2013 was a good year for humanity … 2014 will be even better

The Spectator has a fascinating article that explains (with facts) why things really are getting better with each passing year, and illustrates why 2013 has in fact been the very best year ever for humanity.

Beliefs often promote the opposite claim, and assert how much more evil the world is becoming … end times, wars, strive, etc… and yet, examine the facts, and you will quickly discover that such claims are not factually true.  When you consider all of human existence on this planet, the very best year ever … so far … has been 2013.

Surprised, or perhaps even shocked?

Well, it is not just an opinion, but is a fact – Never has the world been wealthier, never has the growth been more fairly distributed (despite the very best efforts of the banks). Never has there been more of us (but you knew that bit), and never has there been less hunger.

One of the biggest killers of humans – Malaria – is now finally in decline, and here is how the numbers play out …


Source: WHO Get the data

Here are some more facts …

  • Vast swathes of the population in China used to be below the poverty line … now it is just 10%, and that has been quite frankly an  extremely rapid change.
  • The UN also believes Africa could be just 12 years away from the end of famine.

“But but …what about all the wars and violence!”, you might splutter. Once again, there is a big surprise, Steven Pinker outlined recently that we are living in the most peaceful age ever …


Time for the next objection … “But but … what about climate  change … and people dying in extreme weather events?”.

The rather astonishing observation is that since the 1920’s the numbers dying due to extreme weather is down a staggering 93% … better communication, coupled with a better understanding enables us to anticipate and adapt …


Source: JPANDS Get the data

So if you have ever wondered what it might be like to live in a golden age …. pause for a moment and appreciate that you are living in one right now.

Yes we still face challenges, yes there are needs out there that should be and hopefully will be addressed, however this is not the end-game at all, so do not dwell on all that is wrong all the time, instead take a bit of time now at the end of 2013  to appreciate all that is good and right about the world as well.

2013 has indeed been the very best year ever for all of humanity … but what comes next is 2014, and as it arrives, it brings with it the distinct possibility of it being an even better year.


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