The wheelchair urban legend comes to life

091414_ff_kanye_640This is a story that I have heard before, not as something that really happened, but rather as an Urban Legend (a story that I was told was a true story, but for which there was no actual evidence that it had ever actually happened in reality).

Well now it has.

About a week ago singer Kenye West was performing at a gig in Sydney, Australia and at one point paused in the middle of his song “Good Life”, and asked every single fan in the audience to stand up. One or two refused to stand up, so he declared that he would not continue to sing until they also were standing. He ended up with the audience booing those few who remained sitting and refused to stand.

So here is what was happening, the folks whom he was verbally berating and pointing out for refusing to stand where in fact in wheelchairs. When this fact was pointed out, he then sends his bodyguard down to check.

For going way beyond the norm, I now award Kenye West the honour of being “Twit of the week”, and observe that this is perhaps something that comes quite naturally to him and required no extra effort at all.

Did it really all play out like this?

Yep, it was recorded, you can see it here …

The fallout was that he got a lot of bad press about all this, and so at his next show he proceeds to rant at the audience about it all and said “I’m a Christian, pick another target”.

He might want to hold back on that claim, given the pervasiveness of homophobia and misogyney that is rampant within some Christian communities, the declaration of belief is an open invitation for even more criticism, not less.

There are of course better solutions, if he does not wish to face criticism for being a complete plonker, then perhaps he should seriously consider not being such a complete plonker.

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