Cult of Fools Weekly (Apr 14, 2024) – “Eclipse Lunacy”

Wow, was that only this past week?

Yep it was and it did indeed not only generate awe, but also some crazy stuff as well.

Before we get into it I should also point out that this posting is not just about the eclipse (which was really cool), because I have plenty more other crazy stuff that happened during the past week to flag up. OK, so let’s start by rolling with some of the eclipse lunacy that popped up.

An elected idiot, yes it really was her, tried to leverage the eclipse, and got community noted for raw stupidity …

So how does she respond to all the mockery and criticism?

She doubles down on it of course…

  • She is doubling down below by claiming that God, when forming the universe over 14 billion years ago, planned out that Americans would become more tolerant and accepting of those different than themselves in 2024, something Jesus taught people to do, so God planned a minor New Jersey earthquake and a solar eclipse in order to tell Americans to vote for Trump so that they could usher in an era of hatred, bigotry, and suffering? Yeah that really makes her initial crazy tweet even better.
  • Reminder: There are plenty of crazy people tweeting crazy stuff. She however, is an elected representative in a position of decision making and power. Vast numbers (170,162 to be precise) of “good” people in R-GA 14th looked upon all the options they had and decided “Yep, this deeply stupid racist bigot is the best fit to represent us“.

For this next bit of stupidity, the House GOP are actually admitting in public that their plan is to plunge America into darkness by Eclipsing human rights and democracy….

We should all also take a moment to thank “prophet” Robin Bullock for keeping the nation safe from the “spirits of Hell” during the eclipse last Monday. (Link takes you to a clip of him waving a magic stick around to keep the spirits of hell away during the eclipse)

  • He’s going down the Kat Kerr road with his magic stick. These are the same people who condemned Harry Potter for Pete’s sake.

This next one is literally raw stupidity incarnate …
  • To make it very clear … If the moon was bigger it would perfectly block out the sun for a larger area. If it was smaller it would perfectly block out a smaller area. It only works if you are standing in exactly the right spot.
  • Also, the orbits of Earth and Moon also vary, so sometimes we get a total eclipse like last Monday, and sometimes we get an annular eclipse.

Moving on to Gov Sanders declaring a state of emergency for the eclipse, somebody should have told her that it was only for four minutes and then the sun came back (sort of like night but rather short)…

  • Yea, I know, done to unlock extra resources to handle influx of tourists ( I sat in traffic in rural Oregon for many hours back in 2017). I still could not resist dunking on her.

Now this next one was not weird, but instead was just fun. I could not resist tossing it into the mix. The NASA Moon account blocks NASA Sun account …

There was of course plenty more Eclipse weirdness rolling about. For example here is a pastor who has taken a sharp left-hand turn into something that is clearly not traditional Christianity …

However, let’s move on now.

Below you will once again find my usual selection of some of the other truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. It’s not here to anger you but instead is for you to laugh at.

With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s once again dive into this very murky pool of absurdity and stupidity, and remember these people are not kidding about, they are dead serious.

Signs 2: We did also have that tiny Earthquake

It’s wild that Rudy thinks a small earthquake is a sign from God, but oozing black liquid while lying about election results isn’t …

  • Revelations 6:12 – God said ‘let there be a tiny earthquake, like so small you might not even notice it, and then the end of the world will happen.’

Christian Nationalism

David Lane says that “if the glory of a nation lies in its righteousness,” then “it logically follows” that President Joe Biden should “elucidate on Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection” but “President Biden has shown throughout his 50-year political tenure that he neither understands the things of God nor walks in His ways.”

  • His “if” here it is not an actual thing, nor is it in any way “logical”, except in Mr Lane’s fantasy.
  • The entire premise of his post is that he claims Biden “attacked” Easter Sunday because he failed to be an intolerant obnoxious screaming transphobic bigot who celebrated Easter and also Trans day of visibility. It’s not a binary choice, you really can acknowledge both.

No matter how you slice and dice it, the following is deeply weird …
  • Bible rocks up to advise them … “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray” – Matthew 6:5-6

The Center for Baptist Leadership, run by Christian nationalist William Wolfe, insists that abortion must be completely outlawed everywhere: “We must be clear that true biblical and political justice requires that we seek to secure the equal protection of preborn persons under the law in all fifty states of this nation and at the federal level.”

  • He clearly believes in “Freedom of Choice” … but only as long as he is the only guy doing the choosing.
  • His statement opens with “The Center for Baptist Leadership (CBL) does not endorse or oppose candidates for elected office in America.” … and then goes on to do exactly that.
  • The supposedly “moral” stance that he thinks he is making will, if enacted, kill women. Vote for and support these guys and this is where we are going.

Drenda Keesee, the Seven Mountains dominionist who appears poised to become a county commissioner in Knox County, Ohio, says “God’s plan is the answer for every ill we see in society.”

  • This religious fanatic’s dominionist plan involves exactly zero Gods. It’s simply a raw power grab by her religious club.

The Cult of Trump

Bill Mitchell (see tween below) went all in for DeSantis, called Trump a Narcissistic lying Criminal and swore he would quit politics and social media if DeSantis was not the nominee … did none of that and is now supporting Trump again …

For Hannity it is indeed totally “unfair” for Biden to blame Trump for doing something that Trump himself takes full credit for doing …

Election Integrity


Todd Coconato and Mario Murillo declare that there is a “demonic hedge” around President Joe Biden and that former President Barack Obama had a “demonic anointing.”

  • This political ad has been brough to you by Pastors from the church of ‘I just like to say bad things about people I don’t like’.
  • “Demons” is their old fallback solution when they don’t have any fact-based criticism to deploy. It is nothing but fear-mongering, there is no actual substance here at all.
  • Given the belief that Demons are malevolent supernatural entities, one does of course have to wonder what a “demonic hedge” or a “demonic anointing.” actually is. How do they know any of this and how can they demonstrate those are things, or even cite a bible verse referencing such things? (Hint: they can’t because they pulled it all that right out of their asses)

Elsewhere, Murillo says that Obama, George Soros, and Bill Gates hate Christianity and Israel and “are working to rid the world of the laws of God.”

  • Apparently the supposed creator of the entire universe, all 2 trillion galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars, faces a credible threat from Obama, Soros, and Gates. You have to wonder just how stupid and gullible Murillo thinks his audience is.
  • there is a nefarious plot for world domination” claims a vocal Trump cult fanatic who is running a nefarious plot for world domination by his specific whacky variation of Christianity.

Christian school’s pastor cancels Autism Awareness Week, calling it “demonic” “If Jesus Christ led Trinity, would HE have an Autism Awareness Week? Of course not!,” wrote pastor Matt Baker

  • The good news here is that it has been a wakeup call for many of the parents who now are seriously considering pulling their kids out.
  • Quote: Andrea Gallik has two kids at Trinity, including one with autism, but she also said she’ll be pulling them out of the school.
  • Quote: Heather McKay, who had been a staffer at Trinity and who first brought this email to the public’s attention, said on Facebook that her kids (including one with autism) would be “moving to a different private school” next year.
  • Also, conformation that he doubled down: “When reporters reached out to Baker for comment, he didn’t back down from his earlier stupidity. He insisted recognizing autism through this initiative was “diametrically opposed to the teachings of Christ.” Then he blamed his critics for “misunderstanding” his message… even though they were quoting him directly.

Deeply Weird

Michele Bachmann, who now serves as dean of the [Pat] Robertson School of Government, announced the creation of an “Israel Institute” that will train PhDs to shape public policy in order prevent the US from “cursing Israel” and thereby suffering the judgement of God.

  • Ms Bachmann is apparently rather eager for the right-wing Israeli regime to carry on with their genocide uninterrupted.
  • Her position as dean of the ‘Pat Robertson School of Government‘ sounds like the ‘Jeffrey Dahmer Culinary Institute“, or the ‘Kyle Rittenhouse School of Community Relations
  • If there is any God that is going to be pissed about criticism of the current extreme right-wing Israeli policy, then that is perhaps the Greek God of war, Ares, who represented the distasteful aspects of brutal warfare and slaughter.
  • Side Note: Yes, it’s “that” Ms Bachmann, she who was doing crazy long before it became so popular and mainstream. (Rolling Stone, 2011 “Michele Bachmann’s Craziest Moments“)

Liz Crokin legitimately believes that Hillary Clinton is responsible for poisoning her dog.

Nala Ray is a former OnlyFans model who is now “giving it all up for Christ,” but misogynistic incel Nick Fuentes is not impressed, asserting that men should “beat the shit” out of her and claiming that in an Islamic nation, she’d be killed by her family because Muslims know how to properly control their women.

  • Some religious belief can inspire the creation of Cathedrals, and some can inspire fanatics to fly planes into buildings. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out which camp Mr Fuentes aspires to be in.

This is a sentence that Ali Alexander wrote without a hint of irony: “I swear idiots are the most confident people on this planet.”

  • Damn, my industrial strength irony meter just blew up. Anybody know where I can get a better one? (Yes, it’s an old quip, but I just had to roll it again again for this guy)
  • Reminder: Since organising Stop the Steal rallies, Ali now spends his days claiming to be just like Jesus, a father of dragons, and also a Time traveller (I’m not kidding)

As you can see, the House Republicans will be working really hard next week on the stuff that deeply matters …

  • Vote for these guys again and it will be lots more do-nothing stuff
  • Do they value women’s freedom? No. Do they value refrigerators’ freedom? Apparently
  • If we tell the Republicans that Russia is trying to repress Ukraine’s appliances, would then then approve funding?

The False Profit$

Kent Christmas (yes, that is his actual name) is very encouraged about the political future of this nation because God told him that He is going to literally start killing “wicked people” and replacing them with “godly men.”

  • Hey Kent, regarding those voices in your head … that’s not God, you need to bump up your meds a bit.
  • That’s also a whole lot of OT theology coming out there, Kent clearly hates all this NT “loving” God stuff. One can only wonder how “wicked” is defined here. If it perhaps included the OT definition such as working on the sabbath, (which according to the OT, merited death – Exodus 31:14) then a lot of people are going to die.
  • Meanwhile, if his God was actually going to do this, then I’m not sure that false “prophet” Kent grasps that he would be top of the list according to the Bible (Deuteronomy 13:5)

Shane Vaughn apologized for his attack on Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, though he seemed to be apologizing for his attacks on her physical appearance and not the racism.

  • This is yet another reminder of how nice it is that you don’t know Shane Vaughn personally!
  • I don’t have a racist bone in my body … so if you are just going by what I said…” … then yes Shane, saying racist shit does indeed make you a racist, that’s now this works.
  • I do regret those words” … and immediately after that he then proceeds to double down once again on his racist remarks. Not only does he not understand how racism works, but he also does not understand how apologies work either.

Flagging up Hypocrisy

Guy who had his debt forgiven does not want anybody else to have their debt forgiven …

Sorry Sinema, but you don’t get to play that card without being reminded of the role you played in enabling it to happen …

  • Reminder: Sinema represents a state where a cactus now has more laws protecting it than a woman does.

Education “Freedom”


For the crowd that chant “This pope is so progressive!“, then you do need to also consider the anti-trans bigotry, opposition to IVF, opposition to women’s role in the church. etc.. etc… so yes, Jill successfully calls it out here …

Nebraska Update

I truly wish the IRS enforced the Johnson Amendment, but alas these days they just don’t, hence Hank Kunneman’s Church in Nebraska is literally hosting a Republican propaganda group …

So how did they hook up?

This past week Lance Wallnau also revealed that he was the one who connected Charlie Kirk with “prophet” Hank Kunneman, whose church recently hosted a TPUSA rally aimed at pressuring the Nebraska legislature to change the way allocates its electoral votes for the benefit of Donald Trump.

  • As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. It is indeed quite natural for frauds and grifters to work together to ensure their grifter-in-chief wins next November.

The AZ Abortion Ban is deeply weird

You Can’t Criticise Rural Whites

Paul Waldman and Thomas Schaller wrote White Rural Rage, and received a lot of criticism. Such a reaction makes it clear that you can mock and criticise MAGA or Trump, but dare to deploy criticism of a demographic that has strongly backed Trump (71% support), and you stir up a real shit-storm. Paul and Thomas are pushing back (rightly so) …

The text within the above tweet truly nails the key issue …

What isn’t said enough is that rural whites are being told to blame all the wrong people for their very real problems. As we argue in the book, Hollywood liberals didn’t destroy the family farm, college professors didn’t move manufacturing jobs overseas, immigrants didn’t pour opioids into rural communities, and critical race theory didn’t close hundreds of rural hospitals. When Republican politicians and the conservative media tell rural whites to aim their anger at those targets, it’s so they won’t ask why the people they keep electing haven’t done anything to improve life in their communities...

Coming up next week …

This is not a civil trial, its a criminal case. He can’t drop in and drop out as he pleases. His appearance is mandatory, so he will have to be in the courtroom all day, every day, for as long as it takes with a judge he loathes. 

Judge Merchan is not going to tolerate his antics and histrionics. Also, there is a very serious possibility Trump could actually be sentenced to jail when this trial is over if he loses.

This is all going to become rather “interesting”.


For some, selling bibles is a step too far …

It’s a cult …

It really is a cult …

… and finally, yea this …

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