Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News

Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News

Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News
Cartoonist Rob Rogers drew the above this week to say … “How can this disgrace of a president be the ultimate representative of the country that gave us the greatest generation? It seems so wrong.”

We live in a world where there are structures in place that put humans in a position of responsibility. It assumes competence, integrity, and honesty for those in such roles. Examples include lawyers, judges, elected official, doctors, civil engineers, etc… Appointment of the best candidates will generally result in a good outcome for all. If however an incompetent buffoon who has a distinctly different agenda takes such a role then all bets are off. What you get at best is a weird outcome, but the potential for far worse exists.

Unfortunately, we need not imagine this, we now live it each and every day.

The GOP jumped into bed with the religious right in the 1970s with the hope of tapping into a demographic that would rally and support them with passion and a deep commitment. Today we find that the tail is wagging the dog and observe how extreme fundamentalist belief increasingly drives policy.

Many right-wing fundamentalist religious conspiracists have always existed in society, but were relegated to the fringes as loonies. They are now increasingly going mainstream and gaining traction. MAGA, or to use the UK variation, the BREXIT Party, are not simply political movements, they operate more like religious cults that have a leader at the top who is never wrong. Net effect, a cult-like devotion that is immune to facts.

What Happened during the last 7 days?

The truly weird Cult of Trump …

Impeachment …

Hatred and intolerance of people for simply being Gay …

Opposition to the Equality Act…

  • James Dobson tells his radio audience to contact their elected representatives and demand that they oppose the Equality Act: … “We can’t let that go. We can’t walk away from it. We can’t close our eyes to it. Our children are at stake, our marriages are at stake. Our country is at stake.
  • David Barton warns that the Equality Act is … “the greatest threat we’ve had to religious liberty and free exercise of religion ever in American history.

More weird fodder to keep the QAnon belief rolling …

  • Dave Hayes (aka “The Praying Medic”) is now telling people not to worry about the fact that QAnon’s long-promised mass arrests haven’t happened because all of those to be swept up have “already signed guilty pleas.”

Support for fraudsters who con the gullible out of their $$$

Hillary is still a target

Anti-Semitic …

Gun Violence and Thoughts and Prayers …

Abortion …

  • Gordon Klingenschmitt says that the judge who allowed Missouri’s last abortion clinic to remain open is … “being influenced by a demonic entity.

Is that it for this week or did anything else weird happen?

It was just another “normal” week; lots more weird stuff popped up. Here are a few more links ..

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