Weekly Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News: 7Jul19

weird weigh-wing news
Cartoonist Rob Rogers who was fired for criticism of Trump, drew the above this week to point out that … Our president would rather pose for a meaningless photo-op with a murderous dictator at the border of an evil regime rather than deal with the human tragedy at his own border

Much of the weird stuff that pours forth from the right-wing tends to happen because there are not just whacky beliefs, but also very specific goals. For example, one goal is to reduce the number of abortions. If you put aside the debate on that topic and look at the outcome of actions, then some truly bizarre stuff becomes apparent. One example is the GOP’s Anti-Abortion Rule for Foreign Aid.

Here is a brief timeline of this banning of any foreign assistance to groups that performed or offered counselling on abortion …

  • When Reagan was in power in the 1980s he put this rule in place.
  • Clinton rescinded it
  • Bush put it back
  • Obama rescinded it
  • Trump has of course put it back.

What we now have is a long stretch of time where this rule is in place and also times when it is not. A formal study has been conducted and published within the British Medical Journal, the Lancet. What this firmly establishes with evidence is that those opposed to abortions and pursuing this policy end up bringing about a dramatic increase, a 40% increase, in abortions. When the Democrats remove this daft rule, the number of abortions dramatically drops.

This is an example of the degree of disconnect between what they want, and what their policies actually do. It is of course obvious what is going on – remove funding for proper health care, education, and birth control and you will end up with lots more unwanted pregnancies, and risky back-street abortions where women die. Belief driven political policy tends to result in disastrous outcomes such as this.

What Other Weird News popped up during the last 7 days?

The Cult of Trump …

  • Lance Wallnau: Christians Are Responsible for ‘Literally Saving Western Civilization’ by Re-Electing Trump … (Typo there. the word is “Destroying” not “Saving”)
  • Pastor Ramiro Peña insists that, contrary to what the media says, President Trump is a “perfect gentleman” and a dedicated Christian who is “growing in the things of God.” … (The delusion in this one is strong)
  • Mark Taylor is warning former president Jimmy Carter to be careful about criticizing Trump: “He better repent.”
  • Also Mark Taylor: Trump ‘Took Ground for the Kingdom of God’ by Stepping Into North Korea
  • On that same topic, Dave Janda predicts that Trump’s “walk for freedom” into North Korea will be celebrated for millennia. … (Reality check: A few weeks later, nobody will remember)
  • Josh Bernstein is urging President Trump to “invoke the Insurrection Act” in order to simply ignore Congress and the courts to build his Southern border wall.
  • Bill Mitchell is likewise declaring that Trump has no obligation to abide by court rulings stymieing construction of the border wall.
  • Michael Brown knows why liberal women do not like Trump: …“An alpha male leader like Donald Trump will come into direct conflict with the radical, feminist spirit, the spirit of Jezebel. It cannot be avoided … A man like Trump, for better or worse, brings an angry, even hysterical, radical feminist spirit to the surface. And that is why Jezebel is so enraged. Her agenda is being threatened.” … (Yes, that just must be it, I’m sure the rape allegations and self-confessed pussy grabbing play no part at all)

Some are still obsessed with Hillary Clinton to an extreme extent …

  • Dave Daubenmire reports that he and a handful of right-wing activists are heading back to Chappaqua, New York, this weekend to officially file a “formal complaint” with local authorities, demanding the arrest of Hillary Clinton.

Not just a nut, but a complete fruitcake …

The right to bear arms … on steroids …

Did anything else that was weird happen?

Need you really ask?

You might wonder what exposing all this does, what good can possibly come from it?

It can change behaviour. For example this also happened this last week …

  • Wealthy Christian Hospital Suspends Suing Poor Patients After Report

The reason they stopped doing that is because what was going on was exposed.

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