Shit Muslims Say To Ex-Muslims

Over on the Council of Ex-Muslims forum they have a thread entitled “Shit Muslims Say To Ex-Muslims” that has been read over 17,000 times and runs to many many many pages.

Here are 40 random examples for you to enjoy,  some of them are truly hilarious …

  1. You were never really a Muslim, were you?!
  2. You are all gay.
  3. You are probably all Jews/Christians/Hindus/Satanists etc. etc.
  4. You got paid to say you left Islam, but you are still really muslim aren’t you?
  5. This whole “Ex-Muslims” thing is a conspiracy by the Shias/Ahmadis/Sunnis.
  6. Even though you’re an atheist, you’re a Muslim atheist right?
  7. You hate Islam? RACIST!
  8. your’e being led ashtray by satan himself
  9. You have been influenced by the West
  10. I can’t wait to see you in Jahannam.
  11. Your kids are going to end up drug addicts ’cause you’ve left Islam.
  12. You’re crazy, you need to be locked up, this isn’t you, not the real you, you wouldn’t abandon our religion, what we taught you from when you were young, this is just crazy, you are crazy, you need to get help, I’m only telling you this ’cause I love you, ’cause the real you wouldn’t chuck away the religion of your forefathers, the real you wouldn’t be so selfish.
  13. You didn’t try hard enough.
  14. No one leaves Islam, it’s just a Jewish (or American or both) conspiracy.
  15. It’s because you don’t understand Arabic. …. But I do! ….. Well, obviously your Arabic is very weak!
  16. The hijab is such a beautiful part of Allah’s commandment. You just want to walk around looking like a slut.
  17. You work for Mossad/CIA/FBI
  18. i hate you, the entire ummah hates you, GOD HATES YOU
  19. If Allah didn’t make you, where did you come from?
  20. As a woman before I wore hijab I felt optically violated every day. Today a man looked at me and when he saw my hijab he looked away – I felt so liberated from the male gaze, as I saw the oppressed women around me unaware of their imprisonment
  21. One time I got caught eating a Mcdonalds burger and my brother saw the box in my room. He tried to tell me off a bit and then he said: “So are you becoming a Christian now?”
  22. You just wanted to celebrate Christmas and get gifts of santa.
  23. Alright now… go ahead! If you aren’t a muslim, you just might as well be a jewish!
  24. Oh so you believe in Science
  25. You cant just leave Islam
  26. why do you still have a muslim name ?
  27. It’s not that women are inferior it’s just that you have to stand outside because you’re dirty
  28. So you like worship satan
  29. you’ve read too many books
  30. you’ve been reading the sun/daily mail
  31. you need to go to islamic scholars to understand islam properly
  32. Islam is the religion of peace so don’t think about leaving it or we’ll kill you!
  33. Religion and God are two separate things. You still believe in God, right?
  34. Can you not be tempted to try fasting, perhaps only half a fast?
  35. What do you want me to feed my grandchildren…bacon butties?!
  36. Sis you need to get married it will solve all your doubts, trap yourself and breed some kids
  37. Mate you just need to get married and you’ll forget all about this atheism nonsense
  38. Dont read all those science books you’ll just get more confused
  39. Stop telling me stuff that’s making me believe even less than I do already”
  40. That’s why it’s called faith. You’re not supposed to think about it, you’re just supposed to believe


2 thoughts on “Shit Muslims Say To Ex-Muslims”

  1. Jesus Christ revealed Himself 600 years BEFORE Muhammad came. Jesus said He is God and that He came to die on the cross for humanity. Jesus died so that we can live, Jesus saved us, made us children of God and forgave us our sins and delivered us from hell and sinful nature and punishment and established a close personal relationship with God who is now our Father, our Daddy. So why would God then send Muhammad? what for? epecially that Jesus fulfilled the WHOLE will of His Father, especially that God always used only jewish prophets who were in covenant with Him. Muhammad was not a jew and had no covenant with God. so all that shows islam is false, based on a man who raped killed lied, was an adulterer (polygamist), was a pedophile and who denied Jesus and who Jesus said He is.
    i love muslim people and i am telling them the (harsh) truth about ther prophet and religion- not to hurt their feelings but to help them break free from falsehood so that they would be saved and know the true only God who revealed Himelf in Jesus Christ.

    • Tosser……. This is about people shunning Islam for reason and science. It is not about conversion to another equally uneducated but perhaps gentler form of bullshit dogma.


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