Wingnut Weekly – 22 Sep 2019

wingnut weekly
Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above during this past week to make this observation…
Trump rolled back Obama-era clean water regulations last week. He is single-handedly trying to bring on the climate change apocalypse.

Last Thursday the Koch funded Tea party (yes there are still a few of them around), gathered on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building on Thursday for a rally where they declared socialism the top enemy. It is their 10-year anniversary.

Ten years ago tens of thousands turned up to their rally. This last week you would be very hard pressed to actually find them. I’m not kidding, here they are …

An antique market in almost any rural town would draw a bigger crowd.

Back in 2009 their big thing was all about reducing the national debt.

The guy they opposed and hated, Obama, did a great job of doing exactly that, but this is the age of Trump, the conservative movement has changed …

…Rally speakers yesterday made no mention of the blooming national debt under the Trump administration, massive spending bills passed by GOP-controlled Congressional bodies, or the fact that the Trump administration has offered huge subsidies to American farmers….

… and so most have tossed their Tea Party demands under the bus and jumped on the MAGA bandwagon. Those that remain, the huddled few, have been forgotten about, left behind, and are utterly irrelevant.

It is perhaps a glimpse of what will also happen to MAGA in the not too distant future.

Which other Wingnuts popped up during the last 7 days?

We had a claim that Satan causes depression …

Climate change is apparently a conspiracy to get you arrested …

Fact don’t matter, Josh pulls random numbers out of his ass for this claim …

Mixing Religion and Guns …

Still fixated on Hillary Clinton …

  • Dave Daubenmire reports that he and other right-wing activists intend to protest outside the upcoming Democratic debate in Westerville, Ohio, and demand the arrest of Hillary Clinton.
  • Brenden Dilley claims that Hillary Clinton is …“one of the most notorious serial killers of all time”: “If you are going to call fucking Charles Manson a serial killer even though Charlie Manson never fucking pulled the trigger or stabbed anybody, how is he different from Hillary Clinton, other than Hillary Clinton’s kill count is way higher?
    • Fact Check: This is, of course, the same Brenden Dilley who proudly boasts about making up and spreading fake news: … “It doesn’t have to be true; it just has to go viral. And I stand by that statement when it comes to our enemies.

Kavanaugh is once again a topic …

  • Roy Moore stands with Brett Kavanaugh: …“I too was the object of false allegations, but unlike Justice Kavanaugh and others who have suffered the ire of the left I did file suit against my accusers and their conspirators.”
  • Wayne Allyn Root declares that Kavanaugh is …. “the most impressive gentleman in America’s history” …and… “should go down in the history books as one of the great Americans,” next to Thurgood Marshall.

Immigrants …

The Weather Control lady tried again, and failed again …

  • “Weather warrior” Kat Kerr ordered Tropical Storm Imelda not to flood Texas, but the storm has not obeyed.

An old classic that dates back centuries is still popping up – antisemitism …

Finally a very old tradition with a modern twist …

This last item is a very traditional one. Pick some famous modern artist and declare that they are leading the kids to Satan, but this guy tosses a few other things into the mix as well …

  • Dave Daubenmire: The Devil Is Using Billie Eilish to Steal Our Children … “Do you think Billie Eilish came up with this idea on her own?” he asked, rhetorically. “Do you think this imagery and these songs and these videos, do you think she just kinda did it on her own in her basement, like me?There are forces of dark beyond what we can even imagine that [are] full-bore after our children. If they can’t abort ’em, they’re going to drug ’em. If they can’t drug ’em, they’re gonna vaccinate ’em. If they can’t vaccinate ’em, they’re gonna indoctrinate them in school. If they can’t indoctrinate ’em in school, they’re going to indoctrinate ’em through the media. If they can’t indoctrinate ’em through the media, they’re going to take them to the libraries
    • Yes indeed, he is not only claiming that Billie Eilish is evil, but that there is a dark nefarious plot to vaccinate kids and prevent terrible diseases, educate them to enable them to think for themselves, and also to introduce them to libraries where they can read books (Oh the horror).

What else happened?

Lots of other stuff.

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious …

  • Dennis Prager: Prager University, Which Isn’t a University, is a University
  • Christians Furious After GA School Bans Loudspeaker Prayers at Football Games
  • Christian Website Condemns Religious Indoctrination… by Muslims –
    • self-awareness is not on their agenda today
  • Bishop of West Virginia, One of the Poorest States, Lived a Life of Luxury
  • NFL Kicker Eddy Piñeiro: I Made a Field Goal, So You Better Believe in Jesus Now –
    • that is not exactly how competitive sports work
  • Christian Hate-Preacher: To Those Who Respect Gay People, “Are You Insane?”
  • AZ Supreme Court Gives Christians a License to Discriminate Against Gay Couples
  • Serial Liar Sean Spicer: Keep Me on Dancing With the Stars… For Jesus! –
    • Jesus died so Sean Spicer could do the salsa.
  • Christian Who Lied About Christopher Hitchens Gets Old Job Back, Despite Affairs
  • Oklahoma Man Says Local Church Members Pinned Him Down to Pray Away the Gay

Bizarre on steroids …

  • Mark Taylor: Concealed Weapons Can Keep the Red Cross from Sacrificing You to Baal

Utterly Delusional …

  • Preacher: Trump Will Bring About the “Greatest Spiritual Awakening in History”

Paint me completely unsurprised …

  • PA GOP Lawmaker Who Opposed Child Sex Abuse Bill Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

Was there any good news?

Yes indeed …

  • The Clergy Project Has Now Helped 1,000 Pastors Walk Away from the Pulpit
  • Fugitive Priest Who Sexually Assaulted Altar Boy Finally Gets Life in Prison
  • Another KY School Found a Clever Way to Get Around the “In God We Trust” Law
  • The Congressional Freethought Caucus Has Quietly Added Two More Members
  • DOJ Announces Arrest of White Supremacist Troll ‘Jack Corbin’

2 thoughts on “Wingnut Weekly – 22 Sep 2019”

  1. Its interesting how you attack people of religion but when your climate hoax gets exposed you become a true religious nut.

    • It is indeed interesting that you perceive the repetition of actual quotes from various individuals as an “attack”.

      It is also quite fascinating that you portray fact-based science as a religious hoax.

      It all quite naturally leads to a question … how do you work out what is real and what is not?


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