that brain model by suggesting an interpretation and so we end up with literally millions becoming absolutely sure that rocks can indeed float. (well OK, this is just an neutral example, but you don’t need to think too hard for actual examples such as the “Stolen Election” claims)

Fox said it, and so those that trust them “know” floating rocks is a thing because they have seen it.

Some will believe, but others will not because they also know that rocks don’t float in air. We end up with division where both sides are absolutely sure that they are right and the others are very very wrong. Yes, one side is of course correct, and the other has been successfully deceived.

The above image is an example of how it is possible to mess with how your brain interprets things.

Let me set you straight here and fix it for you.

Yes, it is a real picture that has not been doctored in any way. The only broken bit is how your brain interprets it because of the suggested understanding I seeded above.

What you actually see above is a picture of a rock sitting in a pool of water that reflects the clouds above.

Do not respond intuitively and just roll with Fox News claims because it aligns with what you believe, but instead think analytically about things – That is your best defence.


Here is a fun new way to tweet (and don’t ask her about her 197 unread messages) …

This also happened this past week, and honestly, it is f**king epic …

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